When I Saw Your Face

Basically, Anna goes to a 1D Book Signing on her birthday.
Something happens, but what? Read on and all will be revealed.

This is my second Movella. Please read my others. :) ALL 1D RELATED! HAHA.


19. A Few Calls To Make (Anna's POV)

Phew, now that Harry is out of the house, I have a few calls to make. Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor are coming in 20 minutes to help me.

~The First Call~

"Hello. Anne here." Harry's mum spoke through the phone.

"Hi Anne! It's Anna. I was thinking, with it being Harry's birthday soon, maybe we should hold a suprise party for him. Here, at our house." I replied. There was a pause.

"Great idea! I'm sure he'll love it. So at your house, on his birthday, at should we say, 6pm?" Anne asked.

"Perfect!" I grinned. "Oh and dont forget to invite Gemma and Robin, and all his family, if you dont mind." I answered.

"Thats fine, sweetie. Thankyou, this is a great idea. He will love it!" Anne laughed.

"Ok! Thankyou Anne. Bye!" I called.

~The Second Call~ 

"Hi Liam! It's Anna." I said to Liam.

"Oh hey Jon. What's up?" Liam asked.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Oh, sorry. Louis told us about the plan and so I had to cover up near Harry but i'm away from him now so... Hey Anna!" Liam laughed.

"Hey Liam! I've invited his Mum and family and it's going to be at mine and Harry's house so..." I continued, unsure of what to do next.

"Now, you need to get a cake, get some decorations and invite more people. Oh, and get some presents." Liam laughed, realising I had no idea what to do next.

"Okay, I'll start with inviting more people. Thank's Liam!" I replied and hung up.

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