A teenage girl in the real world.
A girl named Harriet has always been in the Shadows, and finally, when she comes back from The Summer Holidays, she's all fresh, and new.
A new Haircut, a brand new look.
And that's when things change...


1. Chapter 1

Hi, I'm Harriet Chambers.

I'm whats known to most popular people ; A Nerd.

Yeah, yeah, I get everything right in Maths and English Tests.

I don't have fashion.

I'm not funny, or cool.

So, yeah, I'm classed as a Nerd, or Geek.

But, there is one thing I do have.

And that, is a Story.


It all started in Elementry School.

I sat down at the front desk, in front of the teachers table. Every other student who got to School at the same time as me chose a desk nearest to the back ; even then they knew sitting at the front wasn't cool.

But those who arrived late - even on their first day- sat near the front, groaning something about being a pet. Back then I didn't really realise what that meant, but, as I got on in life, it sort of came to me. Literally.

I remember being asked loads of questions by miss, and I had gotten them all right.

But that's when the bullying started.

They'd call me four eyes, even though I didn't have glasses.

They'd tug my hair, and call me Pippy Longstocking.

They'd bully me into giving them my Lunchmoney, so I'd starve every single day.

That was, until, I finally had had enough.

I went marching to The Principle's Office, and they actually did something about it.

For 6 Years I had to go through all that.

And then it was time for High School.

And that's where I am now.


I sat lonely in the cafe, eating a sandwhich mom picked up on the way to work.

She usually gives me a lift on her way, so, that could avoid major bullying on the way to School.

Once again, I was a boring, goody-twoshoed Harriet, who gave into to anything, to anyone.

I was glad that Recess and Lunch had been invented, because if not, I'd have been totally Star-ed.

(Star-ed was something me and my old bezzie, Jenny, had invented. It stood for a swear word, so, usually, we wouldn't have been caught).

Everyone in the caffiteria sat with groups of people, or maybe there was just a couple trying to get away from the mayhem that our school was.

It usually was near the end of Semester.

They al had friends to go off with, plans with th family, or they were just glad to get out of school.

I had to admitt, even I felt like that, but, I didn't have any friends, so I'd just hang out with mom.

The bell rung loud and clear through the cafe, so I got up, shoved my rubbish into the nearest bin, ad made my way to class.

The Art corridor was a Nightmare to walk down.

You'd be pushed into the wall, and it'd take ages before you could get free.

I made my way into F67, Mr Hardways Class.

I grabbed my seat, the one closest to the exit, and unpacked my pencilcase.

I watched as a sheepish girl, who, I could tell was new, head in through the door, her hair all fluffed up at the top.

She'd obviously been involved with the Violent behavior of the corridor.

She took a seat beside my desk, as she pulled a pencil from her pocket.

She glanced over to me, and smiled, then went back to facing the front.

" Are you new? Wll, a bit of advice. Don't talk to that little weiner over there, because she'll only bore you to death".

Yet another one of my fellow classmates opinion about me.

" Please, Greg, keep your opinions to yourself" the girl muttered, shaking her head.

He huffed.

" Suit yourself".

I gave her a strange look.

" You didn't have to do that. They say those sort of things on a Daily Basis. I'm totally used to it".

"Well, you shouldn't be. You should do something about it. I had exactly the same thing happe to me at my old school"

"Well Thanks anyway".

She shrugged.

" So, what's your name?"

"Oh, I'm Harriet. You?"

"Lacey. I know, strange name, right?"

"No, it's a pretty name!"

"Well, Thanks. Not many people think so".

Sir suddenly walked into the classroom.

"Afternnoon class. Now, where's Lacey Davis? Oh, there we are. Here's your new folder. Okay, right, class, get out your Picasso Drawings, ad edit aythig that needs, well, editing. If you do that quick enough, we'll be able to move on from there".

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