This is about all the boys and their girlfriends.. Harry didnt have one.. Yet... (me)Aleshia's friend Alannis likes Harry a lot and Harry likes her to.... Find out more


2. Concert

Harry's POV*

When Aleshia came through the door i was shocked to see a gorgeous girl come behind her.. I loved her name "Alannis" Her name rang through my mind like she was the one... "So are you girls ready for the concert tonight?" Louis said jumping up and down.. "Yes, I am!" Alannis said happily..  I laughed a bit at her laugh....

Alannis's POV *

I was so happy to meet the boys.. Aleshia was sitting in Niall's arms.. They are so cute together.. I would love to have a relationship like them.. "Hey Alannis you ready to go to the boys concert?" she asked me "Yea I'm ready" I said to her.. When we got to the venue the boys left around back to get ready for their concert, while me and Aleshia get to our seats, we were in the first row, when we got to our seats we saw the other boys girlfriends, Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie.. Since Aleshia was dating Niall almost all of the boys had girlfriends but Harry...  


Niall's POV*

I am so happy Aleshia brought her best friend, now Harry could try and be her boyfriend so all of the boys would be taken.. Ever since Aleshia and I dated she has been getting hate but she ignored it so easy, that's why i love her... "Ready boys?!" Paul called to us. We all nodded in excitement, when the beat to our song came on we ran on stage, I saw Aleshia and the others smiling. I was so happy my princess was here, Harry would stop smiling at Alannis, so I asked Paul to give Aleshia, Alannis, Perrie, Eleanor, and Danielle some VIP passes.. When the concert was over the 5 girls came back stage to see us..


Aleshia's POV*

Tonight was great  I got to watch my amazing boyfriend sing all of their songs from their album my favorite  

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