This is about all the boys and their girlfriends.. Harry didnt have one.. Yet... (me)Aleshia's friend Alannis likes Harry a lot and Harry likes her to.... Find out more


1. 3 weeks together

Alannis's POV*

Today was hard for me... My best friend Aleshia moved to Ireland last month, she would always write me letters about this guy she met named Niall Horan, I freaked out because she was dating Niall Horan "The" Niall Horan from One Direction. I love them especially Harry Styles.

Yesterday Aleshia sent me a plane ticket to Ireland to visit her for 3 weeks, I was so happy to go see her, she also gave me a ticket to a 1D concert, I hope to see her there and to finally meet 1D...                   

                                *2hrs til the concert*


Aleshia's POV*

I cant wait to see my best friend Alannis today...

I just arrived at the airport to pick her up, when i saw her get off the plane and she ran right to me and we both hugged.. "Hey Aleshia i missed you so much!" she said hugging me. "I missed you to Alannis, you ready to go to the hotel me and the boys share?" i said to her smiling. "Yes!! You share a hotel room with the boys??" she said to me, i nodded in a happy mood.. When we got to the hotel Niall impatiently ran up to me and gave me a Horan Hug.. When Alannis stepped in the door behind me all the boys starred at her.. "Boys this is my best friend Alannis, I talked about her all week!" i said to the boys . "Hello im Liam.. Liam Payne, nice to meet you love". he said shaking her hand. All the boys introduced them selves, after that Harry kept quiet for some reason hes only quiet when hes in love..  Could he be in love with Alannis??? 


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