My Best Friends Brother

An average girl named Kenzi is best friends with Lottie Nordoff. What she doesnt know is that her best friend is hiding a lot when she hides her true last name, Tomlinson. Will kenzi end up with her life time crush, Louis?


3. All is Revealed

Kenzi's POV

I walked up the steps of the huge house that was Lottie's. There were things that i had never noticed before like how her mailbox was covered up with tape over where her last name should be. I stared at it for a few seconds before i realized that Lottie was calling my name.

"Hey! Come in!" she called to me and i smiled at her. I waved to her and walked up to her and gave her a big hug.

"Thanks for finally inviting me over Lottz!" i said and she just squeezed me back. I realeased from the hug and looked around her house. I didnt expect every single picture to be....taped? "Hey why is everything in here taped up?"

"Um, no reason!" she said and quickly led me over to the kitchen. "Want something to eat?" she said. I could tell she was trying to change the subject whenever i brought up anything unusual in her house. I decided to stop asking her so that she wouldn't get annoyed with me.

We got some snacks and she took me over to the living room. She turned on the TV and the X factor came on. The people who were performing was also ONE DIRECTION! I screamed to myself a little and gaped at the TV.

"I still dont know what you see in them!" i groaned. I didn't feel like having this conversation once again. I heard the door open and looked towards it. I noticed that there was photo album sitting next to me. I reached for it and started to slowly started taking the tape off of it.

"NOOOOO!!!" Lottie screamed and grabbed the photo album from me.

"What is your problem Lottz!" I said and tried grabbing it back from her.

"Um, let me show you the picture," she said and slowly, just like me, unwrapped the tape. Underneath was a picture of her and...LOUIS TOMLINSON???

"How do you have that?" I asked her and snatched the album to have a better look.

"Louis is my brother. My real last name is Tomlinson" she admitted. At first I didn't believe her but i went around the house and unwrapped every photo album and saw that Louis was the one hidden behind each one. I looked back at her slowly and screamed at the top of my lungs and gave her a huge hug. My best friend was my crushes sister! This was so going to go well.

"Thanks for inviting me over finally. Your secret is safe with me." i said with a smile while still hugging her.

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