My Best Friends Brother

An average girl named Kenzi is best friends with Lottie Nordoff. What she doesnt know is that her best friend is hiding a lot when she hides her true last name, Tomlinson. Will kenzi end up with her life time crush, Louis?


1. The Secret

Kenzi's P.O.V

"Lottie! You're here!" I yelled to my best friend, Lottie. I was sitting by the computer and i wanted to show her the new videos i had recently discovered. Of course they were about One Direction, who else?

"This isnt going to be about One direction, right?" she asked me. I blushed,

"maybe," i said. She groaned, "how can you not like them?" i whined to her. It seemed like everytime i brought them up, she would zone out, as if she knew everything about them. I opened up the video and pressed play. The very attractive Louis Tomlinson appeared on my screen, "he's so dreamy!" i sighed and continuing gaping at the screen. The words QUICKFIRE appeared.

"Todays contestents are, Harry Styles and Mary Byrne!" Louis' voice echoed through the room. We were in our homeroom at school. Lottie and I usually have to get dropped early because our parents work together and they have to go to work super super early. So for now, it was just us two in the room.

"How can you like him anyway? He seems like he would be such a slob to live with! Although i do miss him," Lottie said with a dreamy look in her eyes.

"Wait, what? You miss him?" i questioned her and she stood up straight in her chair.

"Nevermind!" she blurted out and turned my attention back to the screen.

As soon as the video was done, the other classmates started pouring into the room. Lottie and I took our seats and the teacher walked in. She began taking attendance, "Lottie Nordoff?" she said.

"Here!" Lottie replied. I didnt think much of it at the time. I mean yeah, my best friend's last name was Nordoff, but i was soon to find out so much more about my best friend. Things i would never regret knowing, or would i?

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