Harry's Style's is an a secret relationship with Liam Payne's sister, Mary-Anne Payne. What happens when they discover they're gonna be parent? How are they going to tell Liam.


2. Two

Louis pulled up into the driveway that is connected to the house that Mary and Liam own. He switched off the ignition, while everyone climbed out. Mary walked over to the marhogony coloured door unlocking it, stepping in and chucking the keys on the table at the entrance of the house. The boys soon followed in after her, putting their bags on the floor to admire the house yet again.
"Wow," Zayn muttered. Mary giggled and shook her head.

"Home sweet home," Liam yawned, plonking himself on the couch along with the other boys.
Mary took her jacket off and hung it up on one of the hooks by the doorway.
She walked into the living room to see the boys sprawled across the couches, yawning. She gently put her hands together.
"Drinks anyone?" she asked in a gentle tone.
"That would be lovely hun," Louis spoke up in a tired tinge.
Liam shot him a warning look, where as Harry showed jealousy in his eyes. Luckily for Harry, no one seen this.
"Alright then," Mary mumbled walking off into the kitchen, as she knew already how many sugars and what not the boys like in their tea/coffee.
Harry got up, going to help Mary, tripping and tumbling all over the place. He walked into the kitchen and fetched the milk out of the fridge, while Mary spooned in the necessary sugars into the right cups. Harry set down the milk on the bench and put his hands tenderly put his hand her waist from behind, and left a quick peck to mingle on her cheek. Mary closed her eyes smiling, remembering the feeling of Harry's luscious, full pink lips against her smooth, tanned skin.
"Harry," she quietly coughed.
"Hmm?" Harry replied.
"We've got to be careful..remember?" Mary asked warningly.
"I know but I missed you so much," Harry whined quietly like a little kid.
Mary just chuckled and poured the steaming hot water into the cups. She squeezed the tea bags chucking them into to bin, then pouring in the milk. Harry took the spoon out of her hands and stirred the liquid contents in the cups. He then chucked the spoon into the sink and collecting a tray to carry the cups on. He found a flowery tray in the cupboard under sinking, placing the hot cups onto it. Harry carefully carried the tray into the living room and placing it on the table, also carefully. The boys all reached to pick up their cups and let the smell intoxicate their nostrils. They all took tiny sips, careful not make sure to burn their mouths. Harry finally sat down where he was siting previously, Mary next to her brother who wrapped his arm around her shoulder.
"So how's my sister been doing?" Liam asked swallowing his mouthful of tea.
"Good, missing my brother and friends," Mary stated.
"And what have you been up to, anything nice?" Liam asked with curiosity.
"Oh nothing, it's been boring here without you. Eating's boring, the food taste as nice if Niall's not around, I cannot skip with Loui," described Mary.
"How is that even possible?" asked Zayn.
"How's what even possible?" Mary inquired.
"Food tasting different when someone's around," Zayn explained, confusion still in his voice.
Mary merely shrugged her shoulders. Liam gulped down his list mouthful of tea, and set it back down on the tray.
"So sleeping arrangements," Liam announced, clapping his hands down on his legs.
Everyone else finished off their freshly made hot drinks and placed them down on the tray also.
"We'll do the same as last time, me and Zayn sharing my room, Lou and Niall in the other and Harry since you did so well the last time and I trust you now, you share with Annie again," Liam instructed.
A pang of guilt rushed though Harry's and Mary's bodies but they got up and said goodnight to the boys. Harry picked up his suitcase and carry-on and walks upstairs, to the familiar room with which he is sharing with Mary. Mary quickly picked up her pyjamas of the bed and walked into her en-suite bathrooms and locked the door behind her. Meanwhile Harry got changed into some pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt. Harry put his suitcase down by Mary's vanity set, out the corner of his eye he could a jumble of letters sticking out underneath her stuffed rabbit, the rabbit that he won for her the last time they were staying at her house. Curiosity got the better of him and he picked the rabbit of top, fumbling the pieces of paper in his hand. He read the first one, which was like a sort of...diary entry? Mary never kept a diary, Harry thought. Harry then replaced that piece of paper with the one underneath it, which read the same but with a different date. He read it over again his head.

16 April 2012
Woke up this morning feeling dizzy and a little nauseus, again.

He yet again replaced that one with next one underneath. He also read that one over in his head again.

17 April 2012
For the third day in a row, I felt the same but a little worse.

Harry thought many things to 'is she alright?' to 'is she coming down with something?" 
Harry then took that one off the pile he was holding in is hands and placed them down on the vanity. Harry was holding on last piece of paper in his hand, this time folded up. Yet again curiosity got the better of him and he unfolded the paper quietly. This time she wrote more and Harry just kept on reading.

18 April 2012
I have been like this for the fourth day now. I've kept on thinking and thinking about for thepast few days. Suddenly yesterday when I was just watching some random show on the t.v., I remembered. I remebered. Three days before the boys had yet again to leave for tour this time in America, the boys were out so me and Harry ahd the place to ourselves. We didn't actually think about it, of course, as we are still both so young. Yet it did. Me and Harry got into this play fight about who was the better person on Lord of the Rings, which we picked out to watch randomly. So of course I said Legolas but Harry chosen Aragorn. We ended up in a tickle fight, which he won, leaving him on top of me. We locked eyes and before you know it were in the middle of a make-out session. Things got a bit steamy, resulting me to take Harry's top off. Things got even hotter and before you know, were lying in bed both in our bare buddies holding each other. Only me and Harry know of this, and the relationships nobody else knew or suspected what was going on between in Harry. It hurts me to keep this all from Liam and my best buddies, as I am not the sort of person to keep secrets from families and friends. I eventually concluded at the end of the day, that it was just the syptoms of flu. Harry obviously used protection, so I couldn't possibly be p-p-pregnant.

The events of that night unfolded into Harry's brain as he remembered. 'shit!' Harry thought. But the thing was, Mary was wrong. Harry did not use protection, as she had said on the scribbled note, that night was unplanned. Harry heard the lock of the bathroom door being mingled with, so he neatly tucked the pieces of crisp paper back underneath her rabbit. Harry quickly dived under the duvet on Mary's bed and sat against the headboard.
Mary finished getting changed and picked up her neatly folded clothes and unlocked the door of the en-suite bathroom. She saw Harry sitting against her headboard in her bed waiting for her, unaware of what Harry had been doing while she was getting changed. She put her clothes down softly on her vanity chair, not noticing the changed postion of the letters underneath the rabbit. She also dived under the duvet of her bed, cuddling up to Harry.
"Goodnight," Mary said quietly.
"Goodnight sweetheart," Harry replied softly and turned off the lamp at the side of the double bed.
He held Mary close that night, as though harm was going to get her like a predator catching it's pray, thinking about what Mary had written.

But for Harry and Mary their thoughts had already been confirmed, they just didn't know it.
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