Harry's Style's is an a secret relationship with Liam Payne's sister, Mary-Anne Payne. What happens when they discover they're gonna be parent? How are they going to tell Liam.


3. Three

Mary woke up the next morning feeling worse then what she had been feeling; she lay there in Harry's arms just thinking. She felt Harry stir, she turned to face him and smiled. Harry pecked her nose as a good morning and she smiled wider, if that was even possible. Mary climbed out of bed and stretched. She grabbed her dressing and gown, slipped it on and left her bedroom, going down to the kitchen. Liam was already in the kitchen, sitting at the table, thinking. Wondering if he really could trust Harry sharing a bedroom with his fragile little sister. 'of course I can,' Liam thought. Liam took a sip of his milk, juggling thoughts in his head. He pushed his chair out from under his table and put his now empty cup in the sink. Mary entered the room seeing her brother at the sink.
"Morning," she spoke groggily.
Liam turned his around looking at the messy haired girl standing behind him.
"Morning, would you like anything to eat?" Liam asked walking over to the bread bin.
"Yes please."
Mary walked over to the table and sat down in the seat Liam was once sitting in.

Harry woke up in a cold sweat, everyone was standing around him with a look of worry sketched on their faces.
"Oh pumpkin your awake! Are you alright? What's the matter." Louis started belting it questions, questions Harry still couldn't quite understand.
"What?" Harry asked everyone confused.
"Well mate, you were shouting 'Liam! Stop! Please! I didn't meant to!' in your sleep," explained Niall.
Harry's breathing suddenly jumped, remembering his dream from last night.

~~Start of dream~~
Liam was out for a day at the park with his girlfriend Danielle Peazor. They had been dating for a year and a half now, and their relationship was strong. Mary and Harry had the house to themselves, again. Louis was out with his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder; and Zayn went to to Nandos with Niall. The pair of young adults were sitting on the sofa, just smiling. "I love you," Harry blurted out. Mary snapped her head towards Harry, who was now as red as a tomatoe. "I love you too," Mary smiled. She scooted closer to Harry and pecked him on the lips.

Liam walked up the steps outside the front door of the house. He grabbed his keys out of his pocket, and inserted into the cutting in the door way. Hetrunes and pushed the door open. "I love you too," he heard a female voice say with delight. He looked into the living room, freezing at the sight in front of him. His blood boiled, his anger rose and his face turned red. He turned and slammed the door shut; this caught the attention of the pair on the couch kissing. Mary stopped when she saw Liam and the anger on his face. Her bloody froze, her insides shook, her face went blank. She felt the complete opposite of Liam, sorry, guilty and many more things. How a small, fragile girl at her age could feel all these emotions, was a mystery. "Liam-" Mary stuttered with terror. "HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU LAY YOUR HANDS ON MY SISTER!" Liam boomed, he was by now standing in the living room. "AFTER WHAT I TOLD YOU! HOW LONG HAS THIS RELATIONSHIP BEEN GOIG ON, HUH! LAST WEEK! LAST MONTH! THE MINUTE AFTER I TOLD YOU THE RULES!" Liam totally lost it, he raged, he screamed. He even kicked the table over, leaving everything on it and in its path, smashed. He pinned Harry up against the wall. "I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE TRUSTED YOU! I KNEW! I KNEW I SHOULD OF FOLLWED MY HEART AND NOT MY HEAD! HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID," Liam hissed. This wasn't the sort of hiss that you would here coming from a snake. This was something different, something worse. Liam raised his fist, colliding it with Harry's cheek. Harry screamed in pain, Mary screamed in horror. "LIAM! STOP! PLEASE! I DIDN'T MEAN TO," Harry whimpered, scared he will feel the fist that belonged to Liam against his skin again. Liam let go of his grip on Harry running out front door, wondering how he could of done such a thing. Harry's body slumped against the wall, now a crying Mary kneeling beside him. "Harry," she trembled. Harry tried to keep concesness, but no matter how ha he tried the unbalanced force didn't work. Darkness took over him. "Harry," came a small voice.
"Harry," came another voice.
~~End of dream~~

Harry breathed deeply, in through his and out through his mouth. "Are you alright?" Liam asked rubbing Harry's back. "Yeah, just a nightmare, that's all," he replied rubbing the drowsiness from his eyes. "Want to talk about pumpkin?" Louis questioned this time. Oh. Harry didn't know whether to tell everyone what his dream was about or not. Sure, if he told them that Liam and him got in a fight because he was in a secret relationship with his sister. But if he did, he would have a guilty conscience. So he simply replied with "no." Harry climbed out of bed and walked into Mary's en suite bathroom. He did his business and brushed his teeth. Not only a minutes later Mary ran into the same bathroom Harry was in and empty the horrible contents out of her mouth. Harry turned round and held Mary's hair back. "You okay babe?" Harry asked rubbing her back soothingly. "Yeah, think I might be coming down with something," Mary assured tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. She flushed the toilet and walked over to the sink. She got the the tub of toothpaste, unscrewed the cap and sueezed some onto her toothbrush. Harry stepped up behind Mary and took the toothbrush out of her hand. "Harry!" Mary giggled. Harry grinned and kept on brushing Mary's teeth.
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