Harry's Style's is an a secret relationship with Liam Payne's sister, Mary-Anne Payne. What happens when they discover they're gonna be parent? How are they going to tell Liam.


6. Six

Mary felt worse over the next couple of days, what with feeling sick, being pregnant and she still hadn't told her brother about her relationship with Harry. The clock had just struck 10:00am and Niall was sitting in the kitchen, already having decided to tell Liam about Mary's relationhip with Harry. Instead of waking Mary up in person he sent her a text. Mary woke up to a loud buzzing sound. She groggily sat up and saw the screen of her phone lit up; reaching over for her phone she read who it was from, Niall. Why would Niall send me a text when he's only across the hall, ran through Mary's mind. Still she opened the text and read, "I'm sorry." Mary's breath caught in her throat; not thinking of the baby inside of her she ran down the flight of stairs, as fast as her legs could carry her. Niall walked through to the living room, guilt eating away at him. "Liam?" Niall asked quietly. Liam turned around and looked at the irish, blonde boy that had now took a seat beside him. "Yeah, is everything alright?" Liam felt worried. "I have to tell you something...but I don't think I have the place to say it," Niall confessed so quiet that he could hardly hear himself. "Niall, tell me, please," Liam begged not wanting to see his friend worry. Mary was at the bottom of the stairs now and could hear Niall and Liam's conversation. "Well you see-" Niall trembled. Mary burst into the room just in time. "I'm having a relationship with Harry and now I'm carrying his child!" Mary burst out breathlessly. Liam's body froze, shocked at what he just heard. "What?" Liam whispered. "Liam I'm really sorry," Mary sobbed. "HOW LONG?" Liam's voice boomed.

Everyone woke up to the sound of Liam's loud voice. All the boys ran down stairs to see Liam's angry face staring right at Mary. Mary only sobbed more. "HOW LONG?" Liam asked again. "3 or 4 months maybe," Mary whimpered. Harry couldn't stand to see Mary's wet face and stepped in front of her. Liam's anger had now only raised more. "YOU! HOW DARE YOU! I TOLD YOU, HARRY! I THOUGHT YOU WOULD OF KNOWN BETTER!" Liam had his finger now raised in front of Harry's face. Harry toke a deep breath. "Liam, this is my doing, please don't take it out on Mary. If anyone deserves to be punished, it's me," Harry spoke sincerely. Mary felt the courage rise inside of her. "WHY DO YOU CARE? I'M NOT EVEN YOUR REAL SISTER! I'M ADOPTED REMEMBER!" Mary suddenly shouted with all the strength she had.Liam couldn't take it anymore, he stormed out the house, got in his car and took off. Mary shouted Liam's name after him but he didn't listen. Harry held Mary back: shushing her and smoothing her hair. "It's all my fault, it's all my fault," Mary kept murmering under her breath. Liam now sat at a log near a pond that he found not to long ago; he felt angry and betrayed, but also guilty at shouting his adopted sister the way he did. Suddenly he heard footsteps crunching on the dead leaves that lay upon the ground. "Liam?" Zayn asked quietly. Liam calmed a bit at hearing Zayn's voice. "Hi," he muttered. "Liam, mate, what you did there it shocked me. Scratch that, I think it shocked all of us," Zayn spoke soothingly; joining him on the log and placing a tanned hand on his back. "I know," Liam agreed, "it's just, I'm really really angry. I know I told them not to, but Harry could of at least asked me first." Liam sighed and stood up. "C'mon, I need to go talk to Harry and Mary alone," Liam said. Zayn stood up and walked with him. Mary still hadn't stopped crying and was wetting Louis' shirt. Harry meanwhile was trying to contact Liam. "C'mon, c'mon" Harry whispered. It was no use, Liam wasn't going to pick up. The click coming from the door stopped Mary from crying and she concentrated on the door, hoping it to be her brother. As if on que Liam walked throught the door with Zayn. Liam walked straight on upstairs and to his bedroom. "Is he alright?" Mary asked Zayn. Zayn sat down and looked at Mary. "Yeah, he wants a word with you and Harry alone Annie," Zayn explained leaning back.

Both Mary and Harry stood up and left the living room. Mary started shaking, frightened that Liam might shout at her again; Harry grabbed her hand to comfort her. They walked into Liam's room and saw him sitting on his bed. Liam prepared himself and the couple to sit down. "Now, I want to apologise for my behaviour before, but you should be able to understand why I did so." Both Harry and Mary nodded. "I've thought long and hard about this, I'm willing to let you, Harry, to be with Mary. But one 2 conditions," Liam explained. "Anything," Harry spoke up. "1, you DO NOT cheat on Mary and 2, you do a good job of helping her look after that baby," Liam warned. "You have my word Liam, promise," Harry smiled at the conditions. Mary's face lit up and she hugged Liam. Liam hugged her back and smiled down at her. "You may be adopted, but I still love you like a real sister Annie." Laim hugged her once again. Mary's face now beaming brighter then ever before.

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