Harry's Style's is an a secret relationship with Liam Payne's sister, Mary-Anne Payne. What happens when they discover they're gonna be parent? How are they going to tell Liam.


1. One

Mary-Anne Payne got ready into a loose, slick t-shirt, some skinny black jeans and white converse, letting her curls fall loosely and a natural looking face. She walked downstairs glancing over herself one more time. She picked up her cars keys, phone and pushed them into her back pocket, while walking to her car, climbing in. Mary-Anne a.k.a Annie, Mary, Anne or Mary-A was meeting her bother, Liam Payne, 1/5 of the famous boy band, One Direction. He had just come back from his tour in America. Mary could not describe the excitement she was feeling about seeing her brother again, after such a long period of time. She had met the other boys and became great friends with them, from the word go. Niall being her eating buddy, Louis her skipping buddy, zayn being her talking buddy, and Harry...well Harry and her had been secretly going out for the past 3 months. Mary quickly parked her car into a parking space and climbed out, shutting off the engine. She walked into the airport avoiding all the chaos of the families rushing in to make it to their flight in time. She quickly scooted over to the a bunch of seats to wait for her brother.

Not only half an hour later the plane that carried One Direction landed at Haverfordwest Airport landed and the boys stood up stretching and collected their carry-ons off of the upper compartment. They slowly walked down the middle aisle of the plane waiting for the other passengers to depart the plane. They walked down the steps and into the airport, heading towards the now awaiting Mary-Anne. They agreed that they'd meet together again with Mary-Anne, as they didn't want to sit together to avoid attention and commotion. The excitement grew bigger and bigger inside of Mary as the airport staff announced that the plane that her brother was on had landed. She got up and slowly started to walk towards the area where her and the boys would meet up. As she walked she thought many things of seeing her brother again. But not just seeing her brother but seeing Harry again. Mary slightly frowned to herself remembering the relationship that they were hiding from Liam, I wish I could just tell him but he would be mad, she thought. But why would Liam be mad? Liam strictly set ground rules that his sister was off limits to the boys, and that if anyone touched her, 'so god help me!, was his exact words. Popping out of her thoughts she could hear the laughter, that was recognised as her eating buddy's, Niall. She quickened her pace a little so she could give her loud buddy a hug. "HEY! Mary-A there you are," Niall exclaimed dropping his carry-on to wrap his round Mary-A to give her a warm hug.
"Hiya there Niall," She chuckled warmly hugging her best friend. They pulled away and started chatting. Not long after Zayn and Louis arrived at the same time, both coming from different directions.
"MARYYY!" shouted Louis with glee running at her full speed and picking her up, spinning her around.
"LOUISSS!" mimicked Mary.
Louis put her, pulling away looking shocked.
"You did not just mimick me," Louis spoke with shock, jokingly of course.
"Yes I did," Anne mimicked again.
Louis shook his head, tutting, pretending to be interested in the scenery outside. Mary quickly turned and wrapped her arms around Zayn hugging him.
"Helloo," she greeted, lightly touching his hair.
"Hell-NOT THE HAIR! NOT THE HAIR!" Zayn replied angrily, swatting her hands away.
"Still the same old Zayn," Mary giggled this time shaking her head.
They all engaged in a conversation, waiting for the last 2 boys to arrive.
"There's my sister," the 4 heard a voice over the crowd.
They all tuned their heads to see Liam walking towards them amongst the crowd. He soon stopped in front of them and opened his arms, gaining a hug from his sister.
"I missed you so much," Liam muttered hugging his sister tightly.
"I missed you to LiLi," Mary-Anne muttered back, resting her head in the crook of his neck.
They must of stood there for at least 5 minutes, just holding each other, in one an others arms.
"So I don't get a hug then?" questioned a voice.
Mary could recognise that voice from a mile away, it belonged to her loving boyfriend, Harry Styles.
The 2 siblings pulled apart from each other. Mary looked up to meet the curly haired, green eyed boy she loved the most. The 2 walked into each others arms, taking themselves in a big embrace.
"I missed you babe," whipered Harry.
" I missed you more," Mary slightly sniffled.
The 2 pulled away turning to face the 4 boys who were standing there patiently. They started walking to the baggage reclaim, to pick up their bags ready to be going home. Mary went her to car to wait for the boys there. She started thinking about her relationship with Harry. Suddenly a jolt of dizziness rant through her body, she lent on the car for support. Mary had been feeling like this for the past 2 or 3 days, but she just concluded it down to the symptoms of flu.
"You alright there?" Niall asked softly from behind her
This shocked Mary, so her reaction showed shock.
"Bloody hell Niall," Mary started with her hand over heart in pure shock, " don't ever do that again."
"Sorry, but are you alright?" Niall asked apologetically.
"Yeah, just feeling a bit dizzy that's all," she explained, now fully recovered from such a shock.
She give Niall a reassuring hug. A hint of jealousy showed in Harry's eyes but he shook it off, reminding himself that they were just friends.
"Oh darn," Louis spoke out of the blue.
"What?" Zayn asked at his sudden outburst.
"I just realised there is only 5 seats in Annie's car," Louis scowled.
Mary scowled also, almost slapping herself for being such an idiot.
"That's okay, she can just sit on my lap, which means you drive Lou," Liam chimed in.
Mary chucked Louis the car keys warning him to be careful with her baby. With that they climbed, buckled up and driving off to Mary-Anne's and Liam's house.

Little did Mary know, Mary didn't have the flu. She was unknowingly carrying her's and Harry's child.
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