Harry's Style's is an a secret relationship with Liam Payne's sister, Mary-Anne Payne. What happens when they discover they're gonna be parent? How are they going to tell Liam.


4. Four

Niall walking down the hallway heard Mary running and making an un-peculiar sound. Curious, Niall continued walking down the hallway and turning into her bedrroom. She was no where to be found. He could hear hushed voices, coming from her bathroom. He slowly walked over to the doorway leading to the bathroom, and looked in. "Oh, erm..I think I'll just, er, go," Niall quikcly flushed with embarresment. Yet somehow he felt just a tiny bit betrayed. He speed-walked down the hall and and into his room. He couldn't get his head around at what he had seen. Mary not expecting Niall to walk into the bathroom, quickly ran out of her room towards Niall's. She tapped lightly on the door. Niall took a deep breath. "Come in," came a hushed voice from the other side of the door. Mary pushed the door open gently and walked in. "Hi," she muttered. She didn't get a reply. "Could I sit?" Mary asked tentively. "Sure, I guess," Niall replied quickly. Mary walked over and sat down onto the soft mattress. Breathing deeply, Mary began her explaination. "Niall, I know what you seen in there come to a shock to you. I know that you feel like I've betrayed Liam, but believe me I do to." Niall sighs and turns round. "How long?" was all he asked. This caught Mary off guard. "Oh, erm, 3 and half months, 4 maybe," she confessed. Mary could here Niall taking deep breaths. Finslly he spoke up, "Alright...I won't tell Liam." A feel of relief fell through Mary's body. "But only for now. You'll have to tell him soon, because otherwise I will," Niall finished his deal. Mary gulped quietly. She nodded and responded. "Alright." At least he's keeping it for now, she thought. Letting the thoughts sliiping aside for now, Niall turned around and smiled. Mary-Anne noticed and turned around anfaced him. "I don't know about you, btu I really need some bloody breakfast," Niall exclaimed. Mary laughed and nodded. "Now you're onto something," she jested. They both stood up and left the room. You could say that Mary and Niall were somehow long lost twins, sort of. The reason is that once Niall has had something to eat for breakfast, like cereal, he'll be hungry at least half an hour to an hour later. This is exactly how Mary worked; as she has already had breakfast, she's hungry yet again. Worrying thoughts rush through Harry's head. He was not expecting Niall to come in and see what he saw. He just can't help but wonder if he'll tell Liam or not. He is soon driven out of them thoughts when he hears the laughter erputing from Mary and Niall. They walk through the kitcen with bright, happy smiles on their faces. "What's so funny?" Louis inquieres. "Oh, just Mary was telling me the time when she called the emergency services and nearly called for an ambulance, only to have her mum rush down and cancel it," Niall explains, erupting in laughter yet again. Niall must of said it pretty loud because Liam and Zayn were sitting in the living room and even they joined in with the laughter. Liam smiles fondly, remembering the memory. "Yep, mum told me the memory of that and I started cracking up," he maintained his breathing again. Mary left the room grabbing a granola bar and joining her brother in the living room. "Hey it's Mary-A," Zayn piped up. "No way Zayn, it's Santa Claus' helper," Louis chimes entering the living room with Harry. Mary looks over an smiles meekly, Harry returns it. "Hey bro, when is your next interview or whatever you do?" Mary queried. Liam thought carefully. " Friday. It's Monday today so that means we have a week and 4 days to do whatever we want." Mary was pleased to have some time with her brother. "BEEAACHHH!" Niall suddenly shouted who was now sitting on a chair opposite of Zayn. Everyone jumped and put their hands over their hearts. "Bloody hell Niall! Seriously don't scare us like that," Zayn scolds pankic stricken. Everyone quickly re-covers and breathes. "Alright Niall we'll go to the beach, but at least say it in a more hushed, calmed tone next time please," Louis reasons Everyone quickly disperses and walks to get their swimming gear. Mary pickes out one of her bikinis and a cover up. She quickly changed and met the boys at the car. This time they took Liam's car which was slightly bigger, so everyone could fit in. 

The 6 sitting in the car joked, small talked and sung along with the radio. Once they arrived at the beach Niall ran out the car and ran straight for the water. However the others got out the car and walked down slowly. Mary set her bag down and stripped down to her bikini. She, like Niall, ran down to the water and jumped in; enjoying the cool water brushing against her tanned skin. "Refreshing?" Niall chuckles, looking down at Mary who is now sitting on the ocean floor. Mary looks up at him, sun blinding her sight. "Lovely," Mary replies with a grin. Soon the rest of the boys join in and start splashing one another. Mary feels a wave of dizziness run through her body an her stomach churn. She walks out the water slowly, deciding to rest. She lays her towel down by her bag, slips on her shades and lays in the sun. Harry notices Mary exit the water and lay down, he decides to join. Making his way over to Mary, he shakes his hair attempting to dry it a little. He sits down near Mary's feet. Whilst Mary is laying down, she sees a figure cast a shadow on her. Sitting up and resting on her elbows, she pulls down her shades and sees it is Harry. "Hey there Hazza, everything alright?" she asks rubbing his arm. "Yeah Im fine but how are you?" he asks Mary. "Oh I'm fine just some dizziness that's all." He sighs, not really feeling any such emotion other than curiosity. "Hey about the Niall thing," Harry starts. Mary realises what Harry's on about and sits up completely. "Yeah about that, Niall said he won't say anything to Liam. But only for now, we have to tell Liam some time soon or he will." Mary explaines. Harry slightly sighes of relief and open the basket with the food prositions. The boys soon come up to join and them, digging into the ham and cheese sandwiches that Liam had put together. All in all, Mary is hapy to have the boys back and spend more time with them and pleased with the life she has.

But will Mary be happy with the life she is about to have?
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