Harry's Style's is an a secret relationship with Liam Payne's sister, Mary-Anne Payne. What happens when they discover they're gonna be parent? How are they going to tell Liam.


5. Five

The boys and Mary soon arrived back home, feeling tired after the activities that were held that day. As soon as everyone set foot in the large bricked building, each individual went their different ways. Niall the kitchen - not at the least bit surprising -, Liam the living room, Zayn the downstairs bathroom - most likely to fix his hair, despite the amount of hairspray used that morning -, Louis his bedroom, Harry upstairs bathroom and Mary, her own bedroom. Mary chucked her down on the bed; still feeling the happiness of having her brother, friends and boyfriend back.

The next morning Mary awoke early, deciding to go to the chemist to buy a pregnancy test. Mary was sure that she wasn't pregnant andrhought positive thoughts. But no matter how many positive thoughts she thought of, there was always that one negative thought that creeped into her mind. The negative thought worried Mary terribly; it wasn't her brother's reaction, but Harry's reaction. Would Harry leave her and the baby, choose his career? Mary shook her head clearing all the thoughts. All the boys woke up  the same morning, not having the foggiest idea where Mary had got to. "Maybe's she has gone down to the doctors for a check-up," Harry suggested. Liam thought about it but he just couldn't put his finger on the suggestion. "But if she did, why did she leave so early and not wait until the afternoon?" Liam wondered. Everybody merely shrugged their shoulders. Liam sighed and left the living room, walking sluggishly into the kitchen. Niall felt tense and curious as to why Mary would leave for the doctors at such an early hour inthe morning. But like Liam, he just couldn't put his finger on it. Mary drive into the driveway of her house not shortly after 10:00am. Being the clever person she is, Mary did a bit of food shopping so no one was suspicious of anything. As Mary walked through the door, all five shopping bags in hand, she was greeted to a commotion. All the boys were practically jumping on her, shouting questions that she make sense of what she was being asked. Mary managed to squeeze her tiny figure through the boys and into the kitchen; the boys right on her heels. "Calm down, calm down," Mary shushed the boys, "I've just gone out and did a bit of food shopping; that's all." While Mary was talking to the boys, she quickly snook the box that contained the pregnancy test in the pocket of her hoodie. All the boys calmed down eventually and helped unpack all the food. Mary told the boys she was going to the toilet, quickly making her escape from the kitchen, she headed for the toilet. Harry watched as Mary stepped up each stair; feeling deep down that something wasn't right. Harry sighed in his head and packed all the frozen food into the freezer. Harry told himself that he would go up and check on her later.

As Mary was waiting for the result of her pregnancy test, she couldn't help but think the same thought. Would Harry choose his career over her and the baby? One thing she knew for sure though; if she did happen to be pregnant, she was going to keep it. Abortion was out of the question, no matter how much Liam or possibly Harry for that matter, tried to talk Mary out of it, she wouldn't kill her baby. The loud beeping noise finally came from the bathroom; Mary breathed deeply and walked slowly and steadily into the bathroom. Mary suddenly became nervous and scared, but nevertheless picked up the white stick with trembling hand. Her eyes met a small pink cross sign. She couldn't take it anymore; Mary dropped the pregnancy test and let the tears cascade down her cheeks. Harry walked up the stairs with a quick pace. As he got to the top he could hear muffled sobs coming from Mary's bathroom. Harry ran all the way, to find the small, fragile girl crying her eyes and throat dry. Mary ran over to Mary and tok her in his emrace; out the corner of his eye he saw the pink positive sign on the pregnancy test. "Shh, shh, it's going to be fine, everything's going to be alright," Harry cooed in her ear. Mary sniffled, give out a big yawn and continued to let tears flow down the rivers that lay on her cheeks. Harry shushed Mary once again and rested his chin on the top of her head.
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