Always and Forever

zayn malik fan fiction


1. meet the characters



Hi there my name is Melody here are a few things about me:

Blow out candles on the 5th of April

Dancing is my passion

My boyfriend is called Alex and I love him to bits

My best Friends are Holly + Jade  these girls are my life

I am 18

I have no family and i live on my own in Bradford.




Hey there gorgeous i am Alex :)

The world was blessed with my greatness on the 22nd of March

I am a popular guy around my area

I have a girlfriend named Melody she is HOT but im only dating her for her looks and body. sssshhhh dont tell :)

I live with some mates thats all gotta go see my gf biii beautiful :)




Sup im Holly

Was born on 5th April yupp same day as Melody, our mums were best friends thats how we met, but her mum is now in heaven :(

Anyway i LOVE to dance with the gurllss

Besties are Melody + Jade 

Cya babesss




Why hello there im Jade

Born on the 17th March

dancing is my hobby with my 2 fav girls

yeah im the sensible one of the group cc yaaa 






any comments i know ive just started but im new to this type of thing so any ideas or feedback would be much appreciated 


thanks hun Kaveri x



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