Safe Now

This is a poem I thought up about a dead girl looking back on her past life. Hope you like it!


1. In my heart

Screams of pain waft through the air

Guns mix with cold laughter

The cruel heartless men seem not to care

Who they kill or who they're after


My head burns with fear

I don't know this place  

Are those dreaded weapons far or near?

I can still feel fresh tears on my face 


There's a different feeling now,

Balling up inside me

It makes me feel joy, somehow

And can clearly see


Greener pastures lie ahead

Than the one I was trapped in  

Happier days for me instead 

Where no person commits a sin


It's place of which I've always dreamed

When I drift to sleep

However, to me it's always seemed

So far away I could weep


But now I'm safe and well

In this Heaven of mine 


Sugar224, Poetry Entry












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