Romeo and Juliet

This is something I wrote ages ago, so the grammar isn't so good but I thought I'd upload it anyway!


2. Juliet


Juliet-I stroked my dress of any creases then quickly combed a brush through my hair. That would have to do I thought to myself. I hesitated before walking out the door. I then hurried down the stairs with Nurse ushering me along. There were already many people dancing and feasting. I watched my guests as they chattered and chuckled amongst themselves. It was good to see so many happy people.

There was a small crowd gathered together by a pillar in the corner of the room, which caught my attention. I walked over quietly, tucking my face behind my mask so I wouldn’t be recognised and then asked to join the conversation. I heard congratulations being given to a couple who stood in the centre. Then I heard the words ceremony, feast, guests and matrimony and concluded that they the couple had recently been married. I stepped away from the gathering of people and felt anxiety wash over me. Paris. I didn’t know if I liked Paris as much as to love him, let alone marry him. I bit my lip. Marriage. I didn’t want to marry Paris.

Lost in my thoughts I did not notice Paris approach me and take my hand in dance. We circled the floor and I tried to forget my worries, forget Paris, and just let the music fill me. The soft sounds of the symphony enveloped the room; the plucking of strings, the shaking of tambourines, the pure, honest voices singing out. I was spinning so fast I felt as though I might implode. The colours of dresses and the eerie, rigid expressions painted on the masks whizzed past my face and they became blurred and lost in a sea of bodies. I moved obediently to the music; faster and faster and then...stop. The music died away and I halted catching my breath. And in that tiny moment I glanced around and saw him, leaning against the wall casually. I squinted, so I could see him clearer and felt for my mask but it was gone, it must have fallen off but it didn’t matter anymore.

I stared at his handsome face; his deep, soulful eyes searched the crowd for something. His eyebrows were drawn into a frown. What was it he was looking for? I followed his gaze and saw nothing. When I turned back his frown had cleared into a smile that his lit up his whole face. I felt my own lips flicker into a smile and I suddenly realised that I was devoted to him, whoever he was. I needed him to be happy, I wanted what he wanted. I didn’t understand where this feeling had come from but things had never seemed more apparent. Wherever he was I would go too, that was all there was to it. I had a purpose.

 Then he looked straight at me, his eyes meeting mine, only then did I know I was right.

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