The darkness inside.

Georgia, daughter of the head angel has done something an angel should never do.


2. Comfirmed


“Georgia your father is Edmond Shade.” I shook my head, eyes welling with tears. At the mention of his name everyone tensed, especially me and my mother. “No it’s not true!” I shouted, even thought all the odds pointed to it.

I was the only angel with black hair in the den. There were two different types of angels. Angels of Light and Angels of Darkness. My mother is the head of the Angels of light, Edmond Shade was the head of the Angels of Darkness, and he was a cruel man. I had my mother’s blue eyes, All Angels of Light had light blue eyes, but they all have blonde hair. I was born with the black locks of an Angel of Darkness. I was always good, followed rules, obeyed orders, until today.

“Georgia it’s true.” My mum lowered her eyes to the ground. Ashamed to say he was my father. “I thought you would be the child to end all of the war, but Edmond saw you as a weapon to destroy us. He wanted you for selfish purposes.” She explained, cupping my cheek in her hand.

“I love you, and thought you had no dark side, but I was wrong. It is all my fault, I done this to you Georgia. Now that you’re coming into your dark powers you are dangerous.” She removed her hand from my cheek. “You have to try and control them Georgia. Edmond has been waiting for this day; he will be after you in a flash when he finds out.”

She gripped my shoulders tight. “Georgia don’t let the darkness take over you. You are an angel of light and always will be.” She backed away. “You can’t come back to the den Georgia; we have moved it so you don’t know where it is, or how to find it. Until you learn to control your powers you can’t come home.” Her eyes began to glaze over.

 “No mum, I can control them honest!” I went to reach of her but she jerked out of my reach. “Georgia, be careful. I love you. I will always love you Georgia Shine-Shade” She blew me a kiss her cheeks rosy before her, the council and the body guards vanished. 

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