it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


6. Two sides

    “Excuse me, have you seen this young lady?” he ask his blue eyes soft and pleading, and that’s when i remember I look different he wouldn’t recognise me I put on a fake accent hoping to keep him off the track “No I have not seen this ugly, ugly girl!” I say in a German accent “In fact if I did see her I would have fed her to my goats!” I say eyeing him up and down with a complete disgusted look on my face “I am very sorry to have bothered you madam, but must I say you look better blond, Alej” a smile creeps onto his face as he gives me those sets of dimples “How did you know it was me?” I ask as my face goes into a frown “Well for one thing, Chevern doesn’t have goats” he says still smiling down at me, before I know it I have been dragged into a bear hug “Thank the Kings your safe, you nearly gave me a panic attack!” he says as he puts his face in my hair, my new haircut I should say. “Come on, we still have time to go home before Mary calls the police” he speaks as he pulls me away from the tree I stop dead in my tracks.

   “I am not going anywhere.” My voice was in a monotone “Of course you are not staying here, so where else will you go” he didn’t get it “I am not going anywhere,” I repeated “That place is not my home, so I am not going back there.” He looks at me I know he’s not going to give up “Alej, you will be safe there, me and Liam can protect you better, if something happened to you I wouldn’t be able to live with myself” that made me even more angry “You want me to go back to that school where everyone makes fun of me? You want me to go back to that place where I can never go out in normal clothes? You want me to go back to a place where I’m alone?” I stare at him my eyes blazing “You shouldn’t be worried about me, because I. am. Not. You. Sister.” I am now up to his face our noses 2 millimetres away from touching I can feel the anger inside of him and sadness but I am sick of all this I just want my family back so I can go.

  Charlie, Lash and Klash all came out to see what was happening and what they saw was enough for all of them to surround me and make Danny draw his sword pressing it against Alex’s chest. “No stop!” I screamed causing everyone to turn towards me “He’s just trying to get me to go home, but I told him I’m not” something must be wrong with me I was just shouting a guy now I’m standing up for him “You guys just wait here I’ll talk to him,” all through that Alex’s eyes hasn’t left me I pull him away from the others.

    “Alex go back to the castle and leave me alone” I said turning around and facing him “I’m not leaving here without you,” he said his eyes said something different, he’s afraid this will be the last time we see each other “You think I don’t know about the curse, you think I want you to pick one, then only to be gone forever!” he shouted but his eyes never leaving mine “Alex,” I began “Please just forget all this and come home, with me.” He said as he reached for my hand I felt so bad, all he wanted was for me to live but then I remembered the thing I came here for I withdrew my hand from his I couldn’t do this anymore “Alex I promise, you will see me again, scout’s honour” I said raising my palm up his face looked as if someone just slapped him “Alex, I am on a mission and I can’t do it at the castle, if I tell you the mission, you would carry me back to the castle so just go, please?” I begged “No I am not going back without you” his voice was hard and his blue eyes turned deeper and he grabbed my hand tightly and started to pull me. I screamed, that was all it took for, Charlie, Klash, Lash and Danny to come .

   “Listen here my Prince,” whispered Danny even though he whispered you could tell he was trying his best to hold back anger “You are going to let her go and then walk away,” he continued his eyes never leaving Alex “And what makes you think I will let her go?” he smirked that’s when it hit me, Amor Imperii, it pained me to do so to him but I knew I had to.

  I focused all my energy in my eyes and hit it with Alex full force. He jumped back and there was blood coming from his temple falling into his eyes, his eyes of surprise he was struggling to stand up that’s when I hit him again and again, until I collapsed as I had no more energy left. I felt a wall of muscle behind me as I staggered back, it was Lash, Klash, Danny and Charlie. How was I ever going to pick one.

  We left Alex’s unconscious body in the woman’s house I gave Alex a quick peck on the cheek before I left him and continued our journey.

   We were back to walking I suddenly started to feel cold, and I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and pulled me away from the group, and behind a tree. It was Danny.

  All day I have been trying to avoid him after I slapped him but now here we were, all alone. “Hi,” he whispered as he tightened his gripped on my waist I kept looking at the ground until he raised my chin up so I could look at him, I looked into his eyes his grey and yellow eyes, and he looked back at me, we stood like that for a while, “I’m really sorry,” he said I still kept quiet “ It’s all my fault, if I have just kept cool two centuries back this all wouldn’t have happened, I just needed some answers, I was so crazy about you back then and I still am today, you were driving all of us to the curb, it was just so hard for all of us, do you not see why Lash put’s his hands behind his back, because about three of your lifetimes back, you were with Lash talking about Charlie and how cute he is and stuff and he lost it, he beat you up.” He said the last part made me jump no wonder Lash always keeps his distance and anytime he was around me it was hands to his back “Continue” I whisper “When he was finished he punished himself by over doing his body of work time and effort and no food, until we took him to a healer who helped him gain back himself but he still loves you all the same” his voice going hard “I think I’ve heard enough” I said as I withdrew from his grip and he let me as he watched me run to catch up with the others.

  When I finally did catch up Danny was already there, so I grabbed Lash’s arm and pulled him back “We need to talk” his eyes hardened and his hands went behind his back I pulled him through the forest back to the place were me and Danny talked behind the same tree. “Tell me something Lash?” I asked looking at him “What do you want me to tell you,” his eyes looked curious “About three lifetimes ago,” I said with an eyebrow raised his whole body stiffened and his eyes went from grey to practically black I then reached behind his back where they were firmly gripped and pulled them away from each other and took them into mine I watched as his body still went stiff and I put my hand on his shoulder and looked him right in his eyes “It’s okay, I forgive you” I knew there was no point telling him it wasn’t his fault he looked at me his grey eyes were back and they were getting blurry he was almost about to cry. i didn’t know what came over me but I kissed him. Our lips pressed into together and I put his hands around my waist and I pulled him in for a deeper kiss, his lips were softer then Danny’s but Danny’s were warmer he pressed his tongue into my mouth and I knew that his tongue was so warm and pleasing, he took my breath away. And when he stopped I wanted more I wanted to pull him back in for more but I knew I had to be careful. So when he did stopped he smiled at me and pecked my cheek and took me hand in hand to meet catch up with the others. It was only my brain that stopped me from pulling him back in or else  I would’ve hopped on him myself.

    When we were back I couldn’t help but feel Charlie was staring at me which made me blush when he would wink at me, and then Danny’s little smiles with Lash’s raised eyebrows and Klash’s smirks were all driving me insane it was either one or the other and I felt like I wanted to be invisible. I put on my little beanie hoping it would make me less noticeable put now all of them were staring at me like I was a Britney Spears or something “It’s very rude to stare,” I whispered and they all laughed and continued walking.

    We reached this market place, where creatures big or small were selling revolting things, yet it just smelled like this market were selling pies but our nose deceives us sometimes. “Keep your head down and don’t speak to anyone mostly the only thing they would want is to sell you a deal so just keep your head down and try not to make eye contact with anyone even though you’re wearing sunglasses, okay?” explained Charlie I gave him a nod and then proceed to do what he said. I could hear things shouting at me saying ‘By two feet and get there third one free’ or ‘Have your future told only for a memory’ I didn’t even know what that meant until I felt somebody pull me into a dark alleyway. Great, now what.  They put their hand over my mouth, but it’s not like I was planning to scream anyway, I turned around to see who it was. Luke.

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