it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


16. The great War

The clock struck eight and the fireball came. I was looking out the window listening to the clock tick by when the fireball hit the middle of Lux it created a shudder throughout the land and it all started.

      I hurried out the door, out of the castle and to where the fireball hit. I could feel the warmth but I wasn’t sweating creatures and human like things were in full armour all I had on was a long simple dress with my red frizzy hair flying all out  i looked behind me to find Sandra “We’re moving out the Tenebris will meet us half way,” she said and she grabbed my hand and pulled me to follow the army of Lux.

   Some were dressed in simple clothes using their powers as weapons others which would be creatures of all shapes and sizes were in armour. We met the Tenebris half way and I saw Danny he was in white with a bored expression on his face. I tore my eyes away from him and focused on not bumping into anyone or anything. We all stood there waiting for the Queen.

    I could feel them, I could feel the quick marching pace of her army coming I couldn’t wait. The Kings and Queens were in front I could see Kyle still glancing the crowd looking for me but I hid away. I made my way towards the edge of the crowd and darted off.

    I ran my feet pounding the grass which every step I take my hair was like a cape as I zoomed through the trees I heard someone call out my name and I went even faster than before and I met the Queens army.

    They looked so lifeless they were in modern clothes but there eyes were the same as hers black and soulless I saw Robin and her friends tied up on sticks being carried by a group of her things Robin looked awful she had blood streaking down her face and a scar at her lip, the Queens going to pay for that her friends looked petrified but they were not harmed. Robin looked my way and our eyes connected her eyes glazed over before she closed them, she was dying.

      I stood in front of the army the Queen was right in the middle, she had a black tight biker suit on but her skin was a death pale and she was wearing dark sunglasses a smiled crept onto her face she clicked her fingers and the army stopped “I think black suits you,” she smiled she clicked her fingers again and I was back to myself I still had the long white dress on but my black hair was back with my warm skin tone and I was wearing light pink flats and I was wearing white gloves as well.

   “Let her go,” I said the whole place was quiet “No, you missed your time dear you kept us all waiting, but I do keep my promises,” she said I heard a ruffle behind me and when I looked back the whole Lux and Tenebris army was there “You decided to team up, well that’s such a shame, I thought I would get to destroy two places today, oh well, let’s begin,” and then her creatures made a horrible screaming noise and they darted off to start fighting.


    In a matter of seconds I could see blood and green liquid, I saw the Queen was doing nothing she just watched the two kings and Queens were doing all they can but failing Kyle came running up to me “Where have you been?” his face was red and his eyes were a dark murky green “I had to come,” I said there were already two wounds on his face and he looked exhausted “You shouldn’t be here, I don’t want you to get hurt,” his voice almost cracked and then I kissed him.

     I couldn’t stand to see him hurt it was like a big heart-ache to me, I felt everything in that kiss pain anger surprise tiredness hungry thirsty everything, I felt light and dark circling us and when we broke apart I had a necklace around my neck and so did Kyle mine was a gold all the way and right in the middle was I white jewel and Kyle was the same except his was a black jewel. We are the Sunset King and Queen.

    His wounds were gone completely and he had a smile on his face “I’m sorry but I had to come,” I said he sighed “Well you have to go back promise me you’ll go back to the castle right now,” his voice was hard and his eyes were serious I looked around me the Underworld was winning the King of Tenebris was injured and most of our people were dead “I can’t promise that,” I said and rushed off.

   I started to make my way to the Queen of the Underworld, when I heard a familiar chuckle, I looked around where I heard the chuckle and found Charlie, one of the Underworld things had plunged a knife of some kind through Charlie’s heart I screamed as I ran forward to him I pushed the thing away and grabbed the sword sticking it in its head as it dissolved into a yellowish liquid I bent down to where Charlie fell.

    There was blood covering his t-shirt and his hair was bloody and I started to rip pieces of my dress to stop the bleeding the tears were coming down so fast I couldn’t control it, I felt Charlie hold my hand “Hey that’s a nice dress you got there, don’t waste it on me,” he smiled but then winced “You can’t go, not now, please,” I sobbed his eyes were slowly closing his grip on my hand was getting less tighter “    Charlie,” I cried I won’t let him die I put my kips to his and something miraculous happened.

      His eyes fluttered open and his chocolate eyes were bright and eager I wiped away my tears and looked at him “Charlie, you’re okay,” my voice was cracked but I could hear the excitement “You kissed me,” he whispered “You picked me, the curse I’s gone you kissed me you picked me,” he was standing up now a beaming smile on his face I stood up with him.

     “I guess I do,” I said barely containing my laughter he held my hand and kissed my knuckles “I love you Alejandra,” he whispered and this  was it that was love, I felt love for Charlie too.

    I glanced up at the Queen, wondering if she ever loved someone, then everything started to come together, I’m not going to die she is.

 I ran away from Charlie spending towards the Queen, she was still sitting her face blank I stood next to her she isn’t even noticed me yet so I let out a blast of warm energy which caused her to jerk I looked into her soulless eyes and gave her everything I’ve got.

    I gave her warm and cold happy and sadness she let out a terrifying scream that rumbled through my ears I kept giving it to her. Chunks of her were crumbling away as she crumbled to the last piece the wind took the pieces away as I stood there where the old Underworld queen was.

   Everything after that was a blur, I remember a cheer, aloud one I remembering seeing lost Underworlds souls being let free everyone that died were gone I remember Kyle hugging me telling people to leave me alone that I was weak I remembering nodding to King of Tenebris and Queen, and to the King and Queen of Lux.

Then I remember faintly being ragged back to the kingdom off Lux and Sandra saying something to me which I couldn’t remember. As I drifted off to sleep while I could hear people repairing the destroyed Kingdoms.

    I woke up to a heavy fist knocking on my door, “Come in,” I croaked my voice was hoarse and I had an unbelievable headache in came Charlie with a cup of orange gooey liquid “Hey there sleepyhead,” he said and kissed my cheek “What happened?” I asked looking around the room like I’ve never been here before “Well after you made the Underworld Queen into a cookie crumble, you were practically unconscious, you didn’t defeat her you actually just dissolved the body she was using it will take some time for her to find a body but for now the Underworld is not in session, Kyle was pretty angry when you blacked out one look from him could kill you so people backed off as far as they could, here drink this it will help,” he said handing me the orange liquid “What is it?” I asked “If I told you wouldn’t drink it,” he smiled showing off his one dimpled smile it smelt like chocolate so I drank it.

     It was warm and satisfying, like I had a seven day dinner in one sip, my head cleared out a little bit and I found strength to actually sit up “That does help,” I sighed sitting back he took the cup from me and put it on the table “So how on earth did I pick you?” I asked that was the thing I needed to clear with Charlie “I don’t know but when you did kiss me, the kiss of life that was, I felt the curse being removed, and I also can’t find Danny,” he said I stood up straight then winced “Danny, but I saw him at the War he couldn’t be gone yet I didn’t get to say good bye,” I said Charlie sighed holding my hand I couldn’t help but let the darkness consume me I saw Charlie wince “Sorry, I haven’t got the hang of this Sunset thing yet,” I apologised “It’s okay I’ll live,” he said “I pick you Charlie I don’t regret that,” I sighed and I realised I was telling the truth from the moment we met his chocolate filled eyes his one dimpled smile his blond floppy hair I was in love with him, I felt as ease around him he was my escape the only who could make me laugh in a bad situation, he’s always been there it took me this long to realise it.

    We were disturbed by a knock and in came Kyle he glanced at me and Charlie holding hands ignored it and walked over to the other side of the bed time to let things out.

    “I’m sorry Kyle I don’t love you I may be your Queen but Charlie is the one for me,” I blurted he was silent for a moment “I can wait,” he said it was such a simple way of saying it “I can’t make you wait for me,” I said “You’re not I want to, you are my Queen but I am not your King we would reach are full powers if you accept me as your King but that will take time, and I will wait,” he stated I looked at him Charlie was also looking at him “So Charlie I trust you to take care of Alejandra,” he said giving Charlie a nod which he returned.

   “Robin and her friends are in the next room waiting for you the nurse has fixed them up but they are still clearly at discomfort,” he said even thought I can still feel the rope pulling me towards Kyle I had Charlie to thank for “I’ll be right there,” I said starting to get up I saw that I was in white pyjamas and the Sunset necklace was still around my neck I felt dizzy at first but then my vision became clearer as Charlie guided me to the door.

   I braced myself on how I’m going to explain all of this how I’m going to explain I walked into the room Robin was in and saw her.

    There were dolls and game and roller skates and dress up games and four laptops everything Robin had wished for was all around her, her friends were playing with it but she was just sitting on the bed in a daze.

    I sat beside her “Robin,” I called she looked at me and I saw her blinking back the tears and then she hugged me tightly I felt pain everywhere but I ignored them it was good to have her close to me. She let go of me suddenly “Where are we? Alejandra what is this? Who are you?” she asked I sighed “I can only tell you so much the more you know the more you’re in danger,” I said she came up to my ear “This lady gave my friends a drink after that they couldn’t remember anything they think were still at my house, I didn’t take the drink at all,” she said I nodded it was most likely that Robin wouldn’t take anything after that experience “My friends knew they would forget they didn’t want to remember what they’d been through she killed Alejandro in front of us, it was horrible,” she said her voice trailed off “They wanted to forget, they didn’t want to remember but I did, I want answers and now,” she demanded I sighed what do I tell her I’m not telling her anything about this I don’t want her involved “I’m sorry Robin I can’t tell,” I whispered she looked at me in disbelief “Well I’m going to find some answers by myself then,” she was standing up now heading for the door but Charlie stopped her “You don’t want to be mixed in this stuff Robin what you know seems like a dream right the other part is a nightmare,” he said Robin looked back at me, but she was looking not at me but at my neck she was looking at my necklace “Where did you get that?” she said she was just about to touch it when Kyle shouted out “No any person or thing that touches it will get shocked,” he warned “I don’t mean shocked by electricity, I mean shock by their worst nightmare,” he said I stepped away from Robin I looked at her friends all looking happy and at ease then I looked at Robin who was sweating and she was so young I knew what I had to do.

    “Kyle call the nurse,” I said he went immediately and came back within seconds with a glass of clear water and the nurse with a glass of foggy water “Charlie hold her down,” I said my voice surprisingly calm Robin gave me a look of hate “Alejandra don’t do it,” she said backing away Charlie caught hold of her she was fighting back so hard but Charlie held her at ease it reminded me of when I first jumped on Alejandro the way he stopped me form fighting back she was glaring at me while still kicking Charlie in the rib but he held her with one hand tight his face placed with a lazy smile I took the foggy water from the nurse and held it in front of Robin.

    “Robin I know this is hard for you but you have to understand I don’t want you to mixed up with this stuff I would drink this too but it’ll keep coming back I’m bound by blood, I’m sorry” I said I held her nose and poured the water into her mouth and held her mouth and nose together to force her to swallow her face was going from red to blue as she held it in her mouth but her body eventually gave in and she swallowed and I immediately let go. He eyes glazed over for a minute or two before she looked at me.

    “Hi Alejandra did you get me all these? Wow thanks, nice necklace by the way,” she said and was off to play with her friends i looked at the nurse “Get them home ASAP,” I ordered and limped out of the room.

    I sat down on my bed and sighed Kyle was gone to tie a few loose ends and gather our Court together he told me a little about our court while I was having breakfast “Since we are both Dark and Light Summer and Winter we have to be balanced our court will be made up of people like who are meant to be Sunsets they are called Nothings, Nothings have no Light or Dark powers but they have something in them not magic but something in them like they could be extremely clever or can run like the wind that bit of what they possess makes them a nothing they possess neither Light nor Dark they have nothing, but in their own way they are something for example Sandra here is a Nothing. Then our Court will also contain people, who in their generation someone was a Nothing, but when they are born if they possess the power of Dark and Nothing or Light and Nothing those people are called a Dokens and Lokens, Dokens are Dark and Nothings while Lokens are Light and Nothing.” He said “So our Court will contain in this order Sunsets which are you and me Dokens and Lokens and then Nothings and Arems,” he said “What are Arems?” I asked eating was what I hoped cereal “They are pure mortals but at some point of their lives they had a connection with Chevern,” he explained I nodded he kept on ranting about Dokens and I nodded anytime necessary or threw in a question here or there but I wasn’t listening just him being this close to me was starting to trigger of the Urge it was getting stronger and stronger I had to leave my breakfast unfinished to get away from him. I was leaving them table when he appeared in front of me “You have to choose your advisor, the person who will always stay by your side and give you well, advice” he said I told him I’ll think about that and ran up to my room and sat on my bed.

      Which brought me to here I already knew who I was going to pick as a my advisor, Sandra I told one of the maids to tell her I want her she came within seconds as I heard a knock on my door, “You asked to see me,” she said entering I sighed wanting to get this over with “I want to make you my Advisor,” I said she looked shocked her eyes went into a daze I thought she was going to faint “But I’m a Nothing my Queen,” she said I sighed this isn’t what I wanted “Look stop calling me Queen okay as my advisor I want you to call me by my name, and every Nothing has Something I want things to be kept quiet I think Kyle built a place of some kind somewhere quiet and I’ll still be going to school but you’ll have to join me too okay so pack your bags cause were going soon,” I told her she nodded and went out the door.

    I wanted to clear things up with the King of Lux but not right now it’s too early, I heard a knock on my door and in came Kyle, can’t I be left alone for one minute.

   Since no one was around the Urge felt like a magnet like I was being pulled towards him and I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t avoid it he knew it too “It’s time to go,” his voice sounded hoarse like he’d been shouting I nodded for fear something I don’t want to say may come out he stood there like a statue “Alej I don’t know how long I can do this for, right now it’s taking a lot of my power not to touch you in a way I feel Charlie might not like but I can’t help it,” he said coming closer I felt heat pushing towards me “Kyle,” I said I realised my own throat was dry and I was thirsty he was coming close, the only thing I could see was him all I wanted was him he held my hand to gather and I felt a lump rise in my throat he was coming closer I felt his breath on my neck which almost made me go weak but I had a picture of Charlie’s one sided dimple in my mind and I pushed him off “Let’s go,” I said he looked sad for a minute but then he smiled let’s go he wrapped my hand in his and I left it at that, we could be friends but that was going to prove a challenge we were met by Charlie he glanced at our hands and smiled he whispered in my ear “I don’t mind about the King and Queen stuff I know how that connection is only if it means having you to myself,” he said as he nibbled my ear,” I nodded before I broke down I stood on top with all of the Dokens Lokens and Nothings and Arems below me these were my people they looked up to me, I remember before all this how I was the freak I never imagined I would become a Queen a person people looked up to I never imagines I would have a King I didn’t love by my side and I never imagined out of all people I would choose Charlie, I have seen a lot and I have a lost a lot but now I thinks it’s time to gain all those back starting with the Dark prince, my half-brother Liam. But for now, I guess it’s to the human world

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