it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


3. Sinister War


“You see, about a century ago before I met Queen Larose, I was in love with Queen Tieta and we well ‘made’ Alej of course it wasn’t easy King of light and Queen of Dark but we did it anyway. We couldn’t allow Alej to live in this world so we took her to the mortal world and put her with her mortal fill-in parents, so then we separated because we knew it couldn’t be and I found Queen Larose and Queen Tieta found King Fieta. Then one day when I was watching Alejandra from my thoughts I saw her being attracted to light yet pain anytime she touched it and also being attracted to dark but then she would be burnt from it meaning she has both Dark and Light blood but whichever one she uses or goes near the other one rejects. Like now since there is both Light and Dark in the room she is at ease but as soon as Queen Tieta goes she is going to feel pain. You are my daughter and Queen Tieta’s daughter meaning Alex and Liam are your half-brothers and you are a princess. You are a Sunset. A person made of both light and dark.”

   By the time he finished the room was as silent as everyone stared at me everyone took in what I was, how my life was so fudged up right now I wanted to run I wanted to hide. I can’t be a princess or a Sunset or whatever, but deep down I knew it all those things were true it explains my powers it explains so much, and I could also feel it I could feel it in every part  of my bones.

  “And here’s the bad news,” he continued. Great That was the good news, “Since Alej is a Sunset the only living Sunset in all of Chevern it puts her at great risk, a Sunset is someone who can control both dark and light meaning they can restore peace in all of Chevern by picking the right path but some people don’t want peace,” he paused to gaze into my eyes and I could sense that what was coming I wasn’t going to like it one bit. “By killing a Sunset, you will be the ruler of Chevern and you will also gain the Sunset’s powers, but if the powers go into the wrong hands then all of Chevern is doomed. That is why we took her to the mortal world so she can be protected.” I look at Queen Tieta her soulless eyes looked like they were about to cry.

    How can Alex be my brother, or Half-brother? What about my family, my deceased family, my mortal family who I grew to love “You can stay in a room until we have an Idea how to protect you,” said King Lurendo I looked at them ever single individual, Alex was about as lost as I was and so was Liam Queen Larose met my gaze and gave me a shaky smile Queen Tieta looked at me eyes pleading and King Lurendo looked like he aged 50 years his blue eyes were lighter as he was in deep thought.

  “Please don’t get it the wrong way, we do love you it wasn’t easy to let you go we had to do it we had to keep you safe,” Queen Tieta pleaded “No you didn’t,” I spoke my voice was hard with an edge “My family loved me they clothed me and they cared for me while you watched far away without even leaving clues or something,” I stared straight at King Lurendo he was starting to stand up to walk towards me but I took a step back “Don’t come near me,, don’t even touch me, hold me or even look at me because I don’t know who you are I just know two things. 1. I am a Sunset something that is forbidden in this land and if I fall into the wrong hands Chevern is as good as gone.” I pause while I see King Lurendo nod probably thanking me silently for not denying who I am “And 2. You guys are my biological parents. But you see, I already did have parents, they cared for me and loved me and were with me every step of the way. This is not a family, I am not our Daughter and you are not my parents so meaning I am not a Princess.” I stare straight at Queen Tieta who is looking as if I just punched her in the stomach. With that I turn on my heels and head out of this place back to my boring life which I was coping so well until they showed up.

   I make my way back to the forest thing and I had no idea where I was going, I put my hood down and let my ridiculously long, dirty blond hair out I took of my sunglasses and looked up.

   I saw creatures tiny Goblins, with beards and hats with grumpy or happy expressions, I saw these things with long blond hair and bright blue eyes but they are no taller than a foot they look like baby dolls when they were laughing and then suddenly they all turn to look at me all the creatures who are no taller then up to my knee. And their mouths open, I find fierce sharp teeth and their eyes turn a sinister red and they lung at me.

  I could feel bights everywhere, my legs, my tummy, my hands, my fingers, my toes and they were sucking on me. I start to run and I mean run I don’t go as fast as I did I go normal human speed I keep running while throwing them off. I see a lake glisten and I figured since I can swim I jumped in. I could hear hissing and screaming coming from down under. They were burning the little baby doll demon things were burning. I stood at the banks while they melted oozing green liquid from them.

   I didn’t know what else to, my powers don’t work here I can’t imagine a white door because it was a fail when I tried it  I threw my sunglasses into the lake out of frustration realising only a second after it was a stupid idea. I walked up and down along the banks of this beautiful river it was shimmering as the light went over it

   I spent who knows how long staring at it remembering the time we all went to the beach that my little sister, Amy would have been splashing about begging me to join in as in those times I couldn’t swim, while my Mum and Dad would have been laughing also coaxing me to join Amy I was neglecting saying I rather work on my tan until Dad would have come up and carried to the lake and toss me in despite my screaming and kicking. As the rest of them laugh their heads of as I splash about aimlessly trying to get myself up begging Dad to help me until he would put his hands out for me to grab on so he could pull me up only when to his surprise I pulled him in head first laughing as he looked at me stunned.

 That’s all I have now memories of the ones I loved, I start to get up and turn around only to be met by a boy , he had blond floppy hair and brown eyes his face was so detailed from here I could see every single one of his freckles not that there was that much only very few. He was wearing a plain green top with some shorts and runners. He was gazing hard at me looking at me intently.

 “Hi, I’m Charles, but call me Charlie.” He was smiling at me with a one sided dimple. I didn’t say anything just continued starting, a conversation is the last thing i want right now I simply nodded my eyes are probably changing colours like rainbows right now I don’t know rather to be happy my eyes will be yellow that I’m not alone anymore, scared my eyes will be red or just calm and peaceful light blue. He looks at me his eyes widening when he sees my eyes changing colour I see the look of panic on his face “Ermmm do you want to a healer or something you know to get your eyes checked out?” he asked I can see his face waiting patiently for my answer but little does he know I won’t answer.

    After about eight minutes of silence he starts to fidget with his hands “Do you want to get something to eat? Maybe I can help you look pretty lost back there?” his chocolate eyes were filled with one word and a baby could see it ‘speak’ he wanted me to talk, to say something to say anything the silence was killing him. “My name is Alejandra, but you can call me Alej” I said my eyes not leaving his, speaking of eyes they are probably brown my natural eye colour not that they don’t last anyway. I see the look of relief wash over him as he starts walking over almost merrily skipping so graceful and calm yet with such speed. “That’s a nice name,” he was now right in my face I could see every single detail of his chocolate eyes. “So, Alej,” he takes a minute to digest my name on the tip of his tongue “What brings you to Chevern?” he stops behind me I haven’t moved an inch from where we first met. I think about it what if I tell him I’m a sunset that I am a ‘thing’ that can control Light and Dark or what if I say I just wondered in here. I decide to go with option 1.

  “I’m a Sunset.” He stops his gaze lingering on mine the way I’m dressed with a blue hoody and some army green trousers and some runners. “ I know that from the moment your eyes started changing colours only a Sunset can do that, but you better start heading home because once people start noticing you, we are going to get some unwanted visitors.”  He says almost sings it. But then I finally figured out something, something that I needed to know “Who and what is the Queen of the Underworld?” he stops dead in his tracks his eyes clouded over by grief and sadness his cheeks seem to flush red.

   “The Queen of the Underworld is a very heartless Queen who kills people to get her way; she started the Sinister War which killed millions of Cheverns both Tenebris and Lux, she destroyed the Chasity and everyone left was either dead or injured, I should know I was there, she killed my whole family everyone in sight she killed. Do you know why she started the war? Because she thought one of us stole a soul, every person in Chevern who dies there soul goes to the Underworld or if a mortal has something to do with a Chevern their soul also goes to the Underworld and becomes her minion. Even though people that look like mortals like Prince Alex or me for example we are immortals, we can live forever we never get sick but there is one way to kill us, by finding our weakest Chakras. The 7 Chakras are the energy centres in our body in which energy flows through. That’s basically all I can tell you about them you have to find them yourself. Back to the Queen, so she has the Chevern souls and she used to be a Sunset in fact she was the first Sunset to be made but that was about 10 centuries ago the Kings or Queens now were about babies back then, but her parents were killed for a punishment for their crime and they banished her to a world full of lowliness and despair and that’s where she created the Underworld. But before they banished her they stripped her of her powers of Dark and Light and her Chevern powers. Now she has been waiting a long, long time for a new Sunset to be born so she can kill them and then take the powers for herself. So that is why you need to be careful, or in fact go to the mortal world” he said all this his voice was rough like he was holding back something.

     If all the mortals who have something to do with a mortal then that means my family is there too! I can get them back and they can go home. I doubt if I tell Charlie he will allow me to go but worth taking a chance, “Will you take me to the Underworld?” the look he gave me was a mixture of stupidity and horror “No! Never! Are you trying to get us killed?” he won’t understand he doesn’t see it my way, so  I tell him, from the start about my wish, my parents dying, my powers, meeting with Liam and Alex, coming here with the King how they claim I am their Daughter and how I walked out and how I was chased with the demon babies and how I found him. He sat there patiently while I told him “And now you want to go and get their souls back” he finished my sentence for me he looked at me “well, I’m sorry to disappoint but the Queen doesn’t give things out free-handily you need something worth it to convince her to give them to you” he said his gaze lingering on me looking my up and down my eyes turned purple with embarrassment he smirked.

  We sat down in silence as I thought about what to give her, and then it hit me like a slap in the face “I’ll give her my Sunset powers” I whispered but Charlie still heard me “Excuse me, but if you don’t know giving your powers to someone means you have to sacrifice your life,” he stood up his voice urging me to forget my idea but it made sense if she will let all those people who died because of me then I will simply give her my powers “Please, I suffered three years of guilt and sorrow and now to be let a chance to bring them back I can’t miss it, I’m going whether you like it or not” I said my eyes daring him to rebuttal against me I saw his eyes determined to put it out until we were interrupted.

   “Maybe we can help.” We turn around to find two boys they look about eighteen their hair was the coloured of ash and white that was spiked up and flopped into their eyes they were wearing black everything, black top, black jeans, black runners there face was extremely pale but then their eyes was two different things altogether, they were twins identical twins, one was standing right in front of me his eyes boring into mine he had grey eyes but not very grey just light grey and they suited him but the other one who was leaning back against the tree had yellow eyes, bright yellow eyes with a pupil in a shape of a cone, I took a step back frightened by the way his yellow eyes were staring  at me and I saw how their eyes widened up at the exact same second, great now my eyes are  red probably because of that fright they looked at each other and nod, before I could blink Charlie was in front of me willing to fight until his very last breath for me because by the looks of it they know I’m a sunset. “Didn’t bring any sunglasses did you?” he whispers I shake my head remembering when I threw them away .

   “Please we don’t mean any harm we just overheard your conversation and we wanted to help” the one with the grey eyes spoke “My name is Lash and this is my twin brother Klash” he says gesturing to the yellow eyed one who was still staring at me. “And this is our little brother Danny,” he says as another boy comes out he looks exactly like them except instead of the ash with white streaks he has black hair with white and ash streaks his eyes are a colour combination of his brothers, he has the yellow eyes of Klash but with a light grey pupil of Lash. He had the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen and the thing about him is he didn’t blink he bat, he would blink ever so slowly which is batting but his gaze turned onto me and he winked, I felt my cheeks go red and my eyes probably turned violet when his eyes widen then I looked away.

   Charlie was still in front of me, i pushed him out of the way and looked Lash in his eyes, his grey eyes, “I’m a Sunset, you’ve probably figured out that already,” I paused as I watched them all nod in unison “ I need to get to the Underworld in order to receive my family’s souls, and how do you plan on taking me to the Underworld?” I looked at Lash expecting him to explain when Klash starts talking “We know a guy that knows a guy who can help, it’s pretty far from here but we know a place where we can stop for the night.” His voice was hard and cold while Lash’s was light and warm “Just so you Alej, Prince Alex and Prince Liam have got the whole place looking for you so you better get some sunglasses and a hat and change of clothes,” says Charlie and gives me his one dimpled grin I give him a solemn nod. “We know some people who can give you a change of clothes” replies Lash I look at all of them these people who are looking at me willing to help me for nothing in return I can’t drag them along only for them to be killed I take a deep sigh “Each of you have one, and I mean one thing to wish for and I will grant you it just tell me now so we can head off,” I say quiet and low they all look at each other like they are wondering if this is a joke “And what can you possibly give us?” Danny speaks it was the first time I heard him speak his voice soft and low but curious “Anything” I sigh he raises an eyebrow as he walks up to me unlike his brothers while they are dressed in black he is dressed in white with a sword strapped around his hips as he walks eyes blazing with interest he eyes me up and down except this time with more patience starting at my ankles with my dirty runners, then back up around my chest smiling as he reaches my face eyes piercing into mine. “I want a cookie,” he says my breathing stops for a minute, a cookie! A simple ordinary cookie. I don’t question him I just pull out a cookie from my back and toss it to him as he catches it and puts it in his pocket, Klash and Lash wanted some OJ I give them a freakier look as I hand them their drinks I look at Charlie his eyes already on me “And you?” I say as I turn to look at Charlie “I’ll tell you when we get there” that was enough for me to nod and turn my attention back to the twins. “Where’s the first stop?”

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