it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


9. Oliver

I woke up to find the Rabbit gone, “Rabbit!” I shouted “Rabbit where are you?” I shouted again the silence greeted me instead “Now I’m alone again” I said to the silence. At least this time I know where I’m going, I got up and started to walk towards the sun. The sun was getting brighter and brighter as I neared it my head was feeling dizzy and I was feeling hot. But I kept walking, I’ve been walking for almost six hours now and the sun was getting lower until I fell.

   It was a musky hole It was all sticky, I hit the ground hard and my bag fell down on my head, “Thought you would never get here,” something said “Rabbit!” I shouted he was here beside me, “For your information my name is Oliver” he corrected in a snobby English accent I laughed out of delight and joy “Oliver! Like Oliver Twist, is your whole life based on movies?” I said still feeling giddy “Not entirely, I did have a family once but they died in the Sinister War,” his cute black eyes darkened “The Queen took my little boy up and crushed him between her bony fingers, and she threw him away and laughed in our faces as she asked her minions to burn our home, I tried so hard” he stopped a tear rolled down his cheek and I cleaned it away “I’m so sorry,” I whispered “Who are you people,” a deep voice whispered I turned around and this time I staggered back.

   This boy, had jet black curly hair that fell in front of his eyes as he struggled to push it back while keeping his focus on me,, his skin was a warm tan and his eyes were a bright violet, no eyes should ever be like this, it’s like the violet you see when the sun hits of a purple jewel, it like a once in a life time colour that only that only twenty out of a million people could ever see. He was wearing a black shirt with black ripped jeans, from his shirt you could see muscles and abs that you can only get from manual labour he was like a magnet something you can’t pull yourself away from something that even though you’re meant to hate it, you’re attracted to it. “Are you going to answer my question?” he spoke, his voice brought me back to the real world, well not really the real world. “She’s looking for your Queen,” spoke Oliver he hopped over to the boy “So your Alejandra,” he smirked I was still in awe until Oliver hit my leg “Yes, yes I am” I whispered “Well then follow me,” he said as he walked away.

   The hole gradually increased as we walked forward I was welcomed with some dark purple light that matched the smoke I saw yesterday, and in a cage I saw all of them “Lash!” I cried I ran towards him he was in pain I could tell this cage was hurting him I knew it “Lash,” I whispered fighting back the tears “Hi” he smiled weakly back at me and then I saw Danny he was in a sweat he was tied back his hands behind his back and his face being forced upwards by this device thing “Danny!” I shouted a is ran over to him he gave me a look and then smiled “Took you long enough, princess” he whispered his voice was hoarse and I could tell he was doing all he could not to cry. Danny doesn’t cry. “Hey what about me?” came a voice “Charlie!” I screamed as I ran over to him he took me into a hug he was the only one who was chained by their ankles, “Where’s Luke?” I asked suddenly wanting to take it back “They took him away a few minutes ago, I don’t know what happened after that” he whispered I looked over at the strange boy avoiding his exotic eyes “Where is Luke,? Where is he you sick creature?!” I shouted running up to him and beating my hands against his strong chest, tears were rolling down my eyes uncontrollably “You said you wanted to see the Queen here she is,” he gestured his hands and for that first time I saw The Queen in person.

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