it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


17. Normality

   It was all quite confusing at first I mean I had a lot of questions from all three parents when I brought Robin and her friends but I managed to come up with that I lied in the note that they actually ran away and they believed me all thought I knew Kyle tricked them into believing my story. Robin was fine she had forgotten about everything except every now and then I would catch her looking at me as if something struck her. I ignored them not wanting to press into them.

   Charlie still lived in the house beside me, but Kyle’s house well I wouldn’t say house I would say mansion, was about a half an hour drive from my house but I could easily teleport from here to there within seconds. The schedule was quiet awkward at first I spent the day time with Kyle and night time with Charlie at school time it was with both of them but as long as there was someone else was in the room with me and Kyle nothing would happen, the Urge wouldn’t come. I even managed to make a friend a normal friend not part of my Court didn’t treat me like a Queen a normal human Queen her name was Taylor.

 She had short blond and she had the model figure tall and skinny she also had bright blue eyes we hanged out now and then, she asked about who was my boyfriend and I said Charlie then she asked how come I always hung out with Kyle and I sighed saying it’s a complicated relationship.

    Sometimes it got a bit too intense for example if Kyle was walking me home and Charlie wanted to ask me something Kyle would clearly point out it’s still daytime while Charlie will argue that one minute won’t kill him and i would sit around waiting for them to notice I was still here there was no point trying to stop them when they were fighting I was invisible a complete Nobody.

    Me and Sandra go shopping at least once a week Kyle and Charlie are always buying me new things every day, from solid gold rings to a trip to the hairdressers to an elephant which was from Charlie My birthday is coming up I’m afraid of what they are going to get me absolutely terrified.

     Alex managed to come out of the battle with cuts and bruises there was a large cut across his eye I asked if I should help him heal it but he declined saying that it takes to much energy and I left it at that.

   I figured boys don’t like being weak I mean all three of them put together, Kyle Charlie and Alex are no match for me but then again even if I could kill them within seconds I would be unconscious for at least three to six weeks that’s how much it cost.


I was in English and I had Miss Libby again Sophia still hadn’t given up on tormenting me but I merely flicked her off or gave her some scary telepathic message which causes her to leave me alone. I never took the Sunset necklace of it was part of me it felt so weird without it even Kyle does the same.

    I have English with Kyle and Taylor sat beside Kyle and Taylor was in front of me she sent me a message on her phone which I returned she wanted to go shopping today but I couldn’t I need to clear up some things with Sandra and the court but didn’t tell her that I told her that I was feeling sick and I really to need to go home not that she’s ever been to my house.

    Anytime Kyle was nearby I felt a sensation go through me it was easier to ignore that sensation when other people were around but when we were alone it was more than hard in less than thirty seconds we would have are hands all over each other but just before we would kiss I would have gotten my sanity back and pushed him away I had Charlie what more could I ask for.

   Charlie was amazing for a date he took us to new york and we ate on the statue of liberty for a present he got me my own star that comes out every two month which I was glad for we went on the most romantic dates and when I was with him nothing else mattered his chocolate eyes took me to chocolate island which was my favourite place in the whole world. And when we’d kiss it was always flavouring at once I thought I was eating chocolate ice cream when I was actually in the middle of a kiss I love that about him although Sophia had her eyes on him to putting her hand up his shirt and playing with his hair he was held my hand and gave a smile to Sophia telling her to go away politely.

     I got out of English and it was lunch I sat down at my usual tables as my guards brought my food I want to go and get my for myself but there was no point they’d just stop me and continue themselves humans couldn’t see them though so I had to pretend I don’t other or it would look weird saying thank to no one.

     I was eating my lunch when Taylor came up to me looking like she was about to burst and I knew something was up “Sophie and James just broke up,” she said I looked at her although Sophie has been flirting with my boyfriend James had no idea so as Taylor told me the story of how she was on her way to lunch and she caught them angrily whispering at each other before James said he was breaking up with her she ran to lunch so she could tell me. The six year couple had broken up this was bound to hit the school magazine.

    “Wow I wonder how Sophie must feel,” I said she laughed “She should’ve seen it coming I mean James finally realises what a slut she is maybe the next girl he chooses will have better sense,” she said taking a bite out of her sandwich then I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around and it was James.

    He was nervous I could feel it, Taylors been telling me how at least three guys everyday come up to her and ask her to set them me up with them but she declined saying I was taken she did say Taylor was new to the school so she never knew the old me the quiet reserved one the one known a freak ‘since after the summer she bloomed she has a glow on her face her hair is black long and shiny not greasy instead of brown straight and plain and her eyes are a big innocent brown that is too hard to resist when last time it they never saw it at all and her skin is either a pale that suits her perfectly or a warm tan it’s like she could see into your soul see what you were made of in just one glance’ at least that’s what Taylor told me and I knew it too for boys want to carry my books to my classes they want to walk me home they want to do all these things but I decline I have Charlie and he was always there.

    So as James looked at me completely taken by my beauty which I still didn’t know I mean when I look in the mirror I see me to other people I’m like their dream girl or something. “Hi,” I said he realised he was staring then quickly removed his gaze and when he looked back his eyes were cool and composed “I was wondering if you’d like to go to dinner tonight I mean Charlie can come too and so can Taylor and I’ll bring a friend too maybe we can go to the new restaurant together or something,” he said I knew he’d been practising that line you could see it feel it the way he said it I looked at him harder he was getting uncomfortable with my silence “What about Sophie?” I asked his eyes clouded over “I broke up with her,” he said I nodded “Okay what time?” I knew Charlie wouldn’t like this but then again he could hardly say no “Seven thirty,” he said I nodded “You know where I live right?” I asked he nodded gulping we were both remembering the time on Halloween when he threw eggs at my window and then the next day when I was about to open the door to the house they all threw rotten tomatoes at me I didn’t do anything I simply walked into the house “Listen Alej about those times,” he said a lot of people have been apologising about what they did last year but I told them it was okay before they even started but for some reason I wanted to hear James way of saying it “I’m really sorry I was just being stupid,” he said I nodded once my way of saying it’s okay “So tonight?” he asked again I nodded as I turned around back to my food.

    “You are my saviour you just scored us a date with James Burton the captain of the basketball team and he’s bringing a friend you think I have a chance with them?” she asked i looked at her short blond hair and her bright baby blue eyes and nodded “Definitely,” I smiled she looked at me and then smiled to but we were interrupted by Charlie giving me a kiss on my cheek as he did a back flip into his seat beside me Taylor watched amazed i was still recovering from the shock “You know how to make an entrance,” said Taylor “I do try my best,” he said eating my apple “So Alej tell him already before I do,” she said I sighed Charlie was looking at me with curiosity in his eyes the type you see in the a two year olds eyes it was hard to stay mad at him really hard “Fine then I will,” said Taylor she went and told the story again about how she found out Sophie and James had broken up then she told him about James asking us all out dinner Charlie listened and when he was finished he smiled “Well then I guess I better get a suit right,” he said I said nothing I couldn’t, I could feel he wasn’t happy about this he likes us being alone but I avoided his stare he was trying to make me look at him but I couldn’t.

    He came close to my ear “It’s okay, Alej I know you did it for Taylor it’s perfectly fine with me,” he said and moved away I gave him a thankful smile when Kyle came up Taylor was always amazed by our beauty, she said it’s kind of like supernatural like it’s not meant to be there but it is.

     Kyle smiled at me and I did the same to him I wanted him to come but Kyle doesn’t trust mortals before I could stop her she told Kyle everything and he agreed to coming I wanted to bang my head in the table right then.

   I went home with Taylor as I dropped her off at her house as I had a car which Kyle gladly got me “We have to go shopping today I need a new outfit pick me up at four,” she said I nodded and drove off.

   I wasn’t going to the house I was going to Kyle’s I needed to talk to him it has to be quick before things go out of hand the white gates opened as I drove up to the mansion.

   It was huge I mean you could fit over fifty football pitches in it and that’s just the back garden hard to believe it took only two days to build. The door opened as Sandra was by my side in seconds “Alejandra the Arems want to talk to you tomorrow night about something that they can feel coming, the King wishes to see to see you now and the Dokens want to talk to you after your talk with the King and I have your dress ready for tonight,” she said I nodded and walked up the stairs stopping to talk with Dokens and Nothings and Arems the Lokens were gone somewhere to where Kyle sent them I walked into Kyle’s room.

   It had a king-sized bad which he never used and a balcony you could have a wedding on and everything was a bright baby blue he was reading a book but when he saw me he looked contented “Hello Alejandra,” he greeted I sat down on the bed my head in my hands “Are you okay what did he do to you?” he asked his eyes going dark “Nothing okay Charlie’s been perfect what I want to know is why are you coming you?” I asked glaring at him he sighed “You choose to ignore the guards, you want Sandra to stay here and you won’t take any kind of spell for protection, you’re going out in the night with a bunch of humans who could do who knows what do you expect me to leave you alone,” he said “I have Charlie,” he stopped in his tracks “Although Charlie is a Lux he won’t be enough to protect you, I can,” he shrugged I was letting this go “You are not coming Kyle our not going to be my guard or whatever you’re staying home you go that,” I ordered he gave me a wiry smile “And why should i?” he asked I sighed he always wanted a reason well I’m going to give him a good one  “Ever since I came back I haven’t had a day out with a bunch of normal people I don’t want any Cheverns or anything following I just want to live my life as it was, as it’s supposed to be,” I sighed I felt the rope pulling stronger now and he felt it too he was coming closer and closer but I doubt he knew it “Okay if it makes you happy I won’t come but promise me you’ll be okay, Alej I mean it promise me,” he said I nodded “I promise,” I got up to leave “The Dokens said they wanted to see you,” he reminded me I groaned “Tell them tomorrow, I have to pick up Taylor as were going shopping,” I sighed “Do you have enough money?” I he asked i nodded “I always have enough,” is aid and walked out I ran to my car before any Dokens could see me to be honest they scared me they were always so lifeless well I guess being half Dark and half Nothing really means something.

   I drove to Taylors and she was outside waiting for me she climbed in and beamed at me “How much do you have?” she asked I sighed on me now I had about seven hundred dollars on me in the car I had another four hundred I couldn’t tell her that “30 dollars,” I said she gasped “Same here, so what are you going to buy?” she asked.

    It turns out that I had to lend Taylor a lot of money for dress she wanted to buy she bought a black puffy dress that made her look Goth but she said that was the look she was going for i told her I already had my dress I all needed to get was a suit for Charlie I was sure he was going to forget. We  finished up around six so she took the bus home as I wanted to go to Charlie’s house which was right beside Alex’s house. I knocked on the door and I found Charlie drinking water and eating an apple.

   “Sandra is upstairs she brought your dress but wouldn’t let me see it,” he whined as he came up and gave me a gentle kiss on my lip I gave him his suit and he grimaced “I hate wearing suits,” he said I threw him a tired look “Fix it up, or something look I’m running late okay I’ve got to go get dressed,” I said running up the  stairs but he grabbed me back wrapping his hands around me “Are you okay?” he asked I nodded “Yeah I’m fine,” I said and ran up the stairs.

   Sandra was in Charlie’s room holding a bright red strapless ball gown with long red gloves, “Wow” I gasped “It’s beautiful isn’t?” she said admiring the dress. I nodded to shocked to speak.

   In that whole one hour and fifteen minutes I was being pampered, I had my nails done my hair in a bun with a red sparkly hair clip in it I had no make-up on because I didn’t need anything Sandra said it was best to use Dark powers so I had that wintery glow I nodded in response as I put the elbow long gloves on and wore some red ballet flats even though you could barely see them Sandra took one final look at me and then smiled “You look like a Queen,” she gasped she a had a tear in her eye “I’m sorry I’m very emotional right now,” she said fanning away the tears I gave her hug and started my walk downstairs.

   Everyone was downstairs Charlie in a loose fitted Suit James in a suit jacket and jeans Taylor was there in her dress and she curled her short blond hair James friend Adam was here as well, as I stood of the last step everyone had their eyes on me.

    “You look like a Queen,” gasped Taylor I saw Charlie give a last smile but I saw the excitement in his eyes “More than you can imagine Taylor,” he said as he put a hand around my waist he kissed me on the cheek and once he took my hand he didn’t let go.

   “You look stunning,” said James he was almost chocking  on his words “Shall we go?” he asked I nodded. James brought a limo so as my dress and I stuffed ourselves into the limo Charlie by my right and Taylor squashed next to Adam and James in front of us holding champagne “Anyone want a glass,” he offered I shook my head Taylor and Adam had one and Charlie and I had water as Charlie reached into his pocket and pulled out an apple “You like apples a lot right?” asked James he too was having a glass of champagne Charlie took a slow bite out of his apple making sure you could hear every crunch and nodded he swallowed his piece and smiled “Want one?” he asked James looked at me and smiled “Of course,” he said Charlie held out his palm and out appeared an apple I rolled my eyes James had a look of disbelief on his eyes “Did you guys  see that?” he said to Taylor and Adam who gladly ignored him  he looked at me “You saw that right?” he asked looking at me I took the apple from Charlie’s hand and took a bite out of it “Definitely,” I said with my mouth full. After that the whole ride was silent except for Taylor and Adam’s senseless Chatter. Charlie was still holding my hand and I liked that I snuggled up to him and he kissed me head I could fall asleep in him and do most of the time.

   We arrived at a very fancy restaurant James already made early reservations and we sat down to a table of five, i was in the middle of Charlie and James, something told me this was a mistake.

    As we ordered our food and waited the waiter brought us all red wine not caring to ask us our age “So Alej, what happened to you over the summer?” asked Adam I was surprised that he was asking but he had already taken two glasses of wine so I wasn’t surprised at all “I lost some people I got some people I lost some again,” I shrugged taking a big gulp of water “But I’ve lost a lot of people heck my Father killed my Mother right in front of me and then took off but I don’t look like a freaking angel,” he said Charlie’s grip tightened around my waist I gave him a thankful smile and looked back at Adam “I’m sorry about your Parents Adam,” I said he was silent for a moment “Well I’m not, she abused me you know always cursed at me and shit when my dad caught her hitting me in the head with a baseball bat he put a bullet through her head and I was damn happy,” he said he wasn’t he didn’t want to remember the memory I never did this to human but I felt like I needed to I sent a type of comforting warmness to his heart.

    He looked at me and I smiled he didn’t talk again, “Okay so Charlie,” said James looking directly at Charlie but Charlie was still crunching down on his apple “How did you and Alej first met?” he asked what a wrong question if I could remember it would be about nine centuries ago I had a feeling Charlie would say that so I stuffed the apple into his mouth to keep him from talking “We met in the back garden he was trying jump over the fence and I didn’t stop him he was just sitting there eating his apple,” I said quickly Charlie looked at me “Jumping a fence,” he said removing the apple from his mouth I nodded “Right, that’s how we met,” he said slowly and carefully.

     “Charlie where did you take her out on a first date?” asked James his eyes were bloodshot and staring hard at Charlie while Charlie was looking cool and at ease “To my bedroom,” he said smiling then James went crazy.

   He brought a fist down on Charlie’s head it didn’t hurt Charlie of course it took him by surprise, James was standing up looking angry and hot headed Charlie wiped away the blood from his nose and smiled “Is that all you got human, cats scratch harder than that from where I come from ,” he shrugged sitting back down Jamie was about to go again but I stopped him my eye hard “Don’t you dare,” I said slowly he looked at me for a moment and then sat down his gaze never leaving Charlie’s but Charlie merely ignored him eating his apple and wiping blood away from his nose smiling I sat back down Taylor was looking astonished but she kept her attention on Adam as he still wasn’t talking.

  The waiter came with our food we ate in utter silence and when we finished we went back into the limo, we dropped off Taylor and Adam first then when my stop came as I was getting out James stopped me “Hey can I talk to you for a second? It will be really quick,” he said I nodded Charlie gave me a quick kiss on the cheek “I’ll be waiting in my house okay?” he said I nodded and he went off into the darkness.

    James studided me for a moment, “I don’t act like that at all I don’t know what came over me, but when I punched him he called me a human, isn’t he one too, the thing that’s going round the school is like you have this magnetic attraction yet instead of embracing it you ignore it it’s like you know that boys fall head over heels for you but you just glance at them,” he said I sighed “Charlie is not from around here and neither am I, that magnetic force thing I’ve always had that it just took people long enough to realise, I simply glance at boys falling head over heels for me because they think there in love but there no,” I shrugged “Yea but when Adam told you his past I mean he’s never told anyone his past not even me but then you just glanced at him and you shut him up for the night, how did you do that?” he asked I smiled easy I sent him warmness starting at his feet working my way up his arms skipping the heart for last into his head and then I circled a glow of light towards his heart his face a glow on and he was looking amazed “Wow, it’s like everything bad that ever happened to me I can see the reasons behind it I can feel what the other people felt, it’s beautiful, but then what are you exactly?” he asked moving closer I opened the car door letting the cold air in “If I told you I’d have to kill you,” I whispered and then I set off after Charlie.

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