it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


2. Light & Dark

I was at the beach near the ocean, the tide going in and out just a hair away from touching my feet. I could see the shadow of a person coming up but normally could hear their thoughts so this must be someone who I can’t hear I’m guessing Liam or Alex.

         “I thought I would find you hear,” he says turns out its Alex I didn’t reply I just kept my eyes on the sand. “I thought we were past this stage, with you ignoring me and everything” he sighs I can hear the smirk and sarcasm in his voice.  “Well anyway I just wanted to let you know that Liam is dangerous that you should stay away from him he is bad for you,” his voice changing to a serious note I can feel his eyes on me “You know I’ve always wondered why you wear sunglasses I mean my family has never seen your eyes it just the glasses, My Mum is worried about you ya know, she thinks she’s doing a terrible job I mean she hasn’t seen you smile ever since you came in, you barely talk and you never join us for dinner I mean what gives?”  I could finally see it I can finally read his thoughts but I’m blinded with pictures of his Mom crying and his Dad trying to comfort her I see myself ignoring Robin and once she leaves me alone she cries I’m causing this family so much pain but I’m  blinded by nothing but guilt.

       I look up at him, take of my sunglasses and I finally see him for the first time in three years I see his light blue eyes with brown floppy hair which always comes in his eyes I his smile with the most perfect straight and whitest teeth ever with the cutest set of dimples and soft nude pink lips. I didn’t get the reaction I was looking for he didn’t seem bothered by my eyes changing colours or at least they are probably purple as I am in awe of how perfect his face is.

     “Is that it? Contacts you didn’t want anyone to see your contacts?” then I know my eyes go bright pink as I am flushed by embarrassment that he thought I was ashamed of my eye colour. I see his eyes go big in the bewilderment of surprise “Whoa! Did your eyes just change colour? How is that possible? Is that why you always wear sunglasses? Does it hurt? Have you ever told anybody?” he practically flung questions to and fro in my face. “Yes they did, I don’t know, yes, no, no,” I answered all his questions before I put them back on again. He looks at me and smiled I look at him but not enough to smile but then I experience something I’ve never had before.

     I was washed with the most sensational feeling I was walking on sunshine the light in my face and I felt nothing but happiness but then I started to feel pain I started to scream the light was burning me-

  I was back at the beach with Alex my forehead coated in sweat “I don’t get it that was supposed to be good not painful, I’m sorry about that I just thought something lets go home he holds his hand out for me to take but I ignore it and keep on waking.

      I run straight up to my room and shut the door. I cannot believe I showed Alex who I really was, what was going on I mean I wasn’t myself I was going so soft when I saw his face I needed to toughen up again before school because I know that’s the place all troubles start and if I start going ‘soft’ then my life is doomed forever literally.

     I wake up in the morning and get dressed in a blue hoody for my orange one is still in the wash. I run down stairs skipping breakfast  and running out the door leaving Gary, Mary and Robin bewildered that I was that fast.

   I run to school and to my surprise there was barely anyone there just a few students and that’s it I look at my watch which says eight o’clock in the morning. Great! I’m an hour early for school I decide to walk around the school grounds until a teacher tells me to get to class.

   I was walking around the back of the school where the cafeteria is and I saw someone else there, it was Liam, I immediately start turning back but the moment I turned around he is in my face. Well it’s clear that Liam isn’t hiding anything. He gazes at me with his dark chocolate eyes I expected to be vanished back to that darkness again but I don’t I just keep on holding his stare we stare at each other both of us daring not willing to be the first one to look away, not I’m not giving up I put full force onto my eyes and hit him with it hard.

“OUCH!” he shouts and staggers back I can see his cheeks have gone red and his eyes are bloodshot

   “How did you?” he asks but stops in the middle and shakes his head as if he doesn’t want to find out and I am grateful for that.

   “I need you to close your eyes then imagine a door a white door, a door that holds so many secrets and all you want to do is open it but I want you to desire it I want you to feel it touch and want it I want you to believe that door is right here, in front of you,” he explains slow and calmly.

     I did it I felt tiny glitters of light around me and I also felt darkness pounding in but I did it. By the time I opened my eyes there it was a white door. I looked at Liam for an explanation but he indicated for me to open it.

    The door had the most beautiful spiral patterns I have ever seen it was a white door, with green and pink spiral patterns on it with a golden handle. I touched it and found it to be warm and inviting as I twisted the knob and pushed open the door the view I got was so magnificent so beautiful that even Leonardo Da Vinci would cry for its beauty.

    The grass was so green and soft, I saw trees stretch up far and beyond and I the air was fresh and clean and I felt like I belonged here.

  “What is this place?” I asked in a monotone “This ‘place’ is called Chasity, it’s where you go when you want to enter Chevern” he answered taking a quick glance at the view and then back at me “Why did you bring me here?” I asked wanting to know the reason behind all of this “Because, this is where you belong, this is where you belong we have to take you to the queen.” He explained but I wasn’t going to budge an inch until he explains everything “Tell me everything” it only took that sentence for him to know that I wasn’t given in until my bidding is done.

    “Okay fine, you see Alex and Me are from here we may look seventeen and eighteen but we have been like that for almost hundreds of years about five hundred to be exact. And well there are two sides in Chevern, the dark side and the light side, the dark being called Tenebris and the light being called Lux I’m a Tenebris and Alex is a Lux and we have been protecting you ever since you were born we needed to get you back home for fear of danger of the Queen of the Languish and her minions. That’s all you need to know.”

    “What are you talking about? Who is the Queen of Languish? What danger? How are you and Alex from here? Where am I? Who are you?” I gaze up at him taking in his deep chocolate brown eyes and his black wavy hair and his high cheekbones realising how much he looks familiar. “You will understand better if you just come with me” his voice urgent before I knew it I saw a flash of white light and standing beside me was Alex. “What is she doing here?” his voice was hard and he had this blank face a look of pure anger and hatred “She needed to come, she has to.” Liam snapped it was like a tennis match watching them throw insults at each other and talking about Lux and Tenebris.

    From what I gathered this place where we are now is called Chasity the opening to Chevern which is spilt into two the dark and the light side, the light called Lux and the dark called Tenebris and there is a queen of the Languish who is trying to harm me. I look back at the two boys who have gotten more bulky and are practically glowing. “Take to the Queen” I said my voice quiet and low. Alex gaze softens as he looks at me he walked towards me and he bends down to my level as he whispers “No, you need to get home.”  His voice was low like mine and soft “You can’t be here, not yet please Alej you need to listen to me.” I look at him and Liam “Take me to the Queen” I said again he straightens up “Which one Alej, huh? There are two Queens and two Kings which one will you go to, mine or his?!” he gestures to Liam I look at him I gaze into his sea blue eyes and whisper “Yours” he looked like he saw a ghost and with that he murmured something about following him as he walked away I glanced at Liam expecting him to follow when Alex says “The likes of him can’t come into Luxian” he said still walking away I glance at Liam once more to find that he’s gone.

     I follow Alex to this forest thing; we walk in silence for a while until I had questions to be answered. “Who are you?” I asked “I am Prince Alex Adante Lurendo the second” he answered still walking “So they aren’t your real family, you know Robin and all?” I look at him “No, I only lived with them so I can protect you” he said still walking “What are you a prince of?” “I am the Prince of Lux son to King Lurendo and Queen Larose” he answered his voice was deeper and smooth I was about to ask how do I belong here when we came to these big, golden gates with light shining so much it’s like all the tanning booths in the world wouldn’t measure to half of this not even a quarter. The gates open as we get near them. And I am met by music smooth fluent music so peaceful and calm, I keep my head down I didn’t want to see what kind of people live here I could see people bowing and lowering their heads as ‘Prince Alex’ walks past them. We reach this yellow door and I was about to knock only when the door was answered already by a girl about a year younger than me by the looks of it that is

   “Oh! Prince Alex I see you brought a guest” she exclaimed taking a quick glance at me “Take me to my parents, now Sandra.” His voice was rough with and edge to it I didn’t want to admire this castle as I know it will be gobsmacking I just keep my head down. I was lead to this warm room where two people were sitting down having a drink. I walk in they seem ordinary.

  The man had a goatee with the deepest blue eyes gazing directly at me until they widen with shock. And the woman, well what can I say, it was like she was handmade she had the most blackest hair I have ever seen followed by the brown doe eyes touched up with the pink blush she had sun kissed tan and she was wearing a mini skirt and a belly-top.

  “Alex! Why did you bring her here can you not carry my instruction perfectly!” King Lurendo starts pacing up and down “Quick get her out before-“too late I felt a cold chill run down my back as a woman in a black dress with the most palest skin ever and blood red lips with,, not even brown but black eyes she looked like a witch, I was guessing she was the Queen of Tenebris.

    “I thought you told Alex and Liam to protect her how come she’s here,” she turns to look at Alex eyes like a hunting jaguar “Why is she here?” her voice was like chill that crept around my throat but the confusing thing was, to me it was comforting. “Ask your son” Alex eyes blazing with obvious anger that he getting blamed at for Liam’s mess. And in the corner was Liam himself. Everyone looked at each other, Alex and Liam, Queen Tieta and King Lurendo and Queen Larose.

  “Everyone sit down we need to tell you something” as everybody took a seat I didn’t taking a seat meant you’re staying here for a while and I only plan to leave when he’s done talking  when everyone is seated and I remain standing King Lurendo looks at me with his blue eyes “Please sit, I feel like a bad host if you don’t” he looks at me eyes pleading but I’m not taking it “Not my problem just say what you want to so I can leave” I stare straight back at him daring him to hurt me but he only sighs “fine suit yourself and he starts with his story.”

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