it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


1. Liam

The same thing every day, dress up in my orange hoody, put my head down, and my black sunglasses up high. I have no friends. No relatives I have absolutely nobody. I’m alone in this world and always will be. Isn’t it ironic, well listen to this?

     My parents have this big huge barbecue every year where everyone we know and I mean everyone even the people who make our bread down the road always come. You can say I do come from a wealthy family I had tons of friends.

 But two days before that, all my friends were going to this party on the barbecue day and I wanted to come, unfortunately but my parents said no because I had to be there for the barbecue.

 I was so angry I screamed at the top of my lungs ‘’I wish you all burn in the barbecue’’ and guess what. It came true. The grill lit on fire and burned everyone except me. I mean I could see the fire around me but I wasn’t burning. i could hear people screaming I could see my parents and my little sister burn to death I could hear their cries for help yet I couldn’t move no matter how hard I try I just couldn’t. And there I was crying as my whole family dies right before my eyes.

     To cut a long story short I had no one. So they sent me to foster parents. With a very sweet couple named Gary and Mary, and their two children Robin who is the same age as my dead sister twelve, and  Alex who is a year older than me which is seventeen. They care so much about me as if I was their own but I just can’t put a smile on my face since the accident and that was three years ago I haven’t smiled since. Robin tries to take me shopping but I decline without even giving it a second thought and Alex always tries to take me bowling but I don’t even talk to him I have never spoken one word directly at him that’s because I never have to.

     Since the accident I have been able to, well get ready for this. If I look into someone’s eyes I can tell their whole life story just by a glance at their eyes, oh and by the way my eyes change colour due to how I’m feeling even if I wear contacts it doesn’t make a difference so I’m stuck with sunglasses. I haven’t even finished yet. I can tell how someone is feeling just by looking at their eyes and I can read people’s thoughts I can’t stop that one somebody thinks something I hear it can’t be stopped. And most of all if anyone touches me as in any part of my skin….they immediately die.

      Yes I know how could  I live with myself but the thing is I never age I never get hurt and I can never die I am immortal. From the moment I turned sixteen I was stuck like that forever.  

        As I’m walking down the halls of my school I could feel people staring at me I could hear them saying stuff like ‘’freak’’ or ‘’loser’’ but I don’t really care Alex goes to the same school as me he always tries to make a conversation but I always walk away. I take my seat in History as my teacher Mr Greg comes in turns out he is giving a pop test because he had a very tough time at home ‘because he just lost his wife in a car accident so he is taking his anger out on us. I read his thoughts right there.

    I don’t study for test all I have to do is put my hand on the page and the answers pop straight into my head. As I finish my test as I was the first one done as always. I walk up and hand in my paper; he tries to me a smile I just walk away.

   As lunch roles in I queue up to get some food not that I will eat it just that the lunch lady keeps forcing food in my stomach. I grab a scone and as I was about to walk away before she tried and coax me into eating more I bump into someone I don’t even want to look in at him it takes too much energy and time his whole lunch plate spills over my orange hoody, he was just about to apologise when I run away, out of the cafeteria outside the school into the janitors closet. I start cleaning the spaghetti bolognas. I take of my glasses and look at my reflection my eyes are red pure red with a hint of purple meaning I’m angry and a little bit embarrassed. I stay in the closet ‘till I hear the bell ring then I emerge from there. Put my hood back up my sunglasses on and head out.

    I felt someone grab my shoulder and pull me back. It was the guy who spilt his food on me I wanted to go but he was holding onto my shoulder very tight I looked at his shoes

     “Please let me go.”

      I said slowly and calmly with a hint of warning I could just about feel him about to talk but I didn’t want him to because if he does then I will be forced to answer and I don’t want a conversation. 

    “Don’t talk, please I know you’re sorry and you didn’t mean it but I have to get to class, apology accepted.” and with that I walked away its not until I get to English I realise couldn’t hear his thoughts.

    I get to English just on before the bell and slunk down in my seat as I hear the usual from Sophia’s group. Then Ms Libby comes in with her coffee she is happily married with two kids but her Mom just died, but she never liked her Mom anyway.

   “Class today we have a new student, please welcome Liam.” she shouts in her loud voice which she gained because she always wanted to be an actress. I don’t even look up I just keep reading my book but I can hear Sophia going ‘Well look at this fine boy’.

    “Liam you can sit with Alejandra over there.” My whole body goes rigid our seats are paired in twos as in side by side. This is like doomsday I rather doomsday than this I keep reading my book as he slides in near me and I can hear Sophia and her little followers saying ‘poor him having to sit beside a no body’.

    As Ms Libby continues her lesson Liam tries to make a conversation,

    “So your name is Alejandra, that’s a pretty name” his voice is almost like velvet, too perfect.

         I don’t make a reaction but he doesn’t get the hint and moves on.

 “I just moved in here from New York; care to show me around the school?” He asks

“No.” I said without looking up. I could feel his nerves going up and down but still no thoughts.

     “Oh okay no problem. I’ll just feel really bad about what happened in lunch and I wanted to make it up to you, can I take you out to lunch after school?” he asks again

    I almost look at him to see if he’s serious I mean I won’t let him be near me in school why does he think I’ll let him take me  to lunch.

    “No, I am not your friend not even your classmate and you under no circumstances are going to talk to me anymore because if you do I will hurt you.” My voice shaking with anger and thankfully enough he shut up.

     Finally the bell rings and I am the first to get out of the class, as always, but I was surprised when I saw him right in front of me our nose almost touching I could see the set of determination on his face I didn’t have to read his thoughts to know that he’s not giving up not that I could anyway. “I insist, it would make me really happy and honoured if you accept my offering. I’m not leaving without a yes” he stated.

      I looked at him the very first time I looked into his eyes. I wish I hadn’t. I felt I was being dragged in, I could feel nothing hear nothing I could feel the rush of adrenaline rush to my face I felt my body break down in pain I felt pain in every single part of my body, but yet I could see nothing I was crying my eyes melting out of my eye-sockets my body burning and I was in so much pain I gave up.

    When I opened my eyes I saw Alex his face full of worry and beside him I saw Liam over in the corner. I was lying down, I scrambled up to my feet only to be brought down in exhaustion I was so tired I felt like a ran a marathon ten times but the thing is I never get tired.

    “What happened to me?” My voice was hoarse and croaky as if I was in a screaming contest

     “Nothing that can’t be fixed why are you asking? What did you see?” his voice was more softer, his hair longer and his blue eyes bluer I couldn’t make sense of this I forced myself to sit up only to be brought back down again. “I was in pain and nothing but it I was surrounded by darkness and I only felt pain” I whispered I saw Alex shoot Liam a glance it almost looked like a glance of anger just nothing but anger.

     “Well you’re not strong enough so just drink some of this and you will be as good as new,” he said handing me a glass filled with fizzy bright green liquid “What is it?” I asked “Just drink it,” and with that he smiled and left me in the solitude of me room.

    It wasn’t long before I realised it was the very first time me and Alex had a conversation, the first time in three years. I sat up and I was surprised when I didn’t feel the exhaustion pull me down the green stuff worked fast. I started to make for my door when I heard something move I turned around to find Liam sitting on my bed. “What are you doing here?” my sunglasses were still on but I wasn’t going to look at him again not for the world. “Haven’t you done enough damage?” I saw him wince as I said that. He slowly got up walking towards me each step he’s taking it’s like I’m broken into half part of me wants to go to him and the other one suggest I stay.

    “Alej, I really didn’t mean for you to go through that I was just blinded by your answer to my question I mean I’ve never been rejected before, but I promise you if you look at me I won’t hurt you I know you have suffered so much losing everything have finding these powers that you have no control over, but if you let me I can help you” his voice was slow and calm like he was talking to a two-year old. How did he know about my family, about my powers, this is just too much right now the fact that I can’t read his mind or Alex’s creeps me out enough already. I don’t know rather I should play dumb or ask how does he know or how can he help me. I decide to go with option two.

    “How can you help me when you don’t know what it’s like how it feels to be an outcast,” as soon as I said it I couldn’t stop “Do you know how it feels to watch your family burn right before you and you can’t do anything!”  I was choking back sobs at this point “ And then to be left feeling like a freak and walk around with big huge sunglasses with my hood up and no skin showing because if someone touches me they die!” I felt tears streaming down my face and I couldn’t stop “How I have to keep my face down because i don’t want to know somebody’s whole life story I don’t want to know how they are feeling I don’t want to know and I just don’t care to know how they are feeling at that moment! I have no one! Absolutely no body all because I wasn’t allowed to a stupid party all because I was selfish and I didn’t know what I had until I lost it. All because of me, it’s my entire fault!” by the time I was finished my dirty blonde hair has become matted to my face because of my tears.

   I could see me looking at me with the look of sorrow and pity, but that’s just it for a whole entire year I’ve always heard the same story ‘oh Alej I’m so sorry’ or ‘It wasn’t your fault it was just meant to be’ I was just growing sick of pity.

  I didn’t give him a chance to speak I just ran out the door I was running so fast I couldn’t see the passing buildings beside me probably another thing that comes with being like me except no one’s is like me.

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