it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


15. Kyle

“Howdy everyone,” he said in a salute gesture everyone was silence “Who are you?” I asked as I stared at this boy who had jerry curls with his brown hair tucked into a white baseball cap and bright green eyes his skin was a merciless glowing tan and he had priceless gleaming white smile, any girl would have fell onto their feet for them to take notice of him, he was magnetic even his presence was somehow to love, he was  wearing a yellow t-shirt and some shorts with sandals “I’m Kyle,” he said reaching out to shake my hand I didn’t, don’t get me wrong he was really cute but the last thing I need is another man in my life I have enough as it is. He took it back while eyeing me slowly he sat on my and flipped through my magazines “Why are you here?” asked Alex his voice hard and gruff, he looked at us in confusion as if finally coming to his senses “I just wanted to see her,” he said looking at me while answering Alex, Charlie instinctively put his arm around my waist.

    Kyle was walking up slowly to me his eyes never leaving  mine, I was partly afraid but I felt almost at ease  he reached out his hand to touch my face but Charlie pulled me back “Don’t touch her,” he said his usually peppy voice was rock hard and deep I looked at Charlie his expression was hard with and edge to it but his eyes were still the same brown and happy he winked at me and continued to stare back at Kyle, Kyle smiled “I see you’ve been taking care of her,” he said then he bowed to all of them I saw Charlie, Danny and Alex I saw at once they all tingled, but it was different  Charlie and Alex tingled with yellowy fog while Danny tingled with dark purple fog “Get out of my room,” I said finding my voice “Please,” I said he looked at me then jumped out the window I went out to see where he was but he was gone.

   I sent the rest home as I needed to think, they were very reluctant especially Danny so he ended up staying. I sighed as I flopped onto my bed “When will the madness stop,” I muffled Danny was there in a flash by my side soothing my hair “I like your hair black, it makes you look fierce,” he said as I saw him smiled I decided this is the time to ask my question “What’s really happening in that house you and Charlie are staying?” I said I saw him run his hands through his hair in frustration his eyes burning with yellow “I feel like you’re are trying to distance yourself from me, I don’t know, I guess I feel like you’re treating me like nothing,” he sighed his eyes going grey I never seen his eyes change before just go hard or soft I go up to him I feel like now this is the time to let it out, “I’m not trying to distance myself from you and you are one of the most important things to me, I’m nothing without you I feel so alone I will always need you, i feel like because of this curse I feel like I should be friendly with all of you because one kiss could make it all go bad you guys would end up killing each other, and since Alejandro showed up I feel like I have a huge responsibility to carry because we used to be together and he wants me back and I don’t know what to say,” I blurted trying my best to explain I saw his jaw tightening and his eyes going hard “Do you love him?” he asked looking at me but not at my eyes like he was looking through me I sighed “I did, I do,” I looked at him “I don’t know, my feelings are all mixed up,” is said standing up and going to my window for fear of crying in front of him, he came and wrapped his hands around my waist, this felt good but Alejandro feels right and Charlie feels warm and funny.

   “We want you to be happy, no matter what happens all I care is for you to have a smile on your face,” he said as he brushed a stray hair away from my face the sun was setting. His pale skin was getting tanned and his hair was turning from ash to an almost grey but his eyes were still the same yellow with a hint of grey. He leaned in to kiss me and I let him, his kiss always made everything better I remembered Alejandro’s kisses always were soft and longing for, I realised I wanted Alejandro not Danny, I pushed him back “What’s wrong?” he asked “Nothing I’m just tired,” I said going into my covers he looked at me and sighed and went out.

   The moment I heard him open the front door of his house, a knock came on the door, I heard someone come upstairs and knock on my door, “Come in,” I said he opened the door, Alejandro i sighed and went  my window and sat on the edge looking at the setting sun he came over to me I looked at his face it was exhausted and this time I saw determination in those purple eyes “Alej,2 his voice was rough and gruff and he coughed making it go back to normal again “I’m sorry I was a complete fool and I should have told you the second we lay eyes on each other but the place was horrible I hated what I did but somehow in some sick way part of me liked it, I should have never even agreed to it but you were my only chance and then I fell in love with you I fell in love with your blonde hair and your sweet magnificent and your skin that was tanned and your long legs and most importantly you your personality how you would do anything for your friend even if you had to give your life, I’m madly in love with you,2 he blurted his eyes looking at me and I know he went every word “I told you I forgave you, what more do you want?” I said as I turned back to the window “You,” he whispered I winced as Danny also said the same thing when we first met and he was staring at me.

   “Well, I think you have to go now,” I said not looking at him he sighed and ran a hand through his hair and grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into him tight his eyes never leaving mine “Look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love and I will leave and never bother you again,” he said his voice a whisper I looked into his eyes they were pink the type of pink you would only see in a sunset the pink that is mostly covered by blue but if you look closely you can see it “I don’t,” I started but I couldn’t finish it my eyes would probably go a green that means I’m lying so there was no point “I’m in love with you, I care about you so much but I’m afraid you’ll hurt me again,” I whispered “I’ll never hurt you again I promise,” he whispered as he leaned down a gave me a kiss on the cheek and then at the corner of my lip he hesitated which reminded me of when he first tried to kiss me and I smiled at the thought and he kissed my lips, this felt right as I he kissed me deeper and more intense.

   At school, I walked hand in hand with Alejandro I didn’t take a ride with Charlie, Alejandro brought me instead Charlie’s face was not pretty when he saw me and him “It wasn’t your turn it was mine so if I ever see you taking her away from me again I’ll kill you and believe me I don’t break my promises,” his voice was hard as he looked at Alejandro his hand tightened around mine and I could see he was trying his best to keep from lashing out at him. I let go of his hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek which he kissed me on the lips in front of Charlie I immediately pushed back and grabbed Charlie’s hand to talk with him.

   “Stop acting like a child who didn’t get any ice-cream,” I whispered as Alejandro was just over there his eyes were cunningly brown “That means I get an extra scoop,” he said smiling at me I couldn’t help but smile back Charlie was just so good at making me laugh he kissed me on the cheek and then whispering “But if he does take you away from me again I will keep my promise, Princess,” he said as he walked away and on purposely kicked Alejandro in the knee while walking past him I rolled my eyes at Charlie he wasn’t making life easier

     At English, Alejandro was staring at me I knew he wanted to know what’s wrong I ignored his gestures until Lunch. At Lunch the table was deathly silent Alejandro throwing death stares as Charlie which he returned with smirks Danny was staring at Alex and I was there putting my head down messing with my food.

   “Hi,” I heard someone say I turned my head and my eyes wide “Kyle!” I whispered which caused the rest to break their stares and look in my direction, “What are you doing here?” I asked my voice wobbly “I enrolled here to get close to you,” he shrugged I looked at him in disbelief this is not happening. “Kyle you can’t be here,” I said “Why not?” he asked “Because you’re a Sunset, I can’t do anything with you here,” I whispered sharply “And?” he shrugged “Hey pip squeak the girl said you should take a hike,” shouted Charlie he drew the whole cafeteria to us “And what if I don’t?” asked Kyle he was picking at his eating garlic bread Charlie laughed “I’ll show you what it’s like to take a walk without any legs,” he said shouting up I threw a look at Charlie and stood up “Fine you can sit with us but just try not to get yourself in anybody’s way,” I grumbled and sat back down he sat beside me munching his garlic bread.

    The whole table fell silent “Hey Kylie can I walk you home after school today?” Kyle asked I paused it was Danny’s turn today he wasn’t looking at me Danny just kept looking at his plate but I knew he was keeping calm “Sorry I can’t I’m walking home with Danny today,” I said he looked thoughtful for a moment “What about tomorrow?” he asked I looked at everybody no body was looking at me “Fine, after school,” I said “Great,” he smiled I gave him my best fake smile and ate in silence.

   Okay, I’m not happy walking home with Kyle, those piercing green eyes are hypnotising what if he tries something I can’t resist and I feel like I’m drawn to him too I want nothing more than to be in his arms I’m doing all I can to resist but the bond is getting stronger. I felt like everyone knew I was uncomfortable around him people were giving me awkward stares and I felt frustrated I got up to throw my lunch in the bin.

 I must have made quite a racket getting up as eyes were on me Charlie came up to me at the bin “Hey why the long face,” he said looking at me with the same curiosity I met him with “Nothing,” I sighed putting on a smile he looked at me one more time and then smiled “I know a fake smiled when I see one Princess,” he said “Why won’t you tell me? Do you not trust me?” he said looking hurt I smiled “No, it’s just I don’t think you’d understand,” I said walking back to the table “Well I’m always here to talk okay?” he said I saw he really did care and I hugged him “Thanks,” I whispered.

   I came back to the table and Danny gave me a concerned look I smiled wearily at him and I knew he would talk to me later. I wish I didn’t have so many boys around me. There’s Danny, Charlie, Alex, Alejandro and now Luke I wish Lash was here he could make me feel better.

   School ended and I went to Danny’s car waiting for him he met me by the door and smiled at me but his face turned serious again “Are you okay?” he asked “I’m fine,” I snapped and got in.

   We said nothing for the whole ride and when we arrived home he locked the doors so I wouldn’t get out “We need to talk,” he said “Now what the fact I have to explain everything Four times is enough, but how people are asking me am I okay, do I look okay?,” I said pointing to my face he stared at me and nodded giving me permission to go on “I feel like a complete idiot,” I sighed and sat back looking out the windshield it was starting to rain and I could hear every patter in the car.

   Danny held my hand I looked at him, seeing the very same grey-ish yellow-ish eyes i first met he leaned towards me not in a way to kiss me, more of in a way to see me clearly and I saw a hint of a smile on the edge of his lips “You are going through hell,” he whispered I sighed “Thanks for noticing,” I glared “You are going through hell, then keep going,” he whispered I looked at him “Isn’t that what Winston Churchill said?” I asked he leaned back with a lazy smile on his face “I do listen in these mortal classes,” he said “But Alej, you’re not doing this alone, okay? I’m not going stop until I find out what’s going on I know Charlie is doing the same except in his own way,” he said as if on cue I could see through Danny’s window Charlie throwing strawberries up in the air trying to catch them with his tongue he got frustrated clicked his fingers and the house immediately the house was filled up with strawberries and Charlie got lost in it but I could see him swimming in it like a swimming pool.

    “Great,” groaned Danny he unlocked the doors “Well, see you later Danny,” I said and got out of his car. I waved goodbye and walked into the house.




     I ran  upstairs to my room and was taken by surprise when I saw Kyle sitting on my bed, I could feel the urge to go to him but I resisted it the room blared with sunlight and it was so hot in the room I felt my skin starting to sunburn yet outside it was raining.

    “I’m sorry it was cold when I came in I thought should give it a bit of warmth,” he explained the room gradually went cool but was still warm I stayed with my back to the door “What are you doing here?” I asked he sighed and stood up and came up to me he was half a head taller than me. His bright green eyes were filled with something I couldn’t put my finger on it but it was something.

     “Tell me you don’t feel it,” he said touching my cheek I gasped I felt tiny little bolts of electricity inside me, my vision was more vivid my hearing increased in ways more than possible I felt the power rising up inside me and settling down under my skin. He smiled “You can feel it can’t you?” his voice was softer “Were meant to be together Alejandra as the Sunset King and Queen,” he murmured I froze I shook his hand off my face and stepped back making me bang into the door “No,” I said shaking my head he took a step closer I could almost see the “This isn’t possible, there’s only been two Sunsets the Underworld Queen and me that’s it,” I said he sighed “I have been hiding in secret when my parents knew I was a Sunset which was when I was three they went into hiding to raise me and I’ve stayed like that ever since, your friends know about it ask them call them now tell them to come and explain,” he said smiling he sat back down on the bed and looking around my room.

    I finally caught my breath back, I called Charlie and Danny and Alejandro and Alex and they were all here.

     They walked into my room and looked at me then at Kyle “Is it true?” I whispered they looked at one another “Alej what are you talking about?” asked Alex “Is it true that there is supposes to be a Sunset King and Queen,” I said looking at them he gasped “Yes there is,” he admitted I bent my head “How long have you all known?” I asked “Since we knew you were a Sunset, everyone in Chevern knows it, it’s an old folks tale is what you would call it here,” spoke Danny I sat down beside Kyle “Tell me,” I said looking at Danny.

     “Okay. It is said that very soon there will be a war a great war more bigger than the sinister war, because all will be against each other Lux Tenebris and the Underworld, and only two people who have more power than all three of the lands put together can stop it , the Sunset King and Queen, they rule Chevern side by side there full power combined will be so strong that one glance at them will kill you, and when they have stopped the Great War the Sunset King and Queen will rule all lands but in secret as it is hard to find them they could be your next door neighbour or even your own father all will be told when the time will come,” Danny said I looked at Kyle the urge was growing stronger and he knew it too he gave me a smile and his eyes seemed to twinkle.

     “S what your saying is that I’m somewhat the Sunset Queen and he’s the Sunset King and together we will rule Chevern but what about you guys the curse if I have to pick one and I’m attached to Kyle how on earth will I choose, and even worse is the Queen is out looking for me and she wants payback for tricking her, and Lash isn’t here nor Klash which makes everything complicated and I haven’t seen Liam in a long time,” I said listing my problems “I can go back to the Underworld with the Queen and become her slave again,” Alejandro said I looked at him “You can’t I won’t let you hated it there,” I said standing up he smiled his purple eyes an unbelievable calmness, “But it’s one less thing to worry about,” he whispered he took my hand and smiled “Next time you see me will probably be in the Great War so see you then?” he said I stared at him “See you later, Alejandro,” I whispered and just like that he was gone. I turned back to the rest “Do you guys want to tell me anymore secrets?” i asked hand on my hip I saw Charlie nervously biting his lip.

    “Lash isn’t coming back, he’s dead just like Klash,” blurted Charlie I stood transfixed  anger was boiling up inside of me and thank god I’m wearing sunglasses “Lash is dead,” I said making each syllable longer than it’s supposed to be “Lash is dead,” I said to Danny he nodded he didn’t meet my eyes “I’m sorry Alej we didn’t want to be the bearer of bad news,” said Charlie I shook my head “It’s okay I will get Lash back even I f it kills me,” I whispered no one argued with me no one even responded.

    Kyle came up to me and I felt all my nerves shooting up my body wants to be  with his my skin wants to be touched by his this isn’t normal I have never felt anything like this, “And I will come with you for I can’t leave my Queen alone,” he smiled at me I frowned “I’m not your Queen I’m a Queen got that,” I growled he bowed in front of me “Yes m’lady,” he said I looked at Charlie he called me m’lady way before anyone did.

    Kyle took my hand in his and I stiffened I felt like I wanted to burst my insides were drunk with power and I felt like anything I do it will cause major destruction, “Let go of my hand,” I said through gritted teeth, reluctantly he let go “Thank you,” I sighed I looked at Danny “What do we do next?” I asked “I know you may not like this but we need to go back to Chevern to the lux,” he grumbled I sighed I have been fearing for this “But you’re a Tenebris, you can’t enter Lux,” I pointed out “I know that but Charlie here is a Lux and as much as I despise him I know he can take care of you,” he sighed I looked at Charlie who was wiggling his eyebrows “Did you just say that I am capable of taking care of a Sunset, half an hour ago you said I couldn’t take care of a pet goldfish are you really sure about that?” he taunted moving in front of Danny I shook my head “No I want both of you to come, if your with me no one can say you’re not allowed here or not, “ I said standing up Danny nodded I looked over at Kyle and sighed “Can you guys come back in the next ten minutes or so?” I asked looking at Charlie Danny and Alex they nodded and left me and Kyle alone back to square one.

    “So you’re going back to Chevern?” he said I nodded “Tell me how did you find me?” I asked sitting on my table “Well for one thing you were not born when I was born we may have the same birthday December 24th yes but we are not born in the same time, so when you were born I still didn’t know you existed Until you became aware of being a Sunset then was I able to trace you, at first I sensed you were at Perdidit but the Island did not show itself and then I got that you were here and then I found you, “ he explained he was coming closer “I found my Queen,” he said he was right in front of me now all my senses all said the same thing ‘go to him’ he smiled at me and planted a gentle kiss on my lips.

    I burned with longing, I didn’t want anything or anyone but him and I’m sure he felt the same he put his hand to my face and I touched his hair and we closed our eyes and just listened to each other, I felt warm tingles all over me I felt at ease I wanted to feel like this all the time I felt Kyle kiss my lips except this time it more than a gentle kiss this kiss was very slow like he was asking his time to explore my mouth, and I did the same with him. When I opened my eyes I felt alive I felt more power in me and Kyle was literally glowing with power “My Sunset Queen,” he whispered he kissed me on the cheek and then was gone.

   I sighed I felt like the room was going to explode because of me I felt so powerful I felt the room might explode, I looked at the time, five o’clock it said great! I still have homework to do.

    I was in the middle of my homework when Kyle came back, he came in so quietly it scared me “Would you like to go to dinner with me tonight?” he asked I looked at him “As much as I would love that I can’t, I have homework to do and I also promised I would watch Robin while Gary and Mary are going for a night out, so it’s a no,” I said.

    “Oh okay then,” I could hear the disappointment in his voice but it was quickly covered by a smile a mischievous one “I have some unfinished duties to attend so will i see you tomorrow?” he asked I nodded the urge for me to kiss him was so strong I could almost imagine an invisible rope pulling me towards him but no I’m not going through that again. He waved goodbye and I was on my own.

     When Gary and Mary finally left, Robin was up with her friends the doorbell rang, it was Kyle he had two huge picnic baskets in his hands and a plastic bag filled with other things “What is all this?” I gasped he walked in “Since you could not join me for dinner I brought dinner to you,” his smile was wide and proud he set everything up in exactly five seconds damn super speed.

    There was soft music playing in the background and the couches and table are gone and everything was cleared except the stuff from the wall on the floor was a soft blanket with roast chicken with gravy and carrot sticks for two, wine and water all set up and the only thing to light the room was four candles which created a kind of movie theatre darkness there was the smell of wax burning and everything looks so romantic.

    “You didn’t have to do this,” I gasped he smiled “Yes I did you looked too frustrated with your homework this should ease it a little bit,” he said I nodded he walked me down to the blanket he sat across from me and he kept looking at me with that same weird look like he was in deep thought but had his full attention on me.

   “Let us eat,” he proclaimed. We ate in silence for a while I decided to tell him about the curse, “Listen there is this curse,” I started but he shook his head “No need my Queen I already know about the curse although I do not wish to share my Queen you have a too kind of a heart so I know you’re going to do something to stop it,” he said he took a big gulp of wine and looked back at me “And I for one plan to be every step of the way with you,” he said he took another gulp I haven’t even touched my wine yet I looked at him “You shouldn’t drink too much you could get drunk,” We were interrupted by Robin’s friends.

     They stopped and looked around “Sorry Alej we didn’t mean to interrupt,” she apologised I sighed “It’s okay, here come and join us,” I said gesturing to the spaces beside me there were three of them including Robin the other two friends whose name was Sophie and Amanda they were staring at Kyle like he was a King or something, okay maybe he really is a King but even I was breath-taken when I saw him his smile was dazzling and his eyes were to die for.

     “You are cute,” sighed Amanda she got up and jumped in Kyle’s lap Kyle looked annoyed I thought I was forgetting something but I brushed it off and took a sip of my wine. She started to play with Kyle’s hair “You know you and me should talk sometime,” she sighed then something happened. Kyle’s eyes with their usual bright green eyes were a solid gold I could feel the anger rising in him “Get off me, you disgusting rat, and Robin please take your disgraceful friends upstairs and leave us in peace, before I get mad,” his voice was more of a growl but you could hear every word perfectly it was like he was talking to you from inside you it made your nerves quake. I touched his arm “Kyle,” I whispered his eyes shook back to bright green he looked at me “What did I say to these lovely girls?” he asked but Robin was already gone and so were her friends “My temper is not the best in the land, I’m truly sorry for whatever I said,” he groaned I sat back.

    “So this happens when,” I said he sighed “Random times really, I remember once one  of my blow outs nearly got my parents to split up it took a decade for them to get back together,” he sighed I sat up closer to him “So tell me the process,” I demanded  he looked at me then smiled “Just when people really annoy me and then I blow up, I use my power for evil instead of good I could burn through their memories so fast and pick out the one that was most hurtful and start making them relive it again and again, it’s not pretty, the worst thing is that I don’t remember anything at all I mean I remember going insane but I don’t know what I did. Sometimes I get ‘annoyed’ and then I can’t seem to stop I walk around and anything that comes in my way I,” he stopped his green eyes were motionless lifeless “I kill it,” he gulped then he turned to me “That’s why I need you as much as Chevern needs you, your touch, your voice, your smell, can bring me back,” he said I rest back onto the chair “Great that’s three boys who think of me as their Goddess, four including Alejandro, six including Klash and Lash,” I muttered

      I was sick of this, love this love that, I felt like a puppy being passed on the word love doesn’t even matter to me anymore, that’s it, from now on the word love means nothing to me, it’s perfect it means nothing and I do nothing.

     “Well, I think you should go now, before Gary and Mary come back,” I sighed and started to pack the unfinished dinners and blew out the candle, “Here let me,” he offered I shook my head “I rather do it this way you really should go,” I said he sighed and grabbed my hand “Have I upset you?” he whispered his eyes were so cute right then and then the type of cute that’s cute and sad his eyes were big and they looked like he was about to cry and his voice was so soft, I took my hand away from his “No,” I sighed I could sense that he knew I was lying I packed up everything and he just watched me, like my every move like he could feel my every breath, my every step a flick of my wrist I could see him wince I turned around “What are you doing?” I asked frustrated he sighed “I was just reading you, I had to get into your head I had to see what was bothering you,” he sighed I couldn’t believe it “Your reading me,” I said through gritted teeth but i stopped he wouldn’t have to read me if I have just told him the truth “Please do not be angry with me,” he said “No I’m not, just go I’ll see you in the morning to go to Chevern,” I said shooing him out the door with all the dinner bags. He eventually went out the door but stopped and turned around his  “Are you sure you’re going to be okay for the night?” he asked he was very hard to convince I placed a smile onto my face “I’m going to be fine, now go,” I said he studied me one more time then smiled “See you in the morning Alej,” he said and walked away or more like faded.

    I shut the door and ran upstairs to Robin’s room, I knocked twice “Robin it’s me, can you let me in we need to talk,” I said. Silence. “Robin please open the door or else I’m coming in there,” I warned silence I got my hair clip and started to pick the lock once it was opened I went in.

     Robin’s room was smaller than mine I had the second biggest-room, everything in it was either pink, purple, white or black I felt a slight breeze and I looked around the window was open, it was wide open I ran to it and looked outside I saw darkness.

   I looked around then room finding a note.


My dear Alejandra, it’s been long hasn’t it,

You send me back a gift but I’ve already burned it,

Come back so we can make it work,

Or I’ll be the cause to start of the Great War,

In case you don’t feel threatened enough,

I’ve got your Foster sister and her little friends in a bunch,

There dangling over a fire,

All wrapped together,

Come quickly don’t be late,

You have until tomorrow at eight.

As soon as it read that letter I called Danny, Charlie and Alex to come home now, and they did five seconds later and so did Kyle. I gave them the note to read and when they finished they were silent.

    “We should go to Chevern, get Robin and kick the Underworlds Queen’s bum,” I said Danny came up to me “I don’t know how to this,” he sighed I looked at him “What?” I asked he sighed again bigger this time “ We can’t go to the Underworld, Alej, that’s what she wants you to do, there will be a Great War anyway she’s going to kill all of us,” he said I looked at him “Robin is in danger, Great War or not I’m going” I exclaimed Charlie shook his head “Even I’m with Ice-boy, that what she wants you to do, Alej we have to go to Chevern to the Lux side and think of our next step with the King,” he said looked at him aghast Alex came beside me “As much as I love Robin something’s are worth sacrificing,” he said he had a look of sadness on his face and I figured this is just as hard for him as for me I sighed “What about the burning bit, I never sent her back a gift, the thought didn’t occur considering she killed two of my best friends,” I said sarcastically “But you did send her something,” said Charlie slowly “Alejandro,” he whispered I fell to my knees but Kyle caught me.

    I felt very numb, everything was just moving so fast, I shook of the guilt the sadness and the fear and stood up. “Let’s go,” my voice meant to come out loud and big but it came small and meekly.

   The door came and we walked through it I left a note for Gary and Mary telling them I took Robin and her friends to Spain, it’s better than telling them that they’re with an evil Queen dangling over a fire and I have to save them.

      As we arrived we arrived right in front of the gate to Lux, I sighed looking at the golden gates that were rose up to the clouds they were barely visible. The gate opened once it knew who I was, I don’t know how that worked probably magic, no not probably, it is magic.

     Everyone bowed once they saw me the chatters stopped once I approached everything was so welcoming, but I ignored them all. I knocked on the door and the same girl, Sandra. “They just keep coming and coming don’t they?” she laughed I nodded at her and she kept shut like, she could read my feelings. She showed us to where the King was without all of her noisy senseless chatter. S we entered, I saw The King and Queen of Lux were watching TV.

     “You have TV here?” I asked which I realised it was dumb to there were more important question “Yes my dear, is there a reason why you came here?” he asked he was still angry with me for leaving and going to the Underworld and to the mortal world and to the Island Perdidit , but I could care less.

    So I told him everything, from the minute I left after forgiving him and saying sorry, the part I told him about the friends I’d made and lost I pointed to Charlie and Danny, Danny bowed lightly and Charlie winked, I told him about losing Lash and Klash and Luke and Alejandro, I told him about my reincarnation with the curse, I told him about Kyle being the Sunset King and me being the Sunset Queen. I also told him the minor events the evil baby dolls attack, I told him how I got to the Underworld, and what happened there I told him about the riddle that led me to the Underworld, I told him about Jash and that I also have Amor Imperii, and last I told him about Robin being kidnapped and me needing to wait until the Great War starts. I’m not going to agree to her every will I’m going to fight even if it kills me.

      He listened patiently, nodding when needed and throwing in guesses when I had finished he sighed “Quite a lot has happened, yes?” he ask I nodded “And this is your King?” he asked he looked at Kyle who was  unaware as we looked at him he was just staring at nothing like he’s in a deep trance.

      “Yep that’s him, I don’t know what to do, I’m just so stuck,” I groaned Kyle was immediately snapped out of his trance and went to my side his hand wrapped his hand in mine I could feel the strength flowing into me washing away the sadness I gave him a thank you smile as he smiled back.

      “Well what I suggest, is we see a psychic,” he said “As much as I don’t want to it seems as are only option to have a taste of what is to come,” he sighed he clicked his fingers and out appeared this frail old woman who had a hunchback and her skin was wrinkly and dry I felt with one flick of my wrist I could rip the skin off. She had a ball in her hand and was looking deep inside.

      “It seems,” her voice was loud and strong surprisingly “That the Sunset Queen will die, that is what will end the great war, but more or less everyone will be against each other light and Dark, Dark and Light, Light against Underworld, Dark against Underworld, Underworld against Light and Dark is the best option, you have heard what I had to say don’t blame me if you go astray for I did not tell you to look my way but consider it I beg for day.”

  And with that she was gone.

      “I will not let my Queen die,” said Kyle the look in his eye was determent “I won’t let Alejandra die either,” said Charlie he winked at me and smiled “None of us is going to let her die cause she won’t be there,” said Danny he looked at me emotion out of his eyes his face blank “You are to stay up in the high tower, while the War is going on,” he said I looked at him “I’m going to fight in the war weather you guys like it or not,” I argued Danny sighed he aged about ten years older “This is life or death here Alej,” he said and I stepped up closer to him “My life or death and if it’s me that makes everything okay then so be it,” I looked at the King “Dad commence training for the whole castle and tell the Tenebris Queen everything I told you and what the psychic said, and get someone back to me,” I ordered everyone was still and quiet “What?” I shrugged “You called me Dad,” whispered the King I looked at everyone and I ran upstairs I ran into a room that had my name engraved into it and flopped onto the bed and I finally let the tears out.

   I heard a knock two minutes later, it was the King, my tears were rolling down my cheeks like a water fountain and I just sat there, not wiping them away just letting them go.

    I didn’t say come in he just did, he walked up silently and sat beside me, “You know darling, I don’t think your crying because of you calling me ‘Dad’ your finally letting out those tears you’ve been holding in,” he said I glanced at him “First of all never ever call me darling again because I’m not and your wrong okay, I don’t care if you were Michael Jackson himself you will never be my Father, never,” my voice was shaky but my words came out clear as day he looked taken back then hurt he nodded slowly “Okay Alejandra but what about Oliver, he showed up right what about the riddles leading you to the Underworld, what about your Amor Imperii I was with you every step of the way.” He was saying it gently I nodded for him to go on and explain.

    “When you were born I knew the Queen of the Underworld will try and kill you, so I got you to have the gift of Amor Imperii, it wasn’t easy you have to be gone for exactly 34 hours and other details, so you would be stronger, Amor Imperii does not come with being a Sunset.

            Oliver is a very close friend of mine so when I saw that you were alone I sent him there, the riddles were quiet obvious to me but sorry about the burning trees, just in case a stranger found it, but I did that so you could go to the Underworld quicker but once you were in the Underworld I had no control over thing anymore. I never left you,” he sighed I looked at him “I never asked for your help but thanks anyway,” I sighed he did look a bit like me he had bright green eyes, and soft blonde hair, I shook my head no he isn’t my Father he claims he is and maybe biologically but never mentally “You can go now,” I muttered he nodded his head and went out the door.

    Twenty seconds later, Kyle came in with a half empty glass of what looked like apple juice and inside was a straw, “Hi, you feeling okay?” he asked and sat down beside me I nodded “Yes I’m fine,” I said he sighed “You know, to make that sound believable you’re going to have to  wipe away the tears,” he laughed I sighed rubbing my hands across my cheeks “Here let me,” he said he took my hand and a blast of something warm came through me like I had butterflies in my stomach, my tears were gone and my hair was more presentable.

      “How do you do that?” I asked he shrugged “Love,” he took a sip of my apple juice “You find it so easy to love me,” I said he smiled “What’s not to love,” he sighed I looked at him “Were bound either way, can’t you feel the connection, the connection your trying so hard to resist, the thing that anytime I come near your heart starts to beat so fast that I can feel it,” he said he was close to me and I did feel the thing like a rope pulling me closer to him  “Make it stop,” I begged he was even closer now “I can’t,” he muttered he was just beside my neck and I started to feel  weak to resist “I’m as helpless as you are when I feel that same thing,” he placed a finger on my neck and I jumped it was like a bolt of lightning shocked through me only to give me more strength and wisdom “Stop,” I said but it came out weak and pathetic he was working his way up to my lips now and I found the strength to push him away “Stop,” I gasped he looked confused and then sighed “I’m sorry, just it’s very hard to resist,” he drank some more of my apple juice “Really hard,” he sighed he took out the straw and drank the rest “Alej, I’m not going to let you in the War,” he murmured I looked at him like he was serious “Well then let’s see you try if you think that a couple of guards are going to stop me from rescuing Robin then you’re wrong, very wrong.

    He tossed his curly hair back in frustration “Alej hearing that you might die, isn’t easy for any of us it’s something we can’t risk think about it the other put yourself in my place,” he said “Put yourself in mine,” I snapped back he quietened for a moment “You’re not going to take part in the War and that’s final,” he said he didn’t look at me when he said he couldn’t “I am,” I said as he was leaving he sighed “I’m sorry but you can’t,” he gave me a sorry smiled and closed the door behind him. I went to open it and walked downstairs heading out of the castle where Ash and Charlie were training Charlie came over to me his blonde hair flopping I like his blond hair the way it bobbed his brown eyes really took a sparkle.

    “Hey are you okay?” he asked I nodded “I’m taking part in the War,” I stated he smiled the same kind of smile Kyle gave me “You can’t,” he said “As much as I hate hurting you this is for your own protection,” he said he kissed my cheek and went back to his fencing I sighed I sat on the castle wall and looked around.

    There were small trees no taller than me, and around it was a stoned wall, there were about six flowers were the trees weren’t growing and then it continued like that like a maze except it was practically up to my waist but it’s nice and quiet and in the middle there’s a small pond with benches.

     I moved along the maze slowly thinking of something, anything to let myself out anyways any people I knew in this godforsaken land and then I knew it, Sandra.

    As much as I hated stooping this low, as much as I didn’t like the idea of it I had no other available choices, I had no idea where Ash went probably gone back to Tenebris to start training.

   I knocked on her door quietly, she came out looking as bright as day, “Oh your majesty,” she bowed I looked at her “You don’t have to call me that, really don’t” I said she nodded she gestured for me to come in I saw she had knives and swords all around the place “Just getting ready for the War,” she said “About that, I need your help” I blurted she stopped “But I’m a mere maiden,” she said looking more than shocked “You’re the Sunset Queen and that really, really cute man over there is the Summer and together you make the Sunset couple,” she said I sighed “Thanks, I need your help in getting in the War,” I said she looked thoughtful and then it clicked to her “Ahhh, your Sunset King won’t let you join the War, forbidden you actually the new number one rule is don’t let Alejandra out of sight or mind, and everywhere you go someone going to be watching you,” she recited I probably looked shocked “Don’t worry, you can go anywhere just not join the War,” she said “But I want to join the War,” I protested “But you might die, my Queen that is something that we must not risk,” she said i looked down at the floor like I’d been scorned “I just need your help please,” I begged “No I cannot go against the King’s orders,” she said I sighed but then if he was the King then I am hid Queen “But I’m the Queen what if it’s meant to happen what if everything goes back to the way it was and I don’t die, I order you to show me a way to join the War without anyone seeing me, “ I ordered my voice shook the room and I gave a cold dark glow Sandra’s pupils went small “Yes my Queen,” she bowed I shook off the feeling as she went in her closet “This is what we’re wearing if you wear this and I can change your hair to a fiery red although I warn you to stay away from the Kings, both of them they might see who you really are, okay?” she said I nodded taking the clothes I was about to head out and then turned around “Thank you for helping me, I don’t think of you as a maiden, I think of you as a friend,” I said she blushed a rosy red and I hurried out the door before she started to curtsy me.

    I ran up to my room, and shut the door I hid the clothes in a under the mattress making it look smooth and sat on it before Kyle came upstairs “Are you okay?” he asked I nodded he out his hand to my head I felt a light jolt of something cold but it filled me with enough strength to look less worn out “I just wanted to say I’m really sorry I know you want to be in this War but,” I stopped him “Enough about that,” I said moving closer the urge right now is too much the urge to kiss him is too much for me to handle “You’re a Sunset right,” I asked looking at his bright green eyes “How come your eyes don’t change?,” I asked he smiled “They do just not as obvious as yours they stay green but the shade changes for my emotions, eager right now so they’re probably bright green or something,” I nodded he smiled “I can see your eyes changing ,” he whispered “How?” I asked confused “I’m putting on a protection shield,” he moved closer to my eyes “It takes a great deal of force to break through it even now I’m using about half my power so it’s very strong but  he said shaken his head his eyes focusing on my lips.

    “How do we become the official Sunset Couple?” I asked he shrugged “We kiss,” he whispered “A passionate one, but don’t worry when the moment is right, you’ll see,” he said “Have you ever been in love with anyone else?” I asked his eyes turned a shade darker “No,” he replied I left it at that.

     Me and Kyle sat there in total silence, “I used to have a life,” I whispered “Before all this, I used to be in a family with my Mom and my little sister and my Dad and dog, now it’s like it never existed,” I said he was silent for a moment “But it did, memories are what make us who we are,” he said I smiled “That’s what my Mom used to say, good memories equal good people bad memories equal bad people, but sometimes that’s not the case, sometimes bad memories make good people and good memories make bad people.” I said “What type of memories do you have?” I asked Kyle he smiled his eyes going bright “Good ones, then some bad ones, very bad ones,” he said I looked at him wondering if I should ask “What are the bad ones?” I asked he looked sad for a minute and then looked at me suddenly “It’s better if not spoken,” he whispered I nodded he has his secrets I have mine.

      I slept the night alone in this ginormous room even the Queen of England would be jealous, it was cold in the night I put my hand under the mattress to feel the armour underneath it was warm and soft, Sandra would be bringing me breakfast but also going to change my appearance. I thought about Robin, I know she’s scared I wonder if could send her a message of some kind, I thought in my head directing the message to Robin “Don’t worry, all of you are going to be all right, I promise,” I whispered I wondered if she heard me. That was the last thing  I though t about until I drifted off to sleep.

     I woke up to pondering noise at my door, “Come in,” I croaked Sandra dived in she was in a long maidens skirt with a French black hat on her head “Sorry it’s so early but I have work to do so I must do it now,” she said I nodded and stood up closing my eyes.

   I felt a pull of my hair there a rush of wind there and a slight pinch on my shoulder, “Open,” she said I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror “Wow,” I gasped I barely recognised myself, I had long frizzy curly red hair that went all the way to my knee my eyes were an enormous green and I was smaller not too small just an inch smaller and I had rosy cheeks with very pale skin “That’s incredible,” I said my voice was high like I just sucked in helium “Sandra, change my voice please,” I squeaked she sighed and pinched me again “Thank you,” my voice was back “I must get back to work, remember don’t let any of the Kings see you,” she said and she hurried out the door, as if on cue I heard a knock on my door and someone came in.

     “Hey,” said Charlie giving his most blinding smile “Have you seen Alejandra?” he asked looking around “No, sir,” I said shaking my head he looked at me again this time taking his time “Do you know where she is?” he asked I looked at him but not in his eyes I couldn’t do that “No, sir,” I said he walked closer “So Alejandra’s not here?” he asked again stepping closer and closer I shook my head taking a step back anytime he took one forward “No sir Alejandra is not here and I haven’t seen her,” I said looking down he stopped “Okay then, well I haven’t seen you around so let’s get to know each other shall we, are you taking part in the War?” he asked “Yes sir,” I gave him my answer “Don’t call me sir I ain’t a King, so your skin is awfully pale for a Lux isn’t it?” he asked a questioning eyebrow raised “I got it from my parents, sir, I mean, “ I stopped “What’s your name?” I asked “Charlie, continue,” he said “I got it from my parents, Charlie” his name sounded weird he shrugged “Okay well see ya later,” he said “What’s your name,” he asked I sighed “My name is Olivia,” I said he smiled “Olivia, okay see ya later Olivia,” and he was gone. I let out a sigh of relief, and sat down only to stand back up for another knock “Alejandra, it’s me Kyle,” he shouted I started to panic “Emm I’ll be out in a second don’t come in,” I shouted “Are you okay in there?” he shouted I started to climb out the window “I’ll be out in a sec,” I shouted and jumped out the window and ran.

     I ran out of the kingdom into the town city, people were chattering I stood near a stall catching my breath when I heard “Hey Olivia,” someone called I turned around and it was Charlie.

    He was holding an apple, and was in shorts “Hi,” he said I nodded over to him “What are you doing here?” he asked “Just walking around, you know trying to buy an apple,” I said I am so bad at acting.

    He studied me closely “Well I have a great place that sells apples,” he said he opened out his hand and out popped a shiny red apple “All for just one kiss,” he smiled I looked at him “I think I’ll pass,” I said trying to walk around him but he stepped in front of me “Come on this is the cheapest you can get it for just one kiss,” he smiled I looked around everyone was doing their daily things but I couldn’t kiss Charlie, I mean he is part of the curse but then again I have kissed Lash and Danny never Charlie, but I can’t kiss him because of a single apple he sighed even louder.

    “Alejandra, it’s one kiss for an apple it’s not going to kill you,” he said I gave him a look of confusion “My name is Olivia, I told you I have no idea where Alejandra is,” I said he laughed “Everyone at the castle never calls you by your first name, they either call you Miss or Queen never Alejandra, and plus,” he said walking closer we were almost touching “I would know your eyes anywhere doesn’t matter what colour,” he said I sighed “Sorry, desperate times calls for desperate measures,” I sighed I sat down on a nearby stool while Charlie stood “Well between you and me your still Olivia,” he said and walked off.

    He wasn’t going to tell, in fact for the whole day no one took sight of me although I heard that Kyle and everyone where going out of their minds looking for me but Kyle kept saying he can sense I’m in the castle even though they checked every bit of it. I stayed in Sandra’s room while she went around pretending to look for me occasionally checking in to see if I’ alright.

    “When you came in, I saw something in your eyes,” she whispered “I saw myself, you were lost and confused” she said “I remember when my parents died I stayed with my brother, but he pretended I wasn’t even there, then one day he kicked me out, I spent years going from one place to another when I ended up in the Kingdom and the King himself let me live here, he found me and clothed me, and let me stay here as a maid,” she said she was cleaning her room but I could see the smile on her face “During those times when I was on the move, I felt so helpless, I saw that in you” she said I smiled at her “I lost someone very close to me, he was a good friend,” I said remembering Alejandro “I know how that feels, not long after I started working here I found out my brother died,” she said her voice trailed off I didn’t want to push any further I didn’t want to hear about death there’ll be plenty in the next two hours.

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