it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


7. Jash

    He carried me up in his arms and ran I felt the wind run through my hair as I could feel the beating of Luke’s heart his body was burning hot, like literally when I put my head near his chest I started sweating yet at the speed he was running I couldn’t see a hint of sweat I heard no wheezing or coughing he just had a straight face.

   I had no idea how I knew his name but when I looked at his golden eyes with black flecks shooting towards his tiny pupil I knew his name at once before I knew it he jumped a cliff.

  I screamed, my throat hurt but I could feel gravity forcing us down and I clutched onto his chest still screaming I stole a glance at him and he was smiling, the bloody psycho was smiling, I was shaken vigorously as he set me onto the sand.

  After I calmed down he sat down beside me, really close, as I took in our surroundings we were on a beach and the sand was so soft I felt like I wanted to lie here and sleep here forever and the ocean took my breath away it was just so blue! It was magnificent. “Why did you bring me here?” I asked still staring out into the ocean “Close your eyes” he whispered and I did I felt a tug on my hair there a rush of wind here and then he told me to open my eyes.

    My sunglasses were gone, my dirty blond hair was back, my pale skin was back, I was back in my hoody and trousers and my eyes were changing as I didn’t know what to feel I guess happy yet curious, “Thanks, now why am here?” I asked again this time turning to face him and he was how I describe him in one word, oh! I got it, WOW!

   He had black curly hair in which kept coming down in his eyes, it was a little bit floppy and his skin was a light tan and his muscles were bulging through his black t-shirt I bet you my bottom dollar that one flex would rip the shirt. 

  “I found you.” He whispered his hands cupped my cheek I swear right there I was melting “Care to elaborate?” I asked his eyes locked on mine.

   “It was seventy years ago, you came running into the woods crying and you bumped into me and you were begging me to kill you, I didn’t understand why so I said I would kill you if you would just explain, you told me that these boys Lash, Klash Charlie and Danny were all in love with you and have to make a choice and if you picked the wrong one you die and come back again if you pick the right one the rest die, and you didn’t want to pick so then you looked up at me and said you didn’t want to die you just wanted someone to be your friend and you asked me to be your friend and I said yes and then you asked if you could stay here for a while and I obliged but about two days later, they came and took you away the one called Charlie grabbed you and carried you away and the one called Danny beat me up until they left. I tried so hard to break into the castle but they had you locked away in a tower until you committed suicide, I searched the whole land for you but I never found you and now I have” he gazed into my eyes but something hit me in the face like a slap “Luke,” I whispered “Yes?” he said turning to me as we stood hand in hand at the beach “How old are you” I asked hands trembling for the answer “Seventeen.” He answered but I knew it didn’t stop there “But, I’ve been seventeen for a really long time” he said coming in to wrap his hands around my waist which reminded me of Danny “How is that possible?” I said withdrawing from his grip I was slowly stepping away now and he sighed “Alejandra, I’m a wolf.” That’s when I fainted.

   I wake up to find myself in a bed, well I wouldn’t call it a bed, it was a king-sized bed which was two inches up from the ground,  but it was a floating bed. I saw Luke holding my hand and I gave my hand a little shake, a very little shake but it was enough to wake him up,  the minute his golden eyes flashed open that’s when all the memories came flooding back in a way so fast it made me gasp, which had him beside me in a minute “What is it?” his voice was soft yet with an edge to it his floppy black hair was messed up in curls and tangles as one hand  gripped mine and the other one running through his hair to try and tame it I put my hand up to stop him I liked it when his hair is messy “You’re a wolf” I whisper his eyes drop down as if I caught him stealing sweets from the candy bowl “But, you’re a cute wolf” I smiled the very first time I smiled since three years ago the edges of my mouth were wobbly but I was still smiling and he bent down and gave me a peck on the cheek as he smiled too we were both smiling “Where am I?” I asked sitting up his hands still firmly gripped onto mine “In a healer’s centre but we have to go now because once they look into your eyes they will call the castle,” he says as he carries me to the window “Ever hear of the stairs” I squeaked “It’s a lot quicker and less dangerous” I said gripping on firmly to his neck “I prefer the window” and he jumped I wasn’t as scared as this time but I still gasped when he jumped and he put me down his hands never letting mine go “We thought you guys would take forever,” someone laughed I turned around and it was Danny.

  Danny had his sword out and Lash and Klash were ready to fight to death and Charlie had a knife in his hand and Luke was shaking so hard but not with fear with anger I realised he was trying so hard not to turn into a wolf and I came in between all of them “Stop!” I shouted it made everyone heads jerk towards me and I heard Charlie gasp “Your disguise where did it go? Oh I know where it went, ” he turned and looked at Luke, before I knew it Charlie was sprinting against Luke knife in hand ready to stab and Danny ready to strike his sword all aiming at Luke while he glanced over me but I didn’t know what I was thinking but I jumped in front of them and I took all the attacks for Luke.

  Now normally I never get hurt and if I did it would heal before my very eyes I felt a stab in my shoulder a slash on my leg, a fist in my eye and one in my stomach. Before they knew it they were beating me up thinking I was Luke. Until Luke let out a mighty roar which turned their heads to Luke and then their frightened faces turned towards the bruised and battered old me. “Hi” I said before everything faded out. Second time fainting, I must be going crazy.

     I woke up in a nest, the only type of nest Klash can make and I saw all of them sitting around me, there was a bandage around my head my arm was in a cast and my thigh was bandaged as well I had a few cuts and bruises around my face but the biggest one was my black eye, I was in a whole heck of pain.

“Hi,” I whispered which got every single one of them to turn their heads and all their eyes spark up in happiness Charlie was the first one to hug me “Ouch!” I whimpered “Sorry,” he apologised “I just feel so bad, the cast and the cuts are all mine” I could see his face darken and the looked he gave me was full of pain and pleading “Hey,” I whispered my throat croaky “You didn’t know I could hardly blame you now can I?” I managed a smile it feels good to smile again really good next up was Klash who was smiling at me I knew Klash didn’t hit me for he was the one who knew I would get in front of Luke to stop them “They’re all there kicking themselves but I tell them it ain’t gonna make you feel better” he joked a gave him a small nod which he took well and walked away next up was Danny who face has gone even paler than I thought that was possible he took my hand, the one that wasn’t in a cast and kissed it “I am really sorry, I had no idea, I was blinded, I don’t know what came over me, please forgive me” he begged they are all taking this really hard on themselves “It’s okay for crying out loud you’re all acting like you killed me “In Chevern any man who lays a finger on a woman for no good reason is punished with death” Charlie whispered now I see why they are all scared they think I’m going to tell the king “Guys, you are helping me to go to the Underworld out of your own free will, I don’t think I could ever more grateful” I managed to give them a smile and next was Lash.

  I knew how hard Lash took out on himself anytime he did something wrong the way he was walking towards me knew that he had hurt himself because of me; he stood beside me in that same annoying position, “Before you tell me anything,” I spoke I looked at Klash “Tell me what he did to himself” I stared hard at Klash’s yellow eyes “He burnt his whole leg” Klash whispered I almost fainted for the second time tears came to the brim of my eyes and my face was going red I didn’t know how much longer I could hold in my tears I just wanted to cry right now so I did. I cried as Lash stood beside me his gaze on mine his eyes saying sorry but Klash told me how he said he would never touch me again. I looked away from Lash as soon as my arm gets better me and him are going to have a little talk. Next up was Luke. His brown eyes deep with concern “Are you okay?”  he asked his hand taking mine I gave him a small nod “What’s this about going to the Underworld, we can’t go your too week to go any further,” I started shaking my head in frustration “I can take care of myself, and plus do you think I came this far to give up now and if I never came this far you would’ve never found me” I smiled as I saw a glint of happiness in his eyes “So please don’t make me quit now” I said but Danny was already beside me “You mean this mutt,” he stopped to give Luke a hard stare “Is coming with us?” his gaze softened as he looked back at me “Of course he is and I believe you guys owe him and me an apology” I cocked my head I would have folded my arms but I knew it was impossible “For what?” asked Danny “I don’t know, maybe seventy years ago for locking me up in a tower where I was forced to kill myself” I said my eyes blazing red as I saw Klash and Lash turn to look at me “We had to, we have a lot of enemies and they knew how much we cared for you they would have used you to get to us” explained Klash, as if right on cue a dark figure stepped out.

  At first I thought it was Liam but this person was tall and bony he had a blank expression on his face and a scar going down from the corner of his left eye to his right cheek his face was white, it wasn’t pale, but white. And yet he had the lightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen, he also had brown hair gelled back with a comb. He was dressed in a long black coat with a black pair of boots.

   “Hello, Alejandra,” he greeted, Danny already had his sword out Lash was in his fighting position and Luke was shaking again yet still trying to hold himself from changing into a wolf, I myself was petrified, “Hello, and who are you?” I asked “Me, well I am somebody who is need of a favour,” he laughed “Nobody here owes you a favour” I replied “Really,” he raised an eyebrow up “Well, how about we ask, our friend Danny here?” I looked at Danny his expression was unreadable “What do you want?” Danny asked his voice was hard and rough “Danny boyo all I want is your little friend” he said gesturing to me “Over my dead body,” he whispered “So shall it be” answered the strange man he drew out his own blade which was the colour of metal with a red handle “An eye for an eye yes?” he smirked “Stop!” I shouted which caused Charlie and Luke and Klash to turn around, Danny never left the man’s eyes “What do you need me for?” I asked quietly “To take you to my Queen, the Underworld Queen” he smiled, he can make us get to the Underworld faster and easier “How will you take us there?” I asked my voice matching his “Through a portal of course I summon a portal to the Underworld and we walk through it and then were at the entrance of the Underworld,” his gaze never leaving Danny who was the same. “Danny, put your sword down,” I ordered but he ignored me “Danny, put the sword down,” he slowly drew it down put he didn’t put it away “We will go with you to the Underworld as soon as I get better which might be in three days, but before you stay with us, what’s your name?” I asked the question popping into my head “Jash,” he answered and I was star strucked.

    “Jash, Klash and Lash,” I looked at each one of them “Can somebody please explain?!” I exclaimed Klash sat down beside me “Our family history,” he started but I stopped him “In fact I don’t know your family history so you can start from there” I said my expression blank.

   “Our family, comes from a long line of Dark, yes we are Tenebris but our Grandmother married a Lux man and thus came our mother, only she wasn’t a Sunset, you see being a Sunset you have to be born at a specific time, Alej tell us when is your birthday?” I froze as everyone turned to look at me except Danny “April the 4th” I answered quietly “Wrong, your true birthday that you were actually born is December the 24th, Christmas Eve” he corrected “being born on that day in Chevern means that you understand people well and you are a natural born therapist. A peacemaker people always seem to get along when you’re around. You tend to be like a mother or a father to those of your friends even people older than you. You enjoy your role and love that you are close to so many people. Your weakness is reliance on others for happiness and that is the true thing to being a Sunset. Which is what you are, but our mother was born on December 23rd thus she being a normal creature meaning she cannot possess the power of Dark and Light so she has nothing at all and when she married our Father who was Tenebris created us, so we our half nothing and a half Dark,” he paused so my birthday that I have been celebrating for the past fifteen years of my life isn’t my birthday meaning instead of me being sixteen forever I’m fifteen instead. I thought the King told me everything that was meant to be said. “Our mother had triplets, Jash, me and Lash and then our little brother Danny so that is our family history.” He finished “So-“ he began again “Wait!” I stopped  “I want Lash to tell me I looked at Lash he gave me a cold stare so cold that it made me shiver but he didn’t decline my request “After we were born we figured out that we’re all different from each other Danny and I have the power of Dark while Klash and Jash have nothing, no powers at all, Klash relies on his strength to get him through life but Jash was furious and wanted to have powers so he tried killing Danny and I so that he could inherit our powers so we put a curse on him the curse was

‘He who shall kill any man,

Shall die within the father’s hands

                                                                 Let him suffer through his time,

 Until death gives him another rhyme’

   “Stating that if he shall kill another man he shall die but suffer first until another curse is put on him, so later on Jash found a loophole. The loophole was that if he happened to kill somebody who we would die for he can inherit our powers, we would all take death for you Alejandra so he partnered up with the Queen and they made a deal to find you and bring you here and kill you so that when they inherit their own powers they can rule Chevern together “he finished my expression was still blank but inside I was crying.

   This whole thing is so fudged up I came here to get my family back and now if I die they will all die but I have no parents left and nothing to live for and I still stuck with this stupid curse of picking one of them, when I just want to be left alone. And for crying out loud this whole bloody Sunset thing is just driving me insane if the Queen wants it she can have it, but I know the price to pay.

  And then my whole world came crashing down, I have lost the battle. I can’t give my life up because if I do then Klash, Lash and Danny all die and if I live I don’t get my parents back and I’m stuck with this curse of picking on of them. This whole thing was a mistake now I can’t go; I have to only try harder to live. But then I thought came, “Where did the psychic used to live?” I didn’t look at any of them but I know who answered “We know where she used to live.” Answered Klash but it is protected we tried going back but it has this kind of force shield on it. “Well were going to have to break it,” I sighed if I could just have a clue, something to tell me what decision to make and not regret then it would be a huge help, so we have to start there. “Let’s go,”

   “And where do you think you’re going?” laughed Jash I struggled to stand as the pain in my leg was sending signals to my brain to sit down I ignored them and walked, well sort of hobbled, to where Jash is, I looked him right in the eye. “Listen here, Mr Greedy,” I started my eyes blazing into his and his eyes had the look of mockery “We have something important to do first but no matter what happens, we will be at the Underworld” I said quietly he laughed the pain in my leg was jabbing me right now and I felt dizzy and his laughing wasn’t making it any better so even though I was weak I gave it my all.

  I focused all my energy which wasn’t very much into my eyes and fired it at him, as hard as I could. He jumped back, blood coming from his temple, an idea came into my head if he works for the Underworld Queen he has Underworld power meaning his weakness would be Light, I thought of the Sun, the beach, and ten thousand light bulbs and hit it with him hard, and he screamed.

   His scream was ear piercing and I couldn’t put my hands to my ears like the others were doing, but instead I hit it with him again and again until suddenly the screaming stopped and Jash lay there not moving I quickly bent down to him and his body lighter and he wasn’t breathing “Jash?” I said I was shaking him now “Jash! Wake up, wake up!!” I screamed I felt strong arms pull me away as I continued screaming his name Klash Lash and Danny crowded around Jash as I continued screaming his name.

   Luke was pulling me back, “Let me go! Let me go!” I cried “I said let me go!” I screamed but he wouldn’t he just held me while I cried. His strong arms held me tight while I sobbed into his black t-shirt “It’s all my fault” I repeated.

   I woke up and the sun was shining, my head wasn’t throbbing and my arm was perfectly fine I stood up, there was no pain I was perfectly fine but how? Suddenly all the thoughts of last night came rushing back “Jash is dead.” I whispered I fought back tears as hard as I could. I killed someone. I never meant to but I did. I looked around there was nobody here it was all empty. I went to the tree where Klash cooked dinner and the place was still left the same but there was no one here “Lash!” I called the silence greeted me instead “Danny” I yelled nothing. I kept calling their names until I came along a t-shirt, and some jeans short, these were what Luke was wearing last night. That means he changed into a wolf, but why? He wouldn’t change into a wolf unless he wanted to protect me then I remembered what Lash said ‘We would take a bullet for you, Alej” the memory echoed. We were attacked last night. After I lost all my energy in killing Jash and cried myself to sleep I must have slept very heavy, but I always sleep light.

   This wasn’t making any sense, I sat down on beside the tree, I rubbed my eyes and tried to at least look that I haven’t just woken up when I came across some pink dust around my mouth, I was drugged!  There must have been lots of people to overtake Luke as a wolf or Danny and his sword. I was alone now back to before I met Charlie. I got up and started to walk away from the clearing it held to many sad memories, now I have to try and find them.

   I was walking for about an hour now and I stopped, I had no idea where I was going, I remembered last night that Klash said we would go to the psychic house but where is it, I was completely lost.

   I continued to walk as I feared that staying to long might leave my sent and I might get some unfamiliar creatures, like the demon baby dolls. I found a tuft of grey fur, it was warm and soft, I thought about it being Luke’s wolf fur but I have never seen him as a wolf, I walked until it was dusk still having no clue where I’m going, 

   It was in the middle of the afternoon and I was sitting down between a three way split wondering which way should I go.

    Then for the first time, out of three days, I noticed a note in the bag I was carrying, it was written in perfect neat squiggly writing. It was a riddle.

No one else but you and me

All alone as you can see

Follow your heart

So we can part

This stupid love triangle.

Whichever way you shall choose,

But choose the right one,

You don’t want to roost.

And if you pick the right one,

I can finally show the battle has only begun.

   I had read over it for half an hour now, still I didn’t get it, obviously the person who wrote this knew I would end up here but I just didn’t seem to get it all together. Although I know I’m not alone, but one thing didn’t make sense, well a lot of things didn’t make sense but this one was the most obvious ‘This stupid love triangle’ it didn’t rhyme.

   The rest of the riddle rhymed, except for this line. I wasn’t in a love triangle I was in a love hexagon, but what brought me here, something brought me here, maybe it was my heart.

   So this thing is following me and I’m following my heart, then it hit me it wasn’t talking about people it was talking about the paths it was a three way part, meaning a love triangle and the next line said ‘Whichever way you shall choose’  so I have to follow my heart and choose a way and at the end of the way, I will meet another person, because once I pick a way I have parted with the one that was following me before as it said in the fourth line ‘So we can part’ I’d be happy to I thought. But the thing was, which way and what did it mean to ‘roost’.

   I decided to choose the middle one, it was calling to me somehow I felt it drag me in there. As I was walking down the path, I started to feel hot and sticky, and I got a shock of my life a burning branch fell right behind me, I landed myself in the middle of a fire. I now knew what it meant as to roost, I picked the wrong way, I was going to roast.

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