it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


13. Island of Perdidit

     I was shaken awake by Alejandro’s voice “Alejandra, Alejandra” he brushed his lips against mine which caused me to squirm and wake up, “Are we there yet,” I said jolting awake I could see it was nightfall “How long was I asleep?” I asked as I saw Alejandro’s face bright and perky  and mine probably looked tired and icky, “A long while, but it was fun watching you,” he smiled “You watched me sleeping,,” my eyes widening as I tried and found my sunglasses “Here I have them,” and he put them on “Thanks,”.

   We stepped off the canoe as my feet touched the sand, we were on an island the trees were so tall and green and they had coconuts from at the top and I could just about make up a volcano at the top.

 “Is this Perdidit?” I asked Alex who was rummaging through a bright orange rucksack he brought that I didn’t notice before “Do you know what Perdidit means Alej?” he asked as he cocked his eyebrows “I think it means confused or disturbed, my Latin isn’t top class,” I shrugged “It means lost, this island only comes out when it wants certain people to come otherwise it could’ve remained lost and we would’ve been sailing forever,” he said as het down and started a fire near a tree “The certain souls come out if they want to be found but most of them don’t know the way and they never find us,” he said “Do you wonder what’s the difference between the Underworld and Perdidit? Well its simple certain souls go to the Underworld and certain souls go to Perdidit reason being we don’t know. It just is.” He finished as he sat down near the fire he just made.

   I sat beside him “ We could be on this island for a while possibly forever “Well we reached here very quickly so I’m guessing the Island wants to show us something,” he said moving closer to the fire I look for Alejandro who is sitting opposite me as Ariel is resting on his shoulder, his expression is cold and hard as he stares at the ground and Ariel whispers something in his ear. I decided to go for a walk around the beach as we were deep inside of it by now, I got up and headed out “Where are you going?” Alejandro and Alex said at the same time I looked at them confusingly “On a walk,” I said “I’ll join you,” they both said again at the same time this time I laughed “I’m good I just need to think,” I said as I walked away laughing “Well I need to find more sticks anyway so I’ll just head in the opposite direction from her,” I heard Alex say and he was off.

   The Island was beautiful in a cold way, I saw a butterfly, I was the least insect I would’ve expected here but it was beautiful its wings covered in a Moroccan style, I watched it fly as I decided to go back in case Alex or/and Alejandro were worried.

   I stepped into the camp and the sight I saw shocked my eyes, I saw Alejandro and Ariel in a deep passionate kiss a small gasp escaped my lips which caused them to turn their heads Alejandro’s eyes widened with horror, I ran away, I ran and ran until I could run no more I had no idea where I was but before I knew it Alejandro was beside me “Alejandra I’m sorry it wasn’t what it looked like, it’s just I thought you and Alex were going to see each and not come back ‘till day time,” his voice struggling to find the right words I turned around and threw off my sunglasses “Alex is my bloody half-brother!” I shouted at him as I saw his eyes widen with shock his eyes going to a bright pink it’s almost blinding with that I turned around but he was in front of me again his eye begging mercy “Alej, I don’t know, I’m such a moron that I didn’t trust you have every reason to be angry but please try and forgive me,” he said reaching for my hand I took a step back “Oh I forgive you, but I will never forget,” I said as I tried and scoot past him but he blocked me again “Alejandra I’m in love with you that last thing I want do is hurt you on purpose,” he said his eyes willing me to look at him to see it his way “Well I can’t trust your promises anymore, I don’t love you,” and this time I walked away tears streaming down my cheeks and he didn’t try and stop me.

   I was sitting close to the ocean as the waves always used to soothe me and the water lapping at my feet, I winced when I remembered Liam, I haven’t seen him in forever, I also remembered the way Danny used to look at me with so much love and passion, the way Lash used to care for me even though he would lose it sometimes and then Charlie who could make me laugh in the worst situation I smiled when I remembered the first time I met him how he pretended to not know about my Sunset power,  and Klash who I helped and wanted to help more.

   I heard someone come up behind me, it was Alex “He’s not worth it,” he sighed as he put his arms around me and that’s when I started to sob. I woke up in Alex’s arms back at the sight Alejandro was sitting right beside me watching me, I got up and started to walk away I could hear Alex jolt awake by my sudden movement.

   I felt someone grab my waist, “How many times do I have to say sorry?” he whispered in my ear I folded my arms and glued my eyes to the ground, “Are you going to answer me?” he said as he lifted my chin up I gazed into his deep shade of purple eyes his eyes were bloodshot and I could tell he didn’t sleep because he was trying to look for me and he had been crying.

   “Alej please, I never meant to do it, I can’t tell you how sorry I feel and I miss you,” he said tightening his grip around my waist I put my hands around his neck and I saw something glint in his eyes and a flicker of a smile came across his face “Okay, apology excepted, but you are going to get punished,” I said smiling he cocked his head and looked at me in confusion “And how am I going to get punished seeing you cry was heart breaking enough,” he said I could see the pain in his eyes “You’ll see,” I smiled and released myself.

   “Do you think that they want to be found?” I asked Alejandro “We have been here for two days, and nothing has happened,” I sighed and sat down he came and put his arm around me he tried to give me a kiss but I turned my head “Alej you’re driving me crazy, I’m know my punishment for kissing Ariel is not kissing you but I can’t take it anymore I’m going to lose control,” he said staring at me I gave him a smile “Maybe next time you will see where that ends you,” I said but he kept looking at me with such intensity “There will never be a next time,” he said and I believed him I smiled and gave him a hug, which he pulled me back and kissed me I didn’t stop him because I wanted him bad too.

   As he pulled me back he smiled his eyes a bright purple “I’m free?” he asked “You were never punished, you just have to fight for what you want,” I smiled and he pulled me in for another kiss.

   I was alone with Ariel as Alejandro and Alex went to go and have a chat, “Would you like a drink?” she asked handing me a cup I shook my head and went back to playing with my piece of grass “Alej, I’m really sorry,” she started “Save it,” I said as I stood up wanting to leave she grabbed my hand and pushed me back in a tree “Listen to me, we are going to play a game anytime you kiss Alejandro, you get to meet my little friend,” she said as she pulled out a knife and made a slit on my wrist the blood was dripping down and my skin wasn’t healing the knife must be under a spell. I winced as I felt the blood working its way down.

   “Where is your sweet boyfriend now,” she smirked as she made another slit this time across my neck I winced “Are you hurting?” she whispered in my ear as she made another slit this time from my elbow to my wrist on my other arm she then let me “I picked a leaf and started to wipe up my blood “Do you understand the game now?” she said I nodded walking away from her away from this.

   I was at the same spot beside the river the waves lapping at my feet as Alejandro came to join me he took my hand into his which I winced when he squeezed my hand he gave me a questioning look “Are you okay?” he asked his eyes a deep shade of purple but with a hint of pink “Just peachy,” I sighed as a used my other arm to cover my neck.

   It’s not that I didn’t want to tell him it’s just that it didn’t matter, she warned me when we were on the canoe and I ignored her so it’s all my fault.

   He removed my arm from my neck and his eyes turned a bright and fiery pink “Who did this?” he asked his voice was hard I had to think of something and fast “I did,” I blurted but I knew pausing wouldn’t help “I wanted to see if blood could attract the souls,” I said nodding “So that’s why you did it three times,” he said his voice going even harder “Alejandra tell me the truth,” he said his eyes piercing into mine which caused my whole body to shake. I kept quite not trusting my voice. He sighed as his eyes turned to a bright purple he put his hands through my hair and kissed me cheek, “Why won’t you tell me?” he whispered in my ear causing me to melt from his hot breath he worked his way from my ear to the corner of my lips where he stopped, “You’ll do something drastic,” I whispered “What if I promise not to?” he said as his lips brushed past mine i was trying not to lose it, “Okay promise,” I said “I promise not to do anything drastic,” he said as he moved back and stared in my eyes which were no longer shield by my sunglasses, I hesitated for a minute then sighed it’s now or never.

   “It was Ariel, every time we kiss she is going to slit, but it was my fault she warned me on the canoe and I ignored her remember your promise,” I blurted I saw his expression harden his eyes going a light shade of pink I have never seen before “Alejandro,” I said as his usually tan face was going a deathly pale the only type of pale I’ve seen on Danny, and his black curly hair was going white I touched his arm which brought him back to himself “I remember the promise but now I am going to make a promise,” he said with a scary smile on his face “If she does this again I will kill her,” he said and I knew he meant every word and he leaned in to kiss me but I dodged it.

   “We can’t,” I whispered knowing that Ariel is watching “Alej, if we continue like this I will go mental I will lose it, pleas?” he whispered as he came closer, cupped my head in his hands and kissed me, I was taken by surprise about how slow and deep it was like he was taking his time exploring my mouth but I wasn’t complaining he ran his fingers through my hair, and I could feel him smile as he stopped I noticed he was smiling and also a set of dimples I never saw before “Dimples,” I whispered and he smiled bigger “I love you,” he said “I love you too,” I replied.

   Our moment was then interrupted by Ariel who was standing I moved away from Alejandro as his eyes turned a deep purple almost going black, “He’s lying to you, ever since he heard that you were coming to the Underworld he was getting in contact with me, you were his escape out you would free him from the contract so me and him could be together but when he was free he wanted to pay you back as that was part of the plan so he could go to the mortal world and get something for me, you don’t need to cleanse your soul by saying sorry to all those people the river does that all ready, so the plan was going perfect until we came here and he said we had to break up, and that’s when it was over I said I would let him go if he gave me one more kiss and he did but that’s when you came it wasn’t because he thought you and Alex were going to do something it was because he had to, and now I want him back but he claims that he loves you,” he said her eyes never leaving mine he never loved me he lied to me, he was using me I started to get up and start shaking my head I couldn’t make sense of it.

“Alejandra,” he said calling me back from the spot as I was well away from there now “You have to let me explain,” he said as he reached me I turned around the anger boiling inside of me “No, you have nothing to say, you lied to me, you never loved me, you used me I hate you,” I cried as I stormed away but as always he was in front of me “Yes my first intention was to get out of the Underworld but then I started to fall in love with you, I can explain,” he said his eyes searching mine but my eyes were probably red now as my anger and temper took over me “I don’t believe you, I just want you to go and never talk to me again,” I said storming the opposite way “Alejandra,” he called I turned around and faced him “Don’t call my name Alejandro, I’m not yours anymore, I’m going to get what I came here for then I’m going home and you can bloody do whatever you want,” I said and turned around and went away, I could hear him trying to follow me but it soon stopped as Alex was demanding to know what happened.



   I found myself at the foot of the volcano, I sat down and cried. I thought he loved me I thought I loved him but he used me to get what he wants I took the three blossom flowers out of my hair and threw them on the ground, “You can’t have eternal love if there is no us,” I whispered as I watched them fly away into the wind, “Danny I need you right now I really do please come and find me,” I cried.

   About an hour later of playing with the fertile soil of the volcano I heard someone come up to me, they were wearing all white and had a sword at their side my jaw dropped as I saw Danny in front of me, I jumped up and went over to hug him “Surprised to see me,” he said as he hugged me back “I’m more happy than surprised,” I said as I still couldn’t believe it “What about my hug” I heard someone say I turned around and it was Charlie I lunged for him and tackled him in a hug “You could be a rugby player,” he coughed as he hugged me back they looked so graceful but I could see that Perdidit changed them “Where’s Lash and Luke?” I said a permanent smile on my face,  I saw Charlie look down “Luke is dead his body is no more, Lash doesn’t want to come back he doesn’t believe that Klash is dead he’s staying to find him,” explained Charlie I nodded my head “He will come when he’s ready,” I said “It might be a while,” sighed Danny as he rested his back on a nearby tree and ran a hand through his hair “It took us days, to get out at first we were being chased by our worst nightmares and soon we were suffering them again and again but then this light opened up and we walked through it, it turns out that when someone was calling us and remembering the good times in a good way we would be free . Lash wanted to go but he refused the light only comes once every three years by a special someone but I think you having to be a Sunset makes it open anytime,” he said as he stared in the sky “I want you to meet Alex,” I said as I grabbed them both by then hands and pulled them towards the camp.

   “Alex look who I found,” I sang as I showed him Danny and Charlie his eyes widened in surprise “How?” he gasped as Charlie and Danny told him the story ever since I used Amor Imperii on him as I sat and listened throwing in bits I could remember that they forgot.

   All the while Alejandro watching me, I ignored him this time it’s for me to be happy, Charlie glanced form me to Alejandro he sat down beside me “What’s up with lord googly eyes over there,” he whispered in my ear “Long story,” I said “Well you don’t have to explain it just hold hands with me and remember all what had happened when we were kidnapped and they will flow right through me,” he said holding out his hands I hesitated do I really want Charlie to see our kisses, I shook it off he wanted to know what happened I wasn’t going to leave bits out, I held his hands and remembered.

    When I opened them he was laughing, “What’s so funny?” I said blushing like mad “The mortals, they are hilarious,” he laughed I punched him lightly on the arm “But still he’s a jerk you deserve to be treated like a princess even though you are,” he said putting his arms around me and giving me a squeeze “That’s what everyone says I deserve this I deserve that, all I want now is to go home, to my foster parents and fix everything I did and I want you and Danny and Alex to come with me,” I said “No problem I sure Danny wouldn’t mind and I would love to see all foster sister, Robin,” he smiled “Oh she would love you,” I smiled “But before we go you might want to tie up the strings with lord googly eyes over there,” he said gesturing to Alejandro who’s eyes never leaving us “And I will explain the news to Alex an Danny,” he said standing up I looked over at Alejandro his eyes locking with mine.

   I went over and whispered follow me into his ear and he got up immediately and tried taking my hand but I put it in my pockets, we were near the river “Are you Lux or Tenebris?” I asked staring into the setting sun, “Lux,” he replied I now know why he could produce flowers out of nowhere and how his skin was an amazing tan “I’m going to the mortal world, and I will visit the King now and again but I’m not coming back for a while,” I said “Alejandra I’m so sorry I never meant to hurt you,” he said running a hand through his hair “I’ve heard all that before you could’ve told me,” I said looking at him now “You could’ve just told me the truth,” I glanced at his deep shade of pink eyes “I know but I was so afraid of losing you,” he said clutching his hair “Well what’s happening now?” I said as I stared at him my eyes filled with concentration “Goodbye Alejandro,” I said leaving him on his own.

   I went back to the camp and saw the white door that would take me home and Danny holding his arm out to me, I took it and looked at all of them individually Alex, Charlie and Danny with me in the mortal world it couldn’t get any better.

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