it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


12. Forgive & Forget

We were back at the back of the school, I lead Alejandro away into my first period as he took in his surroundings, it turned out to be we missed a whole month because the posters were gone for the Halloween prom “Time lies when you’re in Chevern” I said taking a metal note of that we came across Sophia and her group.

   I saw her wink at Alejandro, but he didn’t see it. “Look what the trash rolled up, and you brought a friend too how nice,” she said making her way up to Alejandro and wrapping her hands against his he gave no reaction but he didn’t refuse it. I decided to get this over with “Sophia I forgive you for all these years of making my life miserable,” I said staring at her hard her whole group burst out laughing “I don’t need your forgiveness you freak, I just need a man,” she said gazing up at Alejandro who looked at me for help I figured he wasn’t used to girls giggling all over him. “Well I said all I wanted to say and there,” I said as I grabbed his hand and pulled him away “I thinks she likes me,” he smirked “Do you really want to go there with me,” I said staring back at him I saw him smile “I would like to see all sides of you,” he said took my hand as I headed out for my teachers.

   I saw my History teacher Mr Greg, “Sir, I just wanted to say sorry for not being the most active student this year,” I said as I looked at him “Oh, Alejandra well we haven’t seen you in a while, are you okay?” he said touching my arm I winced knowing that it’s only a piece of cloth protecting him from my skin “Yeah I just wanted to let you know,” and with that I walked away heading to my Foster parents house.

   “The house looks cosy,” said Alejandro “It is,” I said as I opened up the door and was greeted with the smell of freshly baked bread Robin mouth dropped as she saw me “Mom, Mom  she’s back and with a friend,” she screamed which brought Gary and Mary running down the stairs like mad.

   “Alej, we have been so worried where have you been?” she asked flustered her cheeks going bright red debating if she should be angry or happy, happy won over. “Let’s all go to the sitting room ,” said Gary.

    The rain pondered hard as we sat down Alejandro still hasn’t let go of my  hand I give him a squeeze and he returns it back flashing me his irresistible smile.

   Mary glanced at our hands knotted together and gave me a wink which I nodded nervously too. “Right, where have you been this past month?” asked Gary “I needed to take some time off and I found a place where something is needed to be done and only I can do it,” I said “I know it’s not much of an explanation but you have to trust me,” I said looking at Mary “I know I you have tried to make me feel comfortable ever since I came here and I gave you the cold shoulder and for that I’m so sorry, but now I know that you guys love me like any other parents love their own children and I am so sorry I didn’t cooperate, will you guys ever forgive?” I was so close to tears but I forced them back “Oh Honey, of course we do, we tried everything we could to make you feel welcome but you acted as if we weren’t there but now I look at you, you look happy.” She said “I still have to go back to that place, but I will be back” I said “Does he have anything to do with it?” she cocked her eyebrow I blushed so hard I pretended to fix my sunshades that I picked up on the way here, “We met at the place and she wanted to drop in,” spoke Alejandro “And what’s your name?” she asked “My name is Alejandro,” he said his eyes being sincere she gave him a warm smile. “Well your welcome here anytime,” she said “Well we will be off now,” I said standing up “Thank you once again,” and with that we left.

   The rain was pouring down hard and we had no umbrella, we found a tree somewhere, we chose to wait it out, I was lying in Alejandro’s lap as he played with my hair “How did your eyes get like that?” I asked as his eyes were an astonishing purple which twinkled whenever he smiled “I was born like that, does it bother you?” he gave me a sly grin which I blushed from, I sat up “No just wondering,” h pulled me into him “Well wonder no more,” he pulled me in for a kiss his hands exploring my body as I felt his body.

   He had a lean muscular body, with decent enough biceps I started fiddling with his hair as he nibbled my mouth, and then he picked a flower, it was an orange blossom, it was beautiful the white petals holding fragrances indescribable, “Wow,” I whispered as he tucked it into my hair “It stands for eternal love because I will love you no matter what,” he said looking at me with his purple eyes and I knew he meant it, I was too shocked to speak so I nodded and we sealed it off with a kiss.

   We were back in Chevern as we headed over to Lux, so I can apologise to the King of Lux who claims to be my father. We were holding hands and I still had the orange blossom in my hair. We worked are way up to the castle as jaws dropped and eyes widened.

   I knocked on the door and was greeted by the same girl who I met with Alex when we came here, “Oh you are a busy girl,” she gave me a sly smile and led me to the King.

   His eyes widened with disbelief when he saw me, “Alejandra, where did you go? Are you all right? Who’s this? Would you like a drink?” he bombarded me with question as Alejandro gave me a reassuring squeeze. “I went to the Underworld, I’m fine, this is Alejandro who I freed from the Queens slavery in trade of my Sunset powers and no.” I sighed as I sat down with Alejandro the King was looking at me then at Alejandro then at our hands entwined, “I see,” he said as he sat down again “I’m sorry for running out when I first came here I should have gave you more time to explain,” I said “That’s okay, you were right we were never there for you, but we do love you all the same,” he looked at me I gave him a cold look is still feel weird how about he claimed about me being his daughter “ Well, that’s what we came here for,” and with that I left I untangled myself from Alejandro’s hand and left  I made my way out of Lux and into the forest, where I was met by Alejandro, I still have to learn how they do that super speed thing.

  And I started to cry, I cried in his arms as he held me soothing me and whispering ‘it’s okay’ into my ear. When I calmed down, he gave me hug, “I’m sorry,” I whispered he pulled me back “for crying?” he gave me a small smile “You want to tell me why?” he said as he brushed a hair away from my face “I don’t deserve to be loved, I deserve to be hated, I killed my whole family gave a cold shoulder to the ones who cared for me, the last thing I need is love,” I sniffed “I don’t deserve you, I killed four people who helped me get to the Underworld, I don’t deserve to be loved,” I said playing with my hair as he listened “Yes the most important thing you need is love, your friends followed you out of love and your parents, the King and Queen sent you a way out of love, and I love you like crazy and I would never do anything to hurt you,” he said I looked at him “ I love you too,” and he gave me a big smile and kissed me.

   We were looking for somewhere where we could spend the night, and we chose  in a small clearing, we were in a deep conversation when we heard something, and out of the shadows came a girl, she had orange fiery hair with bright green eyes and pale skin and she had a knife in her hands, Alejandro pushed me behind him as he was about to pounce when he struck dead and stared at her his expression shocked “Ariel,” he whispered I looked between them confused “I will leave you two alone,” I said as I walked away he didn’t say anything just continued staring.

   I walked away as I found a bird who’s wing was broken I carried it in my arms, “You want your wing back?” I asked it seemed to understand me “Is it your wish?” I said remembering I could still grant people on wish it nodded. I closed my eyes and imagined the bird with a new wing when I opened them it was flying, it sat on my shoulder which I thought as a thank you but when I tried shooing it off it followed me, he wants to stay with me, I wanted to show Alejandro as I made my way back with the bird on my shoulder, I came into the clearing and saw Alejandro talking with Ariel which they stopped when I came in,

   “You’re not finished yet, I’m sorry I should’ve waited longer” I said as I felt both there strong eyes on me “No, it’s okay,” said Alejandro as he pulled me into him for a kiss it wasn’t like the ones we had before it was more aggressive more demanding I pushed him back “Are you alright?” I asked as his usually purple eyes were bright pink with lust and anger “I’m fine,” he said as he wanted to pull me back in but I rejected “Sit down for a minute Alejandro,” this time he sighed with defeat and sat down, “Are you okay?” I asked “Never better,” he smiled and his eyes were back to purple and he picked an orange blossom and put it in my hair, now I had two.

   “Hi, my name is Alejandra,” I introduced myself to Ariel she gave me a filthy look before returning to Alejandro “ Alejandro, is this seriously what your leaving me for, this ugly baboon,” she said gesturing to me I felt a pang in my stomach what did I do to her, and Alejandro lost it he stood up his fist clenched and his jaw rigid, I knew he was doing all he can not to lose his cool, I touched him on the shoulder and his whole body went soft when he connected with my eyes and he sighed “I’m sorry,” and Ariel “Get out, and never come back,” he said with his back turned to her  “I’m afraid I can’t do that,” she smiled “I need to get to Perdidit, and I know you know where it is so I’m following you” she said as she sat down on the grass playing with the hem of her top, I saw Alejandro’s eyes light up “Okay, you can come with us,” I spoke Alejandro looked at me like I agreed to marry her he pulled me away “You sure about this?” he whispered in my ear I nodded and he let me go “We are going to the river of cleansing next so have you forgave all those people and said sorry to those you have hurt?” I asked she gave me a nod and turned her back to me I took it that she wants to be left alone.

   I sat back with Alejandro, “Want to tell me what happened?” I asked playing with his hair he looked at me and flashed me one of his white smiles “Later, but I know what I want right now,”  he smiled as he reached over and cupped my face in his hands and pulled me in for a deep passionate kiss his hands running up my thighs, my hands rummaging through his hair I was loving every minute of it.

    I woke up to wrapped around in Alejandro’s arms he looked so peaceful his hair falling in his eyes, his skin taking in the light, I brushed my lips against his, which caused him to smile but his eyes were still closed I brushed my lips against his again but this time he wrapped his arms around mine and pulled me in for a kiss. “I thought you were sleeping,” I said as he tried and tamed his hair I put his hands down, “I like it like that,” he flashed me a smile and continued getting ready for the journey, “So what happened with Ariel last night?” his whole body went rigid but then softened up he came closer to me and sat down beside me his eyes were a deep purple and his voice was cold “She used to be my girlfriend, until I caught her cheating with my best friend, I broke up with her and she was so angry she sent me to the Underworld and now she came to say sorry and wants to take me back,” he said quietly he takes off my sunglasses and gazes into my eyes they were probably turning a sunset colour for understanding “She lost someone close to her but thinks she can find their souls in Perdidit, and that’s why she wants to come,” he finished his eyes never leaving mine “I don’t want her, I want you Alej and I would never do anything to hurt you, I will always love you, I promise,” he said I move closer to him “I understand, it’s okay I trust you,” I whispered as I we stare into each other’s eyes our eyes saying everything are mouths can’t say, I stand up and dust off the grass from my dress, as his gaze lingers on me I turn away needing time to think.

   I was beside a tree, I trust Alejandro, but I feel like there’s more to the story than what he’s telling me, “Am I disturbing your thoughts?” I heard someone behind me say I knew that voice anywhere I ran up to him and jumped in his arms and pulled him into a hug “Alex, I’m so sorry I wasn’t thinking when I did it I’m really sorry I used Amor Imperii on you I really am,” I babbled as I withdrew from the hug “It’s okay, I understand so where are you heading?” he asked I knew he would want to know that “ I’m on my way to Perdidit,” I said his eyes look at me in confusion “Well I’m coming with you,” he said he wasn’t asking and I wasn’t going to refuse him I needed him more than ever now “Okay, let’s go,” I grabbed his hands and lead him over to Alejandro and Ariel “Alejandro, this is Alex,” I introduced but Alejandro wasn’t looking at me or Alex he was looking at our hands entwined together his eyes burning a bright pink “I think you guys will have a lot in common,” I said ignoring his looks I left them to it as I went back to the tree.

   I feel like there are more secrets to my life, me reincarnating, me having to choose out of four handsome boys, me having to feel unwanted, me having to find true love, people who are set out to kill me, people who want to use me, people who want to make my life a living hell, I can’t help but feel they are all linked together and I need to find the source but first I must get my friend back even if it kills me. I head back to the clearing and find Alejandro and Alex in a heated argument I feel like one of them is about to break a punch and I was right. Alejandro throws a punch right in Alex’s face which Alex returns with a kick in Alejandro’s tummy.  “Stop! Do you want to kill each other?” I scream running over there and getting in between them Alex had a black eye and a busted lip. I felt anger rising up in me I turn to Alejandro “How could you? This isn’t like the Underworld where you can take out your anger on someone” I shouted he looked at me his eyes hard “Alex is one of the only people I have left that I can trust, and you guys go around beating each other up,” I stare at him his purple eyes almost going black “He started it,” that set me off I stormed off.

   I came back to the tree anger boiling up inside of me, I find Alejandro there with an orange blossom in his hand I cross my arms but I don’t refuse as he puts it into my hair I have three now, “I’m sorry,” he whispers as he wraps his hands around my waist, I don’t respond. “I’m really sorry, I was being stupid,” I look at him his eyes a bright purple “I’m sorry too,” I say the anger going down “It’s okay,” he says as he takes my hand “But promise me something,” I say “Anything,” he replies as he smiles “Try and get along with Alex, please,” I give him my puppy dog pout which causes him to laugh “Okay, I promise to get along with princely boy over there,” he smiles and I gave him a light brush which he returns with a kiss.

   “We are going to the river of cleansing which will lead us to Perdidit,” Alex explains I look at him with his light blue eyes and brown floppy hair that still tries and gets into his eyes i push a stray hair back which causes him to flash his white teeth and I give him a smile “You can smile now,” he teases I give him a shove “Three years without smiling, how did it feel the first time?” he asks still holding my hand I take my hand away remembering Alejandro’s face when he saw it “It felt weird, a good weird,” I sighed as we continued walking to get to the river Alex and Ariel were behind us “What were you and Alejandro fighting about,” I asked he gave me a smile “Well let’s just say a few words were said from me about how you were in love with your friend Danny and how you guys were hard to separate and stuff like that” he said lightly I punched him lightly “No wonder he gave you a punch, you deserve it,” I laughed he brushed my hair behind my ear “You deserve the best and nothing but it,” he whispered I smiled at him and there was silence between us for a while which was quickly diminished with laughter and jokes I snuck a look behind us were Alejandro and Ariel were, Alejandro’s eyes were cold and hard it felt like he was looking right past me and Ariel gave me a knowingly smile my stomach did a double flip Alex saw what I was looking at “He really loves you, you have nothing to worry about,” he said trying to reassure me I gave him a weary smile and continued smiling.

   We decided to make camp, I went on walk with Alex as he was afraid of me being kidnapped I secretly wished Alejandro came instead but i was happy with Alex. We talked for a while then we got lost in our own private thoughts “What are you thinking about?” he asked as he pulled me to a stop his arm wrapped around my waist I felt uneasy I tried pushing away but he was on tight. “Alejandro,” I whispered kept my eyes on the ground he lift my chin up “Trust me he loves you, he wouldn’t dare,” I gave him a weakly smile “Let’s go back,” and I was grateful for that.

    I was excited to see him to have him to myself, I came up to Alejandro and pulled him away leaving Alex and Ariel alone.

   I pulled him into a deep kiss taking him by surprise but he was soon recovering “What was that for?” he smiled at me “Nothing, I’m just happy,” I sighed as I pulled him in again “I like it when your happy,” he smiled I gave him a kiss on the cheek before sitting down his eyes were cold “Alej, are you still in love with me?” he asked I looked at him with shock “Your just spending so much time with Alex and I feel like you don’t love me anymore,” he sighed I cupped his face in my hands “Of course I’m in love with you, and I think I’m going crazy with it, Alex and I are close, really close and I do love Alex but in a completely different way from you,” as I kissed his cheek and he kissed my neck “Are you sure?” he asked his eyes  deep purple “Positive,” I smiled and kissed him.

   “So how long were you and Ariel together for?” I asked his eyes turned from a bright pink to a deep purple “Alej do we have to do this now?” he groaned as he pulled me on top of him as he lay down “Yes we do,” I said as I played with his black hair he sighed in defeat “Two centuries exactly,” he sighed my eyes almost went out of my eyeballs in shock he looked at me and smiled “But we were on a shaky bridge the whole way through, we thought we love each other but we didn’t, but now I’m in love with you,” he smiled at me and brushed a hair out of my face, “I’m crazy about you,” he whispered I smiled and closed my eyes taking in his sweet scent.


   “Wake up you lab rat,” I heard someone poke me I brushed them away and cuddled closer to Alejandro not opening my eyes until I felt someone give me a solid punch in my eyes, “Ouch!” I screamed as I held up the now swelling eye  I felt a bit of blood on my eye, but it was quickly gone. Alejandro jumped awake took one look at my face and was about to lash out at Ariel, “No, she’s not worth it,” I said stopping him he cupped my head in his hands and winced “Is it that bad?” I whispered “Looks like it, she’s going to pay,” he said his voice set with determination “I should’ve woken up, it’s my fault” I said he started shaking his head “She punched you in the eye because she was jealous of seeing us together,” he said his face expressionless I reached out for him and touched his lips “They say Jealously kills,” and with that he smiled and gave me a kiss on my cheek I winced “Sorry,” he grunted I knew he was trying not to lose it “Let’s see if the prince here can do anything about it,” he said taking my hand and leading me to Alex.

   “Good morning,” Alex said and looked at me before his eyes widening with shock “What happened to you?” he gasped he gave a cold look to Alejandro and gave him a hard shove “You did this,” he shouted I was quick to pull him back before Alejandro lost it “It was Ariel, I’m fine just let’s leave it, do you have anything that could put the swelling down?” I asked as he stared at me in disbelief “Yea, just put a green leaf on it and it should go down,” he said handing a green leaf to me  I was about to take it when Alejandro took it off me “Here let me,” I gave him a thankful smile he soaked it in hot water and put it on my eye, I winced but quickly got over it.

   I felt the swelling go down as we made our way towards the river, my hand entwined with Alejandro’s as he kept asking me every five minutes ‘Are you okay?’ which my answer would always be a smile.

   “What were you and Ariel talking about back there?” I asked breaking the silence he glanced at me then sighed “She wanted me back,” he said “I know that but what were you talking about?” I asked again this time determent to get an answer “It’s not worth mentioning,” he said his eyes glued to the ground I stopped it right there “It is to me,” I said my voice hard my wandering why he kept this from me. We were soon disturbed by Alex who said were here, the river was a deep shade of blue and was ginormous I couldn’t see anything across it from where I was standing and mighty, we got a canoe and hopped in, “It might take a while to get there,” explained Alex “But not too long,” he said as he gazed out into the river, I sat beside Ariel.

   “Hi,” I said I saw Alejandro and Alex in a deep conversation but he glanced at me and game me a look that said ‘stay away from her’ as his eyes blazed a burning pink but I ignored it, “I didn’t mean to punch you in the eye,” she apologised her green eyes was showing sincere “It’s okay I guess I should’ve thought how you would feel seeing us like that,” I said as I watched her expression changed into a cunning smile “No, I’m over it, my first intention was to get him back no matter what but now i like seeing him happy with someone who will be loyal to him but sometimes I still feel that pang of hurt and it makes me do something stupid,” she said looking at me her green eyes blazing. I saw she had a green pouch tied beside her black mini shorts.

   I took in her looks, her pale skin reflecting the light so perfectly showing all her facial features her red hair being pushed back by the wind and her white tank top and black min shorts with white sandals she look like she just came off the run way. I looked at myself I was still wearing the dress and it looked like a mess, “Here close your eyes,” I did I felt a rush of wind here and a pull of my hair there “Now open,” I was wearing a pink tank top with a heart on it and I was in blue mini shorts with red sandals my black hair was tied into a ponytail with the tree blossom flowers still there and I had a mascara on which made my eyes more noticeable, but she quickly gave me blue sunshades.

   “Thanks,” I said giving her a smile “Friends?” she said opening her arms for a hug “Friends” I said as I pulled her in for one.

   Alejandro came and sat beside me, his eyes never leaving my legs, “Wow,” he gasped and came to look at my face he frowned “What?” I said confused he came up and wrapped me in his arms even though we were sitting down and it was harder, he came in for a kiss which I stopped. Don’t get me wrong I wanted to kiss him, I just remembered how Ariel felt when we would do something like this “What’s wrong?” he asked his eyes showing concern in a bright purple kind of way “Nothing,” I said my eyes glued to the floor of the canoe hoping it wouldn’t sink, “Just remembered my fear of canoes,” I said it wasn’t exactly a lie but it was partly true he took of my sunglasses “Your lying,” he whispered as he kissed my neck I released myself from his grip which caused even more frustration “Alej, what’s going on?” he said running a hand through his hair “I just feel we shouldn’t be open about these things, especially in front of Ariel,” I said not wanting to look at his expression he laughed “Let her think what she wants why should you care?” he said scooting more closer to me “I do, I know if me and you broke up and I saw you kissing another girl in front of me I would feel so sad,” I said as I moved away he sighed he moved closer and put his arm around my waist “Okay, how about a kiss on the cheek?” he said flashing his white teeth making it hard to say no “ I guess a kiss on the cheek wouldn’t hurt,” I said as I headed for his cheek I felt him kiss mine but he grabbed my hands and pulled me in for a kiss on the lips I couldn’t break free so I just gave up letting his tongue dance in my mouth and his arms making his way to my waist, his hands feeling my legs which sends shockwaves to my brain, as I can feel him, I stop it right there “I’m sorry, I got lost,” he said looking at me with big pink eyes I couldn’t help at smile at his pouted look “You tricked me,” I said as I rested against his lap gazing up at him “Don’t act like you didn’t like it,” he gave me a sly grin which made me laugh.

   We’ve been sailing for almost five hours “How big is this river?” I asked Alex as his eyes were cold and hard “Alex,” I said shaking him he shook his head gently and he looked at me and he broke into a smile “Really big,” he said “What were you thinking about?” I asked a s I snuggled into his chest his smell was warm but not the same as Alejandro’s he put a hand around me “Ariel, how she punched you in the eye I have a feeling there’s more to the reason why other than jealousy” he said I caught Alejandro looking at us so I went over to him and brought him here and snuggled into his chest “Now do you believe me,” I said looking at him as he had a smile on his face “Never doubted you for a second,” he smiled as he gave me a small grin “Yeah right” I smiled as I fell asleep on his chest.


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