it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


10. Evil Indeed

The Queen was still the same as I met her, except this time she was wearing a green dress as if she was going out for a ball, “I swear darling, you must fix your timing, I am going out but I do wish you would make yourself comfortable, here Leander will take care of you” she said as she began walking away “Wait!” I shouted she stopped in mid-air “Let them go,” I stated she clicked her fingers and they were free and out came Luke I ran up and hugged him his strong arms hugging me back, “I will be back shortly but don’t make me do something I don’t want to do” she sang and then she was gone.

   I looked at all of them and beamed happily but they all gave me hard looks “Alej we need to tell you something,” said Lash “You are not going to give up your life for us, we will not let that happen” he seemed to almost start raising his voice “Don’t you remember my promise, I will give you freedom and no matter what I will live” I repeated he gave me a weary look “I promised what more do you want?” I asked exasperated “What will you do?” he whispered I took in a long deep breath.

   I knew what I needed to do, you can never change the past if I were to get my family back, it just wasn’t possible nothing can ever undo death, not even the Queen of the Underworld “I am going to live with her do her bidding for your freedom, I will let Klash’s soul rest in peace and I will let her unbind you guys from the spell because there is just no way I can pick I will remain here with her forever but I won’t give up my powers but she can use them in whatever way she can,” Lash was about to start debating and I knew from the look he gave me he’s not taking no for an answer I cupped his head into my hands “Lash what else can I do if I die you guys are bound to the curse forever, but when you guys are free you can forget about me and I will always be there for you just call my name” I whispered tears were rolling down his cheeks “ I promise okay I will always be there for your wedding, for your first child, I will always love you,” I cried I got up as Lash lay helplessly on the ground I walked over to Danny who’s head was bent  down and I raised his chin up for him to look at me “Your supposed to be the strong one,” I smiled “No Klash is,” he snapped  I withdrew my grip “Danny,” I said he stopped to look at me “Don’t you get it, I love you I don’t care whether the curse is there or not if you die I die if you stay I stay,” his voice was broke down into a whisper “ I love you Alej,” he whispered “I know, but I don’t think you can stay, just be strong for Lash” I said trying so hard not to let the tears fall I walked over to Charlie “We can escape now if we can, I think all of us can outdo Mr Nice guy over there,” he said gesturing to Leander who was staring at me intently I brushed of his stare and focused on Charlie.

   “No point, she is going to find me, and I will not refuse if it means getting you guys free and Klash’s soul to rest in peace,” I paused thinking about Klash “Then I would do anything, you guys got me here I made so many friends you brought me to a place where I was wanted but I still don’t belong here and I am not planning to stay forever.” I said looking at Charlie’s chocolate eyes I gave him a peck and a hug “Try not to kill Danny,” I whispered smiling he didn’t reply I didn’t want to know what he was thinking.

   I was then left to Luke who wasn’t here yet, I turned to Leander “Where is Luke?” I asked avoiding eye contact I heard him sigh, and his eyes looked up to meet mine “Do you really think the Queen would go to the ball hungry?” his voice had a hint of sarcasm in it and after all I’ve been through I wasn’t up for games “Where is Luke?” my voice shook with anger “The Queen ate him,” he sighed at first I was confused then I was shocked I didn’t know what I did until I was on top of Leander throwing punches in his face, until I felt hands pull me back I started to sob into Danny’s arms.

   I snuck a glance at Leander and there wasn’t a scratch on him my knuckles were bleeding and he looked like he just stepped fresh out of the shower, I hate him. Klash and Luke are dead all thanks to me, out of the five friends I made two were dead. I feel l like a murderer.

   Leander led us to a room it looked like a sitting room, there was a lit fireplace with a red rug and a glass table with four two-seaters leather chair. I took a seat beside Danny and Lash, Charlie chose to stand behind us instead and Leander sat right across from me his eyes never leaving mine.

  My eyes were bloodshot and they were probably greenish-greyish as I felt so sad and dead inside. I could feel nothing but hatred for the guy in front of me right now. If Danny wasn’t holding my hand I would have had stuck a fork in Leander’s neck. 

   “Are you hungry?” he asked but was still looking at me nobody answered him but he clicked his finger and a petite woman with dark hair and a fragile body came in with a silver platter in her hands. When she lifted the lid up I could hear Charlie, Lash and Danny gasp. In the plate was a kidney, it was Luke’s kidney. He had a fork and knife in his hand and was eating a cooked kidney with lettuce and strawberries, all the time eating his eyes never leaving mine.

   “You’re a sick and twisted person, you should be ashamed of yourself, I could do a permanent damage to you something that will make you think twice before eating my dead friend’s kidney in front of my bloody face!” I yelled he looked almost amused “I asked you if you wanted some,” he whispered quietly he looked almost sorry but I didn’t believe it “How could I eat my best friend, a human being for crying out loud!” I yelled standing up Danny’s grip tightened but I wasn’t going to need my hands for what I’m about to do to him “He wasn’t a human being he was a wolf.” He whispered again his violet eyes flashing curiosity “That doesn’t mean you can eat him” I was hysteric now “How would you like it if you died I would be eating you “I wouldn’t mind” he shrugged “That’s what we do to all people who come here, isn’t it the right thing to do? We don’t let the body waste, so we eat it” he said standing up now was he joking me I looked over at Danny who sat me down.

   “Try not to get on his bad side, most people say he has no mercy” he shuddered I looked closely at Danny and saw a scar on top of his right eyebrow that wasn’t there before, I touched and I was immediately vacuumed into it.

   I was right beside Danny, I waved my arms in front of him but he too, no notice of me, so I just stood there and watched.

   Leander was came out of the darkness and Danny’s face went white with fear, I’ve never seen him that scared before, Leander drew out a necklace, it was just a letter ‘I’ in a filthy metal. I watched as Leander hit it with him on his eye and watched Danny scream in pain, Leander had a blank expression as he watched Danny in pain, I screamed for him to stop but he just kept hitting and hitting him I suddenly was back to the present.

   “How can you live with yourself? Hurting people, making them suffer, I’ve lost all my family and if they were ever threatened I know I would have done anything for them but doing this is just sick and twisted!” I whispered I turned to Leander he looked like he aged fifty years I saw something glimpse in his eyes ‘regret’ or was it ‘frustration’ whatever it was it was gone the minute it started “I have no choice” he whispered his violet eyes staring at me “Oh, you have a lot of choices, but you don’t see them because you already made a decision,” I stood up Leander came up to me his eyes blank with expression the same look when he was hurting Danny, before I knew it I knew what he was going to do.

   It all happened so fast, Lash and Danny screamed in harmony and then there was a bright flash and they were gone tears were brimming to my eyes “What did you do to them you monster!” I screamed as I hit his chest as tight as hard as I could “Darling he didn’t do it, I did,” I turned to look at the Queen “You broke your promise, don’t even think of coming near me, I swear to you lay one finger on me I will make you regret it” I whispered as I came face to face with her “Darling, I made no such promise in my life,” she gasped as she put her hand on her chest with the worst shock expression ever “ I simply waited until you got here then I killed your little acquaintances, and then I’m going to kill you,” she said so simply like she was talking about killing paper dolls instead of human lives, well not really human.

   “What makes you think that you’re going to get them so easily?” I cocked my eyebrow and sauntered over to her “I want something in return” I said we were now eye to eye level she wasn’t really that tall “Okay Darling name your price” she said still keeping eye contact as she folded her arms “I want you to,” I paused if I was going to die I needed to do something that I would be able to still enjoy even though I was dead “I want you to let Leander go,” I said turning to Leander who had a shocked expression on his face his violet eyes looking at me “Is that it? You would give up worthy powers just for this nincompoop,” she laughed “Well fine by me,” she turned to Leander.

   “Alejandro Kyle Xander, you are free of our contract,” she clapped two times Alejandro I liked that name better “Now Darling my part is done tomorrow night we will hold a ceremony for your killing so savour every minute of your life starting from now” she smiled and with that she was gone, it was only me and Alejandro.


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