it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


8. Dying tree

      I took of my hoody which revealed a vest and started to fan out the burning tree but it was doing no good. I quickly started  looking for a way back to the ‘Love triangle’ and then I heard a noise, a noise of something moving fast, I turned around, a burning tree was rolling straight towards me, I started running away from it as fast as I could but I felt flame lick my neck I screamed in pain. I then saw that more was coming behind it, five more. And there was no way to go. No escape.

   I thought this was it, I would finally die and meet my parents, only I remembered I’m an immortal I never die. I only go down. A thought came into my head I wasn’t meant to be running away from it I was meant to be running towards it, because I never die, I will feel the pain but I won’t die. I tried to dodge the flames as the they seemed to hiss anytime I jumped over them, other times I wasn’t so lucky I had burn patches all over my hands but the side of my neck was the most painful. No time to worry about that now, I ran up the hill and was met by the same three way path I looked behind me and the hill was gone. I was back to square one.

   I stared at the note part of me hoping the answer would just jump out, unfortunately they didn’t. ‘Follow your heart’ I tried that already and I’ve already roosted I have either left or right, then I got it! ‘Follow your heart’ it wasn’t mentally it was physically I had to go left because my heart is at the left side. I wish I got that the first time.

   As I went down the path it started to get darker and darker, I got the next part right too, the sun, the sun has been following me, so as I part with the sun I say hello with darkness. I was beside a tree, except this tree was long time dead it was a twisted withered tree, after a while, out of nowhere purple smoke started to come I was about to step back only to realise I was rooted to the spot.

   The purple smoke formed a mirror, it was a strange mirror because I couldn’t see myself in it. And slowly a figure started to appear, first it was the hair, it was deep purple and in a high mountain like hair-do. Then came the white face, with blank eyes, like I really do mean blank eyes they were completely white no pupils, no iris and I doubt there was a cornea. And then thin pink lips I couldn’t tell if she, I hoped it was a she, was looking at me because there was no proof. It hit me like a wave, the Queen of the Underworld was in the mirror, she’s found me, she led me here and I betcha ya she has my friends. “What did you do to them?” I spoke quietly yet she still heard me and she clicked her bony hands and the mirror turned and I saw them all five of them, Lash, Klash, Charlie and Luke except Luke was a wolf, he was a grey wolf but his fur looked ragged and they all had bruises over their faces “What happened to all of you?” my voice shook Klash had tears to his eyes and his voice was shaking terribly “Thank you for all that you’ve done,” he had tears streaming down his face now “I will always love you, Alejandra.” I had no idea what he was talking about I’m coming for them this isn’t goodbye, this is see ya soon. Then this thing came up, it had blank eyes, like the Queen and was dressed in black overalls with tattered short, it was a minion. It went up and punched Klash in his abdomen and Klash turned to dust, my heart shattered.

   All the things Charlie had said came rushing back the minion hit him in his weakest Chakra, he’s dead and he’s going to become her minion. Klash was gone. The minion was moving onto Lash then I started screaming the hot tears started to pour down my cheeks “Don’t you lay a finger on him!” I shouted at the mirror “You lay a finger on him and I swear to you I will give my power up to random people!!” I screamed louder “And it would take years for you to find the people because there would be 50 and you’d have to find them trick them into coming here and trick them into coming into your world and kill them which could take decades but you don’t have decades” I whispered my voice rising to a chill cool voice my eyes never leaving Lash who was violently shaking his shouting for me to go back to the mortal world he didn’t care if he died, as long as I was safe “No Lash you and me are in a different game, this game is between Her and me, but I will make a promise?” I whispered his head slowed down “ I promise you freedom and I will not die, okay Lash I will not die” he looked at me his eyes pleading  “Alej, don’t come just go” but the picture was fading out and the Queen returned but she was different this time she had a sun kissed tan, curvy body in a bikini lying down with sunglasses over her eyes on a deck chair her hair was a light blond and  she was drinking a smoothie. “You have a time limit” her voice was soft and coaxing demanding attention “You get here in three days’ time they live you don’t they die” she finished “No,” I said my voice matching hers “This is between you and me, if they die I will split my powers, you wait till I get there and then we can have a little ‘chat’,” I said she smiled a perfect white teeth smile “You remind me of myself when I was your age, anyhow be quick about, I hate waiting which I’m sure you will figure out very soon” and the mirror vanished and I was back with the tree except this time it was alive and the sun was following me again.

   I needed to get to the Underworld, and fast. But one thing was at the back of my mind, why didn’t the Queen just poof me there or something, well I’m not going to spend all day thinking about it, I’ve got to hurry. It was just getting dark and I thought i should take a break here, when I came across a rabbit, it was brown rabbit with big black eyes and a small tail it was about a foot tall and its nose as twitching, “Hello, there you little cutie,” I cooed “I do happen to be cute for a rabbit don’t I?”  It replied I jumped back, there are no such things as a talking rabbit, then I remembered I was Chevern and anything is possible. I still took a step back “What, never heard of a talking rabbit before” he hopped towards me “No, I just didn’t expect to run into one” I said stepping forward to him “Well don’t think I’m going to lead you towards a hole and then you’re going to come across a mad hatter” he said his eyes staring straight at me “You stole that from a movie,” I giggled “I like to think of it as borrowed” he said I scooped him up in my arms, he was very warm and soft, I’ve always wanted a pet then we got Henry, and when he died I thought I would never love another animal again, but I guess I was wrong.

   “You wouldn’t know how to get to the Underworld would you now?” I asked “The Underworld with that wretched Queen who’s eyes are practically soulless!” he exclaimed his mouth open staring at me in disbelief “As a matter of fact I do” and he smiled I gave him a smile back and hugged him “Hey, watch the tail” he groaned “Sorry, so how do we get there?” I set him back on the ground “Well to  get to the Underworld, you have to follow riddles,” he explained, great more riddles “And you must make sure you get the riddle entirely before you make a move like, this one here,” he pulled a piece of paper from a near-by tree “Looks like the Queen is expecting you,” he handed me the paper with a riddle on it.


At last you and I can be together for twelve hours or so

But be careful you don’t walk into a handful of snow

Oh, and make sure you pick just the right hole.

For if you dare meet a hare,

Just follow the yellow brick road.

   This is even harder than the last one, but I know the first line, the Darkness and I can be together for twelve hours or so but what did it mean ‘Don’t walk into a handful of snow’ there isn’t snow in sight , and I have met a Hare sort of anyway, but there isn’t a yellow brick road at all. “Do you have an idea what it means?” I asked looking at the rabbit “Isn’t it obvious,” he sighed  “The dark will be with us for twelve hours give or take, but we have two options start walking in the dark and look for a hole but while doing that we are going to have some ice elves at our feet, or we can wait till sunrise and follow the sun,” he said lazily “So the yellow brick road is like, the sun?” I asked he gave me a look “Immortals,” he tusked I rolled my eyes “So let’s wait till sunrise” I ordered “No kidding,” he said. I went up to a nearby tree and slumped down on it, I could see the rabbit sleeping away in his burrow, but I couldn’t sleep I kept thinking about Klash, all the memories we had to together even though they weren’t a lot it’s my fault he’s dead it’s all my fault.

   But now I have to hurry and get to the Underworld because Lash’s life is at stake and I won’t let him die.

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