it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


11. Clock is ticking

   “Thank you, Alejandra,” he said his eyes never leaving mine I looked away and blushed slightly “It was no biggie, I saw how miserable you were here and well I’ve forgiven you for whatever you’ve done to my friends i don’t want to die with any regrets now do I?” I saw him slightly wince “So how did she get you down here anyway,” I said lightly but his violet eyes turn a darker colour they almost turn to purple that pinkish violet eyes have almost turned to black. “I’m guessing you don’t want to talk about it,” I whisper afraid to raise my voice he looks at me confused “No, not now” he said staring at me which such intensity I can’t help but look away.

   He comes closer to me, silently and I watch him put his arms around me the way Danny does, did, how he bends his head for his lips to slightly brush against mine, enough to make my whole body fizz with energy until I realised that this is the last thing I need. I push him away and he lets go reluctantly “I’m sorry,” he murmurs as he runs a hand true his hair trying to discipline it. I don’t say anything as I try and make sense of what was about to happen.

   “It’s okay,”  I said as I curl up on the couch, I feel so alone I have no one and no body and it’s all my fault it seems to me like any happiness I get is bound to get crushed somehow and that’s when I let it out. I start crying, the hot tears streaming down my face my eyes feeling red and sore, I didn’t notice that Alejandro was beside me trying to comfort me reaching for my skin to hold I jump up, “Don’t touch me,” I say through sobs not willing for another person to go for another person to die because of me I break down onto the floor and rock myself back and forth calming myself as he stares.

   After what seemed like forever I was able to see without blurry vision, I looked at Alejandro “They’re not dead,” he whispers “Who’s not dead” I asked trying to make sense of my hair “Your friends,” he answered “They’re souls are lost, and if you want them back then you have to find them” he said my eyes locking onto his as he walks closer I take in his scent the scent of warmness the scent of safety “And I will gladly accompany you,” he whispered in my ear before turning away.

   “Did you just suggest we ru-“ I was quickly interrupted by him putting his hands across my mouth blocking me from finishing my sentence “Yes we are, because you have freed me I will take to the place of lost souls, Perdidit, I will be your guide to guide you to and back with your Friends, no matter what cost,” he said it with so much sincerity I was almost about to cry again but I refused it, instead I gave him a nod which prompt him to remove his warm hands from my mouth “You must not speak about it but we will leave just before the ceremony because everyone will be in one place even he guards” he says pacing up and down while I sat there watching and listening.

    We would leave just after the Queen told me to get ready and I would but instead of me going to the ceremony I would go to the front gate and get the guard to open the gate claiming I just want to see the trees and stuff and then when he least expect it I should throw some potion in his face which will knock him out and I will run to the big oak tree where Alejandro is waiting.

   It all sounded so simple coming from his lips but I knew it would take much effort to even glance at the guard who was a bloody Minotaur. I mean one stumble and I am as good as gone.

   “Just woo him,” he shrugged as if it was nothing I looked at him jaw open “Woo him?” I repeated “Yes, act as if you’re going in for a kiss and then throw it,” he said his eyes looking at my lips before returning to my eyes “Why don’t you put on a girls dress and go out there and ‘woo him’” I joked thinking about what it would look like for him to be a girl “I can’t” he simply said walking over to me and leaning over me “Why not?” I asked aware that I was melting in his arms “I’m not as beautiful as you,” he whispered his lips brushing my ear. That was enough for me to burst out laughing. Then only realising a nanosecond after, was that he called me beautiful.

   I heard the clicking of high heels and soon to be followed I saw the Queen, who in spite of her cruel mind looked absolutely magnificent. She was wearing black stiletto heels with a red dress that reached down enough just cover half her thighs and was frilly all around the hem as is was she was carrying a red rose and she was rearing black sunglasses and her deep purple her was let loosely which reached all down her back even though it was tightly curled.

   “You can’t go to a party looking like that,” she sighed and clicked her fingers and soon I was transformed, I was wearing a dress similar to hers except in black and it reached just enough to cover my knees, my blond hair was dyed a jet black and I was wearing black leather boots I glanced at Alejandro who’s eyes were widened, “Much better, now say your farewells and hurry soon,” as she clicked away.

   “Now you shouldn’t have any problem wooing the guard,” his eyes blazing a purple violet he kissed me on my temple working his way down to my cheeks and pausing just a shy at the corner of my lips, wondering if he should continue or not, if I would be offended or not. I pushed him away just not quite ready for I was sure once he gave me that kiss I would be his and I’m not ready to be tied down yet my heart ached when I saw the disappointment on his face, which quickly vanished as he composed himself “No, it is I who should be sorry, I should have been more patient,” he runs a hand his hair, “Well off you go, I’ll see in a minute,” I glanced at him before making my way out.

    I made my way down this merky dark passage without any light but I eventually found my way out, I was hit with a blast off cold air. I saw a barbed wire gate with a beast beside it.

    I walked up to the beast carrying the potion ready to put it all to action, “Hello,” I said in my most seductive voice but it managed to come out as a squeak “Aren’t you meant to be somewhere?” his voice was deep and gruff and his breath stank so much it made my eyes water “I wanted to have a little fun before I die, so fortunately you get to be the host” I smiled God this was so hard! He smiled  “I know what you mean,” he nodded he was about to close the gate when I stopped him “No, let’s do it outside, you know underneath the stars,” I faked sigh he gave me a quick nod and opened the gate to lead me outside, he turned around to take my hand so I threw the powdery potion in his face, “What di-“ his word was cut off by him falling down hard in a deep sleep.

   My heart was racing as I ran through the gate and made my way to the tree Alejandro told me to wait “Alejandro,” I whispered sharply I was grabbed by the waist with someone covering my mouth I tried kicking and fighting until they turned me around “Oh, it’s you,” I gasped even in the night he looked good he also changed he was wearing black jeans with a plain white top his curly hair was pushed back although there were a few stray hairs and his eyes flashed a bright pink “What are you thinking about?” he whispered as he wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me into him as he rested against the tree “Your eyes,” I whispered I saw him flashed his straight white teeth I put his my arms around his neck as he bent down and brushed his lips against mine, stopping just short of the corner waiting to see if I will refuse. I didn’t.

   I pulled him in deeper are tongues dancing in each other’s mouth, his lips nibbling my neck before coming back to my mouth again, it wasn’t something like Danny’s or Lash. It was better.

   We sat down for a while his hands never leaving mine, “So where do we go?” I asked “To get to Perdidit, you have to clean your soul,” he said “How do you do that?” I asked playing with a piece of grass “Forgive and say sorry to all those on the mortal world and those on Chevern,” he finished.  I have to say sorry to the Queens and Kings of Chevern to my foster parents, to Robin, saying sorry to my teachers and the most dreaded forgiving Sophia’s group.

   “Okay, how do you do it?” I said wondering if it will be a painful thing “Simple, just go up there and say sorry or I forgive you” he said brushing his hands against my face “Not so simple, I have a feeling if I go to the mortal world my powers will kick in and I can’t touch you,” I said blushing like mad “Alejandra I’m and immortal the only way to kill us is finding are weakest Chakra and hit it,” he whispered in my ear. Of course why didn’t I realise earlier I only have to protect myself from mortals.

   “Okay, let’s go” I said as I stood up I imagined a white door and there it was and we took each other’s hand and set off

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