it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


4. Cleansing

     We’ve been walking for about 2 hours now, Klash in the front then Charlie then Lash then me and Danny is right behind me, I can feel his eyes on my back I catch a glimpse of him smiling as he continues to stare at my neck I couldn’t take it anymore, I slow down and soon it’s just me and Danny.

    “What gives? Why do you keep staring at me? Am I a bother? What do you want from me?” I ask my cheeks going red as he just stands there with a stupid grin on his face his eyes never leaving mine. “Nothing ‘gives’,  I keep staring at you because I am taking by your beauty, no you are not a bother, and I want you.” His eyes looks at me accusingly as he says the last part, my beauty? What does he mean when he ‘wants’ me? God I am so sick of playing games. I turn on my heels to try and catch up with the rest only to find Danny in my face his cold breath on mine his hands wrapped around my waist and his body up against mine “I mean every word I said” he whispers causing me shudder and push him of but he doesn’t budge, he glances at my lips then back at me, not in his lifetime I remember what happened with Liam and me before I opened the door, I focus all my energy on my eyes then look at him and hit it with him full force his eyes turn a blazing red before he jumps back, eyes glaring at me sweat dripping from his forehead his eyes have gone blood-shot as he starts coughing. “ How did you do that?” before I know it he was back up again in the same position this time tighter having no intentions of letting go “Why do you want to know” I try and act like I don’t really care but I can feel my eyes go a blazing yellow due to curiosity he laughs, like a full-on head back tummy laugh but he still doesn’t let go, “Really, there is no point pretending I can see the truth in your eyes” he says still recovering from his laugh but then his light grey eyes cloud over with darkness “For years I have been trying to learn how to do what you just did which is called Amor  Imperii, for two centuries, you need to tell me how you did it, now!” his eyes bearing such force such determination but quickly disappearing when he sees the terrified look on his face “Do you know what Amor Imperii means?” I ask his silence gives me the answer “It means the Love of Power meaning when it gets into the wrong hands Chevern is as good as gone,” I stop to see the look of question in his eyes “ So if you may,” I took the chance to break free and start walking away.

  When we catch up with the rest,Charlie gives me a look but I avoid it, I want to be alone with my thoughts now.

  We reach this tree, this tall, fat magnificent tree with every single leaf bright green and almost making me feel welcome but I don’t let my guard down,  “What is this place?” I ask when all of them looks at me in hard stare Charlie gesturing for me not to say a word I watch as four leaves fall of the tree. When we pass it I stop in front of Charlie needing to know an explanation “That is a tree,” he smiles I raise an eyebrow “I know that, but why did you make me shush?” I ask again “That tree is very special in some way, but we don’t know how yet, but we have figured out that anytime you talk near that tree on how many word you say the leaves of the words you say fall off” he explained as I noticed how I said ‘What is this place’ four leaves came off “Oh, okay” I said as I went behind him as he chuckled.

  I was in a memory when I bumped into Lash “We’re here now,” he smiles down at me I didn’t realise how tall Lash was until I was near him he was the tallest amongst the group he always stood in the same position, hands tightly together around his back feet exactly three inches apart and head always straight, I swear you could balance a set of china plates on his head for two hours and not one would fall. He is just so tense. “How come Danny is so into Amore Imperii?” I watch as his eyes widen and then looks at me “Danny is the most,” he pauses while he thinks of a good word “Troubled, out of all of us he has been through so much in so little time and Klash, but the thing with Klash is he always holds his in he holds his anger, his love, his surprise, his tension, his embarrassment and when he is scared everything is there just waiting to be released but he won’ let it, I’ve always warned him about seeing a healer but he refuses, he is also very short tempered try not to get on his bad side,” he smiles at me before continuing “But with Danny it’s different he takes out all his emotions in hurting people, he….” He stops staring down at me this time eyes dancing around my body I feel my cheeks go red and my eyes go purple “Sorry,” he apologises looking at me before continuing “He has hurt so many people in his life always acting good and what that word…..charming, until he hits them like a slap in the face, some people have killed themselves because of him but anytime they do he just shrugs,” he pauses and looks at me “ he is very manipulating, he is our little brother for about three centuries and some odd years, give or take” he smiles again looking at me I just shrug “Anyway I have no idea what he wants with those types of powers, but please be careful.” I stop not wondering what I should do but I just keep walking anyway.

   It turns out we weren’t their yet, we were at the resting place for the night, which turned out to be a small clearing, with grass so soft I rather this than my bed at home, home that doesn’t sound right anymore, Klash sets up our beds which are five little nest covered in hay and smell so sweet and are very warm. I can’t help but think about Klash holding his tension and emotion in.

  I remember when my Mum took me to her meditating class, I felt so good after like I was on air, “Remember sweetie,” she said tucking back my hair “Always try and help anyone you know in any way you can, okay?” she looked at me waiting for my response “But what if you can’t help them?” I ask “What if they are so lost that they refuse to let go of the bad and take in the new,” I stop thinking that that type of person must have some serious issues “What if they  don’t want to let go?” I whisper “Well then there is always one thing that works reliving happy memories” she sighs as she takes my hand as we try and locate our black car “Memories are the things that make us who we are, with bad memories we have bad people with good memories we have good people, everyone has good and bad memories it depend on what we choose to live on the good or the bad?” she says “And what memories do you choose to live on?” I ask with a smirk on my face “When your dad proposed to me, when my Mum died, when it was your eight birthday, when my dad told me he had cancer, when we bought Henry our St Bernard and when I was in the hospital with Rachel scared out of my life when the doctor said that one of us could possibly die while I was in labour, but we proved the doctor’s wrong and we both made it out alive,” she pauses to take a break “See there are both good and bad memories it depends on which one we choose to live.”

      As I lay awake in my nest bed in Chevern thinking about that, when I wondered what memories Klash decided to pick, I sit up to try and find Klash but his bed is empty. I get up from mine and start to look for him when suddenly I spot him just far beside a little lake. I start to run towards him only slowing down when reach my destination.

     “Hi,” I say he doesn’t budge but I know how to deal with the likes of him I mean I used to be like that, not wanting a conversation now I know that having a conversation leads to more knowledge and understanding of someone or something. The secret of having to someone talk to you is speaking your mind. Just keep talking about what you think until they are forced to talk so you don’t take them the wrong way I mean watch this. “So, I heard that you have your emotions locked up inside, that you have been through so much that your willing to hold in all the anger and disappointment to keep it inside you, don’t you ever feel there is an animal that is locked up in a cage inside of you desperate to be let out to be free?” I see him give a slow nod that if you blinked you would have missed it. I continue “Aren’t you scared that one day someone you really care about, someone who you would die for your going to hurt?” at that point he turns and stares at me for the first time his gaze boring inside of me I feel like I’m dancing on air like I’m in heaven but it slowly disappears when he faces back to the lake “Well I’m here to let out all those centuries of feelings  and emotions out the safe way that way when you really do let the animal out it won’t be nothing more than a glare instead of a kill.” I finish he gives me a nod that answers my question.

   “First, Clear your mind of everything work like a big eraser starting from your head to your toes, erasing every senses, your touch your taste and your sight except your hearing erase your knowledge and understanding just be completely empty. Okay, imagine your all alone in the dark covered with nothing but cold, feeling lost and alone, now with your mind clear your finally seeing how your feeling now we just got to reach out to the animal and sooth it down its not time to release it yet now open your eyes.”  I look over at him instead of his regular pale face I see a hint of colour going back to his face his yellow eyes seem to be fading away and being replaced with ice cold blue eyes but it happening so quickly I know he will be better in no time. I start to get up I can see his squared shoulders slowly going down and I can see him relaxing. I slowly start walking away when he is up in my face his hands holding mine.

    My heart freezes, my whole body goes rigid, he touched me he touched me and isn’t dying, that’s when I remember when Charlie said the only way to kill an immortal is to find their weakest Chakra my eyes almost water over in happiness yet I still don’t smile, weird huh? I hug Klash at first his body soft that I hugged him then eventually hugging me too I feel his hands going up and down my back,  I feel his other hand smoothing my hair, I feel it. I have never been more grateful in my life. “Thank you, for everything” he says his voice smooth and gentle I feel his thanks I felt his sorrow and now were hugging I start pulling myself away from him and he gently lets me ago and I walk back to my nest.

   I don’t even think I slept for half an hour when I’m woken up by Danny, “What do you want?” I ask groggily my vision blurry “I just need to talk to you five minutes that’s it” his voice was pleading I stand up as he pulls me to the lake were about half an hour ago I was here with Klash “This better be good” I say as I turn to him hands folded, he has his eyes wrapped around in that position again, except this time I don’t squirm or try and stop him I just keep staring at him his grey eyes dancing around my face, I then look deep into his eyes and I am hit with a powerful blast of warm light the kind that sends   tingles down my spine I feel so light and warm, I feel like I can do anything and nobody can stop me.

 “You still haven’t answered my question, what do you want?” I ask but my voice very faint as I keep staring into his eyes completely lost as his pale yet warm face and his high cheekbones and then when I came to his lips his soft pink lips I just couldn’t stop. “And I told you already,” he whispers leaning into me “You.” And he kisses me.

  At first we just stood there his lips pressed into mine, his lips were warm and soft I felt like nibbling on them and that’s what I did, I opened my lips as his tongue slipped into my mouth; his tongue was warm and inviting. It was the best kiss I had ever had and I know nothing will ever beat it.

  We stood there, kissing each other not able to get enough until when he wanted to come back for the fifth time I stopped right there, I looked at the ground “What is it?” he was still holding me while nibbling on my ear working his way down to my neck my knees were weakening as I couldn’t stand it any longer and I unglued myself from him. “I just…” I stopped in mid-sentence something inside of me was telling me to stop and I don’t know why but I did.

  He started to come nearer to me but I knew if he had me one more time I wouldn’t be able to untie myself from him. So I ran. I ran all the way back to the clearing only to find him there before me his eyes never leaving me. As Charlie walks up in front of me “The whole land is looking for you Klash said we can never get to where were going if you don’t disguise yourself, so were going to start going underground since it’s where his friend lives and she can make you un recognisable, then we can head to the next stop, okay?” he holds my hand and I am sent with this shock of warmth going up my arm my cheeks flush pink as my eyes go purple he is really up close to me when I spot Danny’s stare it was almost blazing with anger shooting at Charlie and then from then on I know it’s ‘May the best man win’.

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