it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


5. Change

    It was a tree-house, not the type that you would thought a father and child built together but a house on a tree, wait scratch that, a mansion on a tree, I was surprised that tree managed to hold on. The house was a bright red, with different coloured polka-dots we started climbing up the ladder and Klash knocked, we were greeted by this small, chubby woman with rosy red cheeks and a big smile on her face. “Well, well, well who do we have here?” her voice was very high but welcoming “And well somebody slap me with a shovel, I do believe there is Sunset in my presence!” she exclaimed I cringed not comfortable with her treating me like a celebrity “I am Alejandra” I said in a calm yet shaky voice. “So what you need me for?” she asked facing towards Klash “Wow! You look better than the last time I saw you, he looked as if he was just back from The Evil Queen herself, you look more relaxed now, you don’t look pale anymore, you must tell me your secret” she babbled I saw Klash take a quick a smile at me but I avoided it. “We’re here to make her unrecognisable.” He said as he turned towards her “Well that should be easy seeing I owe you favour already huh?” she continued to blabber as she pulled me away I was only half listening as I remember what happened last night between Danny and I.

    “Well now sweetie, I just want you to close your eyes and count to ten, can you do that for me?” I give her a slow nod as I count to ten. I felt light breezes on my cheek a pull on my hair and a quick spray of perfume and she put something over my eyes, probably sunglasses “Okay now open your eyes for me love” she whispered in my ear I looked over in the mirror that was covered by grass and weeds and saw myself. I didn’t even think that was me.

    I somehow have gotten two inches shorter, and my long dirty blond hair was now a bob short cut in black my skin wasn’t pale anymore it was a rich tan and instead of wearing a hoody and trousers with some dirty runners, I was wearing mini shorts and a neon yellow top that has a red love heart on it  with sandals. “How did you?” I looked at her but she was already shaking her head “A magician never tells their secrets so why should I?” she said smiling at me I gave her a brief nod and headed out the door to be met by all the boys sitting down in a scary silence, Charlie had a bruise near his cheeks that wasn’t there before I left and Lash had a black eye Klash’s blazed a bright yellow, but Danny looked perfectly fine. “Hi,” I whispered and at the same time they all looked at me their eyes going wide in an instant Lash was the first one to reach me “Wow, I think I like you better blond” he smiled at me and I gave him a small shove then Klash “I think you should wear shorts more often,” he smirked my cheeks immediately flushed red and no doubt my eyes didn’t go bright purple but thank God the glasses were there. Then Charles “You don’t look as scary as the first time we met I’ll give you that” I went up to hug him I felt so happy I found a friend, four friends in fact, I just couldn’t contain myself any longer I didn’t want any of them to get hurt and if I have to sacrifice my life for any of them I’ll do it without a second thought.

   “What happened to all of you?” I  looked at Charlie, Lash and Klash they all avoided my gaze, for the first time none of them looked at me not even Klash. “Don’t make me say it again” I said through gritted teeth then Charlie came up “Listen, while you were gone, let’s just say things got out of hand and soon someone stopped everything and we sat down to calm down” he answers his voice was so soft and gentle but I needed to know more “Who started it?” I watched as they all quietened down “I did” I heard Danny speak “I punched Charlie in the face, because I was angry and then Klash and Lash tried to stop me but I punched Lash in the eye but Klash still held me back forcing me to calm down until he let me go” I threatened if any of them said anything to you I would steal you myself and claim the reward I looked at him as if he had Down Syndrome “Why were you angry at Charlie?” but I already knew the answer “I was jealous” he whispered so softly I had to strain my ears to hear him say that and then before I knew I was over powered with rage “How dare you!” I exploded I didn’t know why I was angry I should have been flattered but something inside me knows that this wasn’t the only reason he punched Charlie and Lash “You.Don’t.Own.Me!” I took a step forward as my anger blared into his eyes but his eyes were cool and calm “You have no right on this God forsaken Land to punch people just because I hug or even nod at them! I mean I don’t even know any single one of you but I feel like I have known you for a life-time of years!” my cheeks were probably red now I didn’t know what I did until I did it. I slapped him. I slapped him hard in the face. I felt the sting on the back of my hand.

   The room stayed silent for a while me far away in the corner of a chair looking down Charlie, sitting down his eyes never leaving mine and Lash and Klash whispering to each other then, Lash started to speak “You have known us for a life time of years, two hundred years in fact.” He said quietly  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing “What? That’s impossible,” I stammered, but he continued “For the last two hundred year you have been reincarnating, because well you see a long time ago when we first met as in all four of us, when we all met,  you had just lost your family and were an orphan so me, Klash and Danny took you in only for all three of us to fall in love with you then back in those days Charlie used to be our stable boy and he fell in love with you two, so all four of us took you to a psychic to determine which one of us e charming will be your prince. But when she did look into the future she never told us which one would be it so out of anger Danny killed her, but before he killed her little did he know she cursed all four of us, the curse was any time you did pick one to be married to you would die and reincarnate to become a different person you will keep doing that until you pick the right one but over the last two centuries you have never picked the first time when we told you, you killed yourself the second time you made us fight to death, all those being the wrong choices, making you die. But now that your immortal we know that this is your last chance this is your only chance to pick one of us and as soon as you pick that person, if it is the wrong choice you die and never come back making your soul go into the Underworld and if you pick the right choice the other three die, and you and the right person will live…as they say happily ever after.” He said all that without batting an eyelid  I stood up, I couldn’t believe this, after hearing I was a Sunset, a princess, something so precious if I fall into the wrong hands Chevern will be destroyed. Now only to be told that I must pick between four handsome boys and if I pick wrong I die and if I pick right the rest die.

   “You have all the time in the world, so suggest let’s focus on our current mission, now we have to go and find someone who can show us the way, lucky for you I know just the guy” beamed Charlie he took my hand as he led me outside my shock still on my face I grabbed my hand away from him leaving Charlie confused as I walk past him I climb down the ladder and sit beside the tree.

  “Got anymore secrets to share tree?” I whispered talking to a tree “Because this is the time to tell me” I chuckled only soon after I started crying tears letting out all the tears and all the confusion and anger. Then a shadow cast over me. I looked up almost jumping out of my skin. Prince Alex, my supposedly half-brother.

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