it's about a girl who's lost everything and anything to her and she's given up on life and since she's lost everything she has also developed some hidden supernatrual powers. when she meets Luke her whole life turned right around.


14. A surprise

Right, it’s the start of a new semester and I can’t wait to go back to school, I think in a way a trip to Chevern had changed me, a good type of change, Danny and Charlie got a house right next door to Gary and Mary’s house so I could just walk in, they act as brothers at least that what they want people to think, Danny owns a black Bentley car which he won’t let me know how he got it and Charlie owns a red Bentley. Alex and i are getting along fine I talk with him a lot more and I also hang out with robin too, I join the family for meal times and occasions.

   My powers have kicked back in, but I Charlie thought me how to put a shield, the shield protects me from reading people’s thoughts and also they can touch my skin and not die, I did wish I knew about it sooner. But if I do want to read people’s thought I just put the shield down, I create some type of green veil covering me it was hard at first because it took up most of my energy but I got used to it later and now it’s as easy as pie.

    I wake up and take a quick shower and my hair stayed black no amount of dying it back to blond will ever change. I put on some black jeans and a purple t-shirt with my pink cardigan, and some pink flats.

   I ate some breakfast as Alex comes downstairs yawning, “First day of school, first day of Year eleven,” he groaned I’m going into Year ten and Danny and Charlie are going into Year ten with me. “Maybe if you woke up earlier you would have been ready by now we have fifteen minutes to get to school,” I said eating my cereal his eyes were widened in shock “I know I promised myself not to use my super speed but this is crucial,” he said as he zipped upstairs so fast it was a blur and came down in two seconds dressed and refreshed I rolled my eyes.

   I walked up to Danny and Charlie’s house and open the door they gave me a spare key just in case, “Guys come on were going to be late,” I shouted Charlie came down his blond floppy hair curled in front of his eyes and his brown eyes taking me in. I saw Danny come into the kitchen he was wearing a black t-shirt with black pants and white shoes his stunningly white hair was pushed to the front which caused it to fall in front of his eyes.

    “Hurry,” I said they both laughed as they made the way for Danny’s black car, they take turn driving me to school so today it’s Danny’s turn tomorrow is Charlie’s.

   I hopped into the shotgun as he started driving “Are you wearing cologne?” I asked taking in his perfumed smell I saw him blush, but he never used to blush, “Your blushing like crimson,” I joked he coughed “I thought you would like it,” he said as he drove into the school parking lot “I do,” I said and he flashed me one of his smiles. Charlie came a few minutes after us and parked in his usual space and hopped out to walk over to us, “Shall we m’lady,” he said in a posh English accent his hand out for me to take “We shall,” is aid in my best English accent and linked arms with him as we walked through the doors of the school.



   I was in History with Mr Greg when he introduced a new student, he had black curly hair and his skin was a natural tan and he had the same purple eyes and they were staring straight at me never taking his eyes off mine and I stared straight back. Alejandro.  Charlie and Danny were also in my class and their eyes were wide with confusion.

    The teacher put him in the seat behind me and I could feel his gaze on me while I was answering a question. After History I wanted to walk away but he grabbed my hand, “Hey,” he whispered hands roping with mine I took it back roughly “Alej, please how many times can I say sorry,” he said his eyes pleading “Until you go back to Chevern and forget about me Alejandro,” I whispered harshly as Charlie and Danny walked up to me “Wow, you should have given us an early mentioning we could’ve invited you to our house,” said Charlie smirking “Well we will go now,” said Danny as he winked when he left us alone .

   “Honestly I tried Alej I tried to forget about you but I couldn’t I need you I can’t do anything without you, please one more chance,”  he begged “I already gave you one more chance and you lost it,” I said putting my lips together and folded my arms “Alej, please I’ begging you,” he pleaded making his eyes go super large they almost cover his face and pouting his lips the face made me laugh out loud “So, am I forgiven?” he said wrapping his arm around my waist I pushed him away “Yes, your forgiven, but” I said needing to tell him a way that I have to decide between Charlie and Danny that we can’t be together “I’ve been reincarnating for a long time because I have been attached to a curse with Charlie Danny and Lash and I have to pick one if I pick the right one the rest die if I pick the wrong one I die and this time since I’m immortal I can never die so it’s my last chance.” I said he was listening and nodded his head once “Oh,” that was all he said and I left him to get to English.

   At lunch I sat at my usual table with Alex, Danny and Charlie and Alejandro, as I flopped down my lunch was already there “You guys are not my slaves,” I said as I looked for the person who could’ve gotten my lunch “Yes we are, we obey your every command,” sang Charlie I rolled my eyes.

   Sophia and Kristen came up it turned out Sophia ditched her group for Kristen I wasn’t here when that happened so I don’t know the full story “Hi you remember me right?” she said looking at Alejandro he winced when he saw her face but didn’t say anything she sat right next to him and Kristen sat next to Danny his expression hard when she touched his arm.

   Charlie and I were doing what we could not to laugh but I think Charlie couldn’t hold it in long enough so he started having a coughing fit and that made tears come out of my eyes from dying of laughter inside “Don’t touch my arms,” said Danny his icy gaze on her I thought she was going to freeze any second “Danny,” I whispered sharply his eyes cooled down as he looked at me I gave him a smile and he took my hand and Kristen looked from him to me “Are you to together?” she asked “Something like that,” I replied smiling secretly.

   I could see Alejandro getting covered by Sophia she had her hand under his shirt feeling his abs, he saw me looking and gave me a look that said ‘help’ right then is started laughing followed by Charlie then Danny and Sophia gave me a dirty look then went back to her toy.



    I went right up to Alejandro and gave him a kiss on the cheek, that’s all I ever do to these guys now a kiss on the cheek for fear that a single kiss could cause a major rapture in our friend ship he looked at me grateful “Hey get your own boyfriend,” she said eyeing me “Nah, I’m not really a slut like you,” I snapped feeling the anger boil inside of me she doesn’t know half of my story what I’ve been through let alone what I brought others through “Do you want a bone to pick on because I’m the biggest bone you can get,” she said standing up, that one got to me I lowered down my shield and I was hit with a burst of thoughts I realised the whole cafeteria was staring at us, I could use Amor Imperii on her but Danny told me the smallest amount of that to a human could kill them so instead I decided to scare her I looked into her hazel eyes and told her everything.

   “You’re afraid of me,” I whispered to her eyes were rolling over “Your mom beats you up at home and your dad barley comes after he split up with her exactly two years and two months and three hours as you’ve been keeping count, you feel that in the school you dominate and everyone looks up to you, your only friend with Kristen because she has a mansion and you know you can stay there any other time in case you and your mom are in a big fight,” I said my eyes never leaving hers I put back my shield thankfully I said it so quietly only me and her could hear and then she slapped me.

    I was being pulled back by four people Danny, Charlie, Alex and Alejandro, they pulled me outside the cafeteria while I was fighting and kicking to be let free. They didn’t let me go until they had the doors blocked and I had calmed down “Thanks,” I whispered “I never lose it like that,” I said confused putting my head up to my head trying to stop it from spinning “I know I will look into it tonight, there must be a logical explanation,” explained Danny I looked up at his yellow eyes and saw a hint of grey that reminded me of Lash and I started to cry he held me tightly “It’s okay everything is going to be fine,” he said I let him hold me but didn’t trust hiss words somehow I knew this was just the beginning.

   I came home feeling defeated and I didn’t eat lunch with the family which caused Alex to come upstairs with my food “Hey, why the long face?” he asked eating my chips I rolled over on my bed and pushed my head into the pillow and screamed “Okay, why the screaming?” he asked sitting beside me “I feel like the whole world is against me just because I’m a bloody Sunset,” I muffled  “Ahhh, well then it’s us against the world Alej,” he said taking a bite in my burger I looked up at him I felt like we had a special connection “Where’s Liam?” I asked he started to choke on the burger “Err, he’s at Chevern,2 he said rubbing his hands together “Your lying,” I said standing up “Where is he,” I said my voice stern he looked at me and then sighed, then the doorbell rang “Oh I’ll get it,” he offered but I knew it was a way to get out of the position he was in he went and got the doorbell.

   he came back into my room with Charlie and Danny, “We know why you lost it,” said Danny I looked up thinking if I wanted to hear it but not “There is another Sunset in our school,” he said I looked at him in shock “But the person is exactly like you except he doesn’t have Amor Imperii,” he explained “Can you find who it is?” I asked but that was only one of the thousand question spinning in my head “We don’t know, but we do know something, you guys are two sides of the same coin, good cop bad cop since your good, positive, and he’s bad but not in the criminal way the more personality way like a bad boy he also has a very bad temper, you guys need each other in a way but were not quite sure what way,” finished Charlie “How do you it’s a boy?” I asked standing up and letting my hair fall down to my shoulders “You can only have a bad boy bad girls don’t really go,” he said “How sexist,” I said folding my arms as they all stared at me “What?” I shrugged but then I saw they weren’t looking at me they were looking at my window I followed their gaze and found a boy sitting on my window ledge.

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