Someday My Prince Will Come...

Fairytales are made up. They can never be reality. But when 17-year old Olivia Lourdes meets famous boy group, One Direction at an airport, will her Prince Charming be found?


9. Chapter 8

  Tick tock. Only three minutes until my shift finished. “Why are you so eager to leave? You and Niall hooked up yet?” Jeremy asked me. I stared at him in shock, hitting him on the arm. “Ouch!” “No we are not. I’m not even meeting Niall today. He’s…busy.” I took my apron off from around my waist. “But you like him, right?” I could tell Jeremy anything, knowing he’d never tell another living soul. “Shut up, ok. Yes I do. But what does it matter? He’s never going to date me. He’s famous. Anyways, I’ll see you later, Jer.” “Ok. Good luck with Niall!” I rolled my eyes as headed out the back door. As I was exciting I bumped into a solid body. “Oh God! I’m so sorry. Are you ok?” When my vision became normal again, I realised I’d bumped into Niall. “Hey! I was just looking for you.” His perfect blond hair kept falling into his sparkling blue eyes. When he smiled, I was blinded by his pearly white teeth. “You were?” “Yeah, Jeremy told me you would be out back so I came to find you. We got out of the studio early.” “That’s great! So um, what do you want to do?” Niall shrugged. “Whatever you want to do.” I laughed. “Ok well I was going to visit my brother, Alfie. You can meet him, if you want.” He agreed. Since I couldn’t drag my car from England to America, I had been borrowing my aunts. “You can drive?” Niall asked, climbing into the passenger seat. “Of course I can drive.” As we started driving down the road, I turned the radio on. Instantly, Starships came on. So on instinct, I started to sing along. Niall laughed at first, but soon he was singing along with me.   We arrived in front of my brother’s house. “Why are we stopping here?” Niall asked, looking up at the big iron gates. “This is my brother’s house.” I pushed open one of the gates, allowing myself and Niall to enter. I expected Niall to say something as we walked past multiple headstones. Instead, he stayed silent. When I finally knelt down in front of Alfie’s grave, he spoke. “Hey Alfie. I’m Niall Horan, your sisters friend. It’s great to finally meet you.” I stared at him in shock, my jaw practically hitting the floor. He was talking to my brothers grave. Nobody had ever done that before, not even Aria. “It’s a shame I can’t actually see you right now.” “Um, Alf, Niall’s a…close friend of mine. I wish you could meet the rest of the boys. Niall’s in a really famous boy group called One Direction. I know that, if you were here, you’d love him. Anyways…mum and dad send their love. And Chris…well, I don’t know what he’s doing. I haven’t seen him since…yeah. I love you Alfie. And I’m missing you every single day.” Niall helped me to stand back up, and walked me to the car in silence. When we were sitting in the car, I didn’t bother to move it. “How did he…” “Cancer. He had a brain tumour.” “I’m so sorry.” “Yeah well…it happened a while ago. When he died, I was the only person with him. We were at the beach, and he seemed so happy. We were lying on the sand, singing. Then he stopped singing on his favourite part of the song. When I spoke, he didn’t answer. That’s when I realised something was wrong. I shook him and threw water on him. But he was gone. I screamed for my parents to come. I knelt down, screaming and crying. Chris came over. He attacked me. He blamed Alfie’s death on me, because I was the last one with him. After the funeral, my parents wanted to take us back home. When we got home, Chris announced he was moving in with my grandparents. He didn’t want to see me. So it was only me. I haven’t seen Chris since the funeral and-and…” I looked at Niall, and burst out crying. “I miss him. He’s the only sibling I have that’s alive yet I don’t even know where he is!” Niall hugged me closer to him as the tears ran down my face. “Shh. Angel, it’s ok. You’ll find him someday. I know you will.”   Niall and I spent the rest of the day together, retelling childhood stories. The next evening, he told me he’d asked Paul, their manager, if I could stay backstage to watch the show. He’d agreed. So they picked me up and drove me to the arena. Sitting backstage with Paul, we had a good chat. He remembered me from the airport. “So, do you know why Niall wanted me to come here so badly?” I asked Paul. “I do.” He had a smug smile on his face. “But you’re not going to tell me, right?” The smile widened. Right. After they sung their very last song, I want, Niall spoke. “Before we leave tonight, I want to say something.” He took a deep breath, and glanced my way. “I have this friend. And she’s gorgeous and beautiful and I like her a lot. I’m not sure if she feels the same way but, after tonight’s show, hopefully she’ll realise how much she means to me. Anyways, she has two brothers, twins. One of them recently died, from Cancer. So I’d like us all to have a moments silence, in memory of Alfie Lourdes.” A minute passed away, with the tears in my eyes so close to spilling over. “Thank you. And to her other brother, Christopher, I think you should know your sister loves you a lot. And she misses you. So if you by any chance hear this, I want you to find her and make up with her. She misses you a lot. This girl, she’s worth knowing.” The crowd went crazy as they said their goodbyes and ran off. Niall ran off last, stopping in front of me. We stared at each other, neither one of us speaking. The tears started spilling down my cheeks. I reached up and grabbed the back of Niall’s head, pulling his face closer to mine. We stayed in silence as minutes ticked away. I wanted to say something. My lips kept forming words, but nothing was coming out. My mouth kept opening and shutting, but they couldn’t find the right thing to say. So I let my instincts take over. I pressed my lips against his. Sparks flew. Fireworks began. Nuclear bombs exploded. He threaded his fingers through my hair, whispering against my lips. “I’m Irish, that means you have to kiss me.” He winked as I went to kiss him again. “Like I need an excuse.” Wolf whistles and cheers erupted from around us and I knew they were for us. We pulled away, smiles on our faces, stretching from ear to ear. This was just the start of something new.

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