Someday My Prince Will Come...

Fairytales are made up. They can never be reality. But when 17-year old Olivia Lourdes meets famous boy group, One Direction at an airport, will her Prince Charming be found?


7. Chapter 6

Olivia We were at the beach five minutes early. The party was packed. There were stacks of alcohol bottles, waiting to be opened. A fire was burning. Sun umbrellas were stuck in the sand. Music blasted through the speakers. Aria, in her yellow bikini, followed me as we waited by the rocks. “So, what’s the name of the boys we’re meeting?” She asked me. I smirked. “Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn.” She rolled her eyes. “Ha, ha, Olivia. You’re hilarious. No, seriously, what are their names?” At just that moment, I saw Harry’s curly head of hair walking towards us. “Olivia! Hey!” He ran over, four other boys walking behind him. I glanced over at Niall. His crystal blue eyes held my own. The sun shone of his hair, making it seem more blond than it was brown. I turned my attention to Aria, heat rising in my cheeks. “Oh my God!” She shrieked in a whisper. “You’re O-one D-direction.” She gasped. She turned to look at me. “You weren’t lying. I can’t believe this is actually happening.” Harry held his hand out to her. “Hi, I’m Harry Styles.” A small shriek escaped her mouth as she shook his hand. “I’m A-A-A…” I shook my head. “She’s Aria Mortez. So, I’m glad to see you guys could make it. I’m Olivia Lourdes.” I shook hands with each of them. Niall shook my hand last. “So you’re the guy I met over the phone?” He laughed, and his laugh was…it was amazing. It was like nothing I’d ever heard before. Like music to my ears. “So, Olivia, you’re the girl Harry gave my number to?” I rolled my eyes. “Yup! I haven’t known him for long, but he seems like a bit of an idiot.” Harry’s head whipped round in my direction. “Hey! I’m not an idiot!” I winked at him. “So Olivia, Harry tells us you’re here to visit your Aunt. Do you visit her every year?” Liam asked me. “Yes. Enough to  be given the same summer job every year.” I sat down on the sand, running it through my fingers. Harry and Aria had gone for a dip in the lake. I was left to mingle with the boys. “You have a job? Seriously? How old are you?” Louis chuckled, his eyes wide. I smiled at him. “I’m seventeen. I work as a waitress in this small milkshake bar.” A few men walked past with surf boards. I recognised them both. One of them was Jeremy, a boy who worked with me at the shop. “Oh. Em. Gee!” Louis exclaimed. “Surf boards.” I stifled a laugh at his excitement. He glared at me. “You guys want to surf?” Niall and Zayn shook their heads. Zayn glanced down at his feet. “I um, I don’t like the water. And I um, I can’t swim.” He cringed. I shrugged. “Neither can I. And I hate the water too. Liam, Louis? You guys want to surf?” They nodded their heads eagerly. “Jer!” Jeremy glanced over at me. When he figured out who had called his name, he ran over with his board, leaving his friend stranded. “Liv! I didn’t know you were coming up this year!” He grabbed my hand and yanked me up, hugging me tightly. “Hellz yeah! Look, can you do me a huge favour? Two of my friends want to go surfing. Can you hook them up with some boards and suits?” Jeremy had brown, shaggy hair, and bright, leafy green eyes. His skin was extremely tanned, then again it would be since he lived in LA. I always took the mick out of his American accent, just like he did with my British accent. “Sure thing Liv. And hey, we need to catch up some time, yeah?” I nodded my head. When Louis and Liam thanked me, standing up to go with Jeremy, he realised who they were. “Hey, you guys are in One Direction, right?” I heard him say as they walked away. “Boyfriend?” Zayn asked. I laughed, watching Jeremy get smaller and smaller as he walked into the distance. “Oh God no! Best friend. I don’t…I don’t have a boyfriend.” I added the last sentence in a small voice. Zayn and Niall’s eyebrows were arched in surprise. “No? And why not?” Niall’s accent made my heart beat increase rapidly. I shrugged. “I don’t know. I haven’t had one for two years now. I’ve only ever had three boyfriends. I guess… I guess I’m just waiting for that right person. My prince has yet to come.” Zayn snickered. I hit him lightly on the arm. “Hey! That’s not very nice.” As he laughed, he shook his head. “No, no. That’s not why I’m laughing. I’m laughing because Niall always says he’s looking for his princess, while you’re looking for your prince. Coincidence?” I blushed my gaze dropping to my knees. Before it got any more awkward, Zayn’s phone rang. “I’ve got to take this.” He walked away. “Hey babe. How you doing? I miss you.” I heard him say. “Who’s he talking to?” I asked Niall. “Perrie. You know Perrie Edwards? Little Mix? He goes out with her.” I nodded my head. “Wow. That must be so difficult for them both.” For a long moment, we didn’t speak. “Me and my brother used to play this game when we were little. It’s not much of a game, really. We have to write a wish on some paper, slip it into the bottle and through the bottle out to sea.” I explained. “I have some paper and a pen. Do you want to make a wish?” Niall smiled at the idea. “Let’s do this poo!” I laughed, giving him half a sheet of paper and a pen. We turned away from each other, writing down our wishes. Once we’d written them, we rolled them up. “There’s some empty bottles over there. I’ll go get a few.” Niall stood up to get the bottles. A few moments later, he returned with the empty glass alcohol bottles. I slipped the paper into the bottle. “I have some corks in my bag to screw on the bottle. I’ll go run and get them.” When I turned to leave, Niall grabbed my arm. “You carry corks with you?” He laughed. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “No! No, of course not. I brought one for me, because I was planning to make a wish tonight anyways. But I always bring a spare.” We bottled the top of each. “Ok. Now when you throw the bottle, you have to clear your mind of everything, leaving only that one wish. You ready?” I asked Niall. He nodded his head. “Ready.” I raised the bottle above my head, closing my eyes and clearing my mind. As the bottle hit the water, plunging underneath, then bobbing back up to the top, my wish stuck in my head. I wish that this summer, I’ll fall in love. Olivia Lourdes. Niall I bottled up my wish, holding it above my head. In my mind, I counted to three, clearing my mind. The bottle hit the water with a splash, before sinking. It started bobbing up and down the shore, further and further away. I wish that this summer, I’ll fall in love. Niall Horan.  

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