Someday My Prince Will Come...

Fairytales are made up. They can never be reality. But when 17-year old Olivia Lourdes meets famous boy group, One Direction at an airport, will her Prince Charming be found?


5. Chapter 4

  When I got home, Aria still wasn’t back, and Anna wasn’t in either. I glanced down at my hand, the black digits still clear, but not as bold as they’d been the night before. The numbers stared back up at me. I hadn’t told Harry what time to come to the beach for the party. That way, I had to call him. Three rings, and the receiver spoke. “Hello?” I froze. The voice didn’t belong to Harry. Not unless Harry was Irish. “Um, hi I’m looking for Harry…” “ “I hate to sound rude, but how did you get my number?” I frowned towards my bedroom window, looking out towards the beach. “Excuse me? No, this is Harry’s number. He gave it to me.” “This isn’t Harry’s number. I’m Niall, not Harry. I’m sorry, who are you?” What the hell was going on? “I’m Olivia Lourdes. Harry probably never mentioned me, but I’m the girl he met at the airport yesterday. That was when he gave me his number.” My tone was full of confusion. “You’re the girl from the airport? He has mentioned you. But, why did he give you my number?” Niall asked me. “I-I’m not sure. Is he with you?” “No,  he went to the beach and hasn’t returned yet. Was there a specific reason you were calling? Have you guys planned a date or something and you wanted to talk to him about it? Because I could give you his number…” I frantically shook my head, even though he couldn’t see me. “No, no! We don’t go out or anything. I’d, um, I’d never go out with him. Don’t’ tell him I said that.” He started laughing, and his laugh was…it was amazing. And soon, I was laughing too. “Anyways, I just called to tell him the beach party was starting at seven. I invited Harry and the rest of the group to the beach party.” I explained.” “Oh? Well, I guess I’ll get to meet you there then, won’t I?” “I guess you will.”   When Aria got home, I decided I’d best not tell her about my day. What I did tell her, was that we were going to the beach for a party with some boys I’d met. She didn’t ask questions, just agreed. “So what are you wearing to the party then?” I shrugged, unpacking my clothes into the wardrobe. “This, probably.” She glanced down at the clothes I’d worn that morning. “You are joking, right?” When I stared at her blankley, she flipped. “You can’t wear that!” She shoved me out of the way with her hip, rummaging through my clothes. After a few minutes, she tossed me my black and white striped bikini. “Here. Where this underneath this shirt and those shorts.” I ended up in my original shorts and a white crop top, with my bikini underneath me. “Ok. Now we can go to the beach.”

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