Someday My Prince Will Come...

Fairytales are made up. They can never be reality. But when 17-year old Olivia Lourdes meets famous boy group, One Direction at an airport, will her Prince Charming be found?


4. Chapter 3

  Anna’s house was the same as it always was. Big. In fact, huge. A great view of the beach. The beach in LA was my life. I loved it. The sight of the beautiful blue ocean and white capped waves always made my stomach churn. The beach was the place I'd shared my first kiss with Jeremy, one of my best friends. It was only a summer romance, but it had to have been one of the longest relationships I’d been in. Four weeks. The longest relationship I’d had was five and a half months when I was fifteen. And everyone knew that ended awfully. Nothing says cheater like your boyfriend kissing your best friends sister. Aria and I both got separate bedrooms, mine next door to the stairs. As soon as I was alone, in the safety of my room, I threw my suitcase on the floor, my bag sailing through the air until it landed on my empty desk. The whole room seemed bare to me, and suddenly I felt out of place. Four weeks in LA? What was I thinking…  The mirror standing in the corner was reflecting playful shadows across the room, making it harder for me to concentrate. “Ok Olivia. You just need to think. He obviously gave you his number for a reason, so just call him for heaven’s sake!” Throwing the window open, I let my head hang out in the cool breeze for a few moments. I began breathing in the crisp air the beach always delivers. It was 6am and I couldn’t even think straight because the only thing that was on my mind was…him. It was crazy, that I was feeling this way for a celebrity. A celebrity so famous... And, If I was correct, a celebrity who dated women twice his age. I was positive he was the One Direction star that went through girls like an alcoholic went through spirits. If so, there was no way in hell I was getting involved. I didn’t want another summer romance to end in heartbreak.  Aria had left to go swimming at the beach. I’d planned to take my book and read at the beach. As I packed my tote bag, I couldn’t help but notice what song I was singing. Stole My Heart. Aria had crammed every single song, every single lyric, One Direction had ever sung into my head. I packed some sunscreen and my book, some snacks and water. I slipped on my sunglasses over my eyes. Converse, denim highwaisted shorts and a vest top, I was ready for the beach. The beach was only across the hall from of us, so I walked down. As soon as I could feel the sand beneath my feet, I kicked of my shoes and carried them in my hands for the remaining journey to my favourite spot. Not wanting to be disturbed I headed to the very end of the beach, the part that barely anyone visited. The only people that visited were people like me. The people who weren’t crazed surfers or beach babes. Small particles of golden sand ran between my toes with the gentle breeze. Walking along the stretch of sand, I always keep an eye out in case I find gorgeous shiny shells that have been washed into the shore by the rippling of the water. The part of the beach I loved was empty, so I needed to make no room. I lay on the sun drenched angelic beach, flipped my book open and let myself be dragged into the world of fictional romance. I could finally relax and hear the delightful sound of the waves crashing against the rocks.   After hours of reading, I finally allowed myself to go buy an ice-cream. “One vanilla ice-cream please.” I handed over my money, as a husky voice behind me spoke. “And I’ll have a mint chocolate ice cream please.” I whirled around at the familiar voice. “Harry?” I hissed. “People will see you!” He wore khaki shorts, a plain white shirt and sunglasses. He shook his head. “No, nobody knows I’m here. They think we’re in the recording studio.” He handed the man his money and we both walked away with our ice creams. The bright sun was just about warm enough to cover us in an invisible blanket of warmth. “I’m surprised I ran into you here. Especially since the beach is so…busy.” He said. “Mmm this ice-cream is amazing!” I let out a laugh. “Every year I come here, I can’t leave without having at least one ice cream.” We stopped at the quieter part of the beach. The seagulls were flying joyfully in the air, circles after circles. “You come here every year?” He asked. He sat down next to me on the golden sand. “Yeah, me and my friend. You’d probably like her more than you like me. She’s a blonde.” I winked. “Well, it’s not just blondes I like…When do I get to meet her?” I shrugged. “Depends. When do I get to meet the rest of the group.” He threw his head back and laughed. I laughed with him, even though I wasn’t sure why it was so funny. “You know there’s a beach party tonight, right?” I asked him, through my laughter. He instantly stopped laughing and cocked his head to one side. “Really? Well then, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll bring the boys to this party, if you bring your friend. Deal?” I shook his outstretched hand, getting to my feet. I dusted the sand off of my body, before looking at him, a smirk on my face. “Deal. She’s a huge directioner, by the way. She might faint or something, just for the heads up.” His eyes widened slightly, but he shrugged it off. “Well, I’ll see you later.” I left him sitting there on the beach. Yes, I had been thinking about Harry. But when I was with him, it became pretty clear to me that there wasn’t really anything real there. It was like all of my past relationships. We’d only ever be ‘just friends’. And anyways, I’d never commit myself to a relationship with a celebrity. Especially since I was only seventeen.  

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