Someday My Prince Will Come...

Fairytales are made up. They can never be reality. But when 17-year old Olivia Lourdes meets famous boy group, One Direction at an airport, will her Prince Charming be found?


12. Chapter 11


                                                   One Month Later…

I waited a month for Niall to find me. But he never did. Chris and Aria helped me try to get in contact with him. We tweeted him, text him, called him. Until eventually, I rang Harry. But even he didn’t answer. I spent weeks crying, until one day I realised, maybe it wasn’t worth all of the pain. If it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be. And so that morning, I decided I would go to work. I worked at a small, unknown café on the corner of a street. We never got much customers, but it didn’t bother me. We got the regulars, but that was about it. Standing in the room, with its black and white tiled floor, plush red booths, with mazes on the table top for the younger generation, I couldn’t have felt more alive. I was finally seeing the world again.  “So everyone’s been talking about you.” My boss, Esther told me. “Oh yes?” I murmured, pouring coffee into a mug. “You and Niall Horan. Is it true?” She asked. I kept my glance on the table. “Nope. Never met the guy.” I lied, tears prickling my eyes. “Damn. So hoped it would be true. There’s a table over there, would you mind cleaning it doll?” She handed me the cloth. I bent over the table, scrubbing at the surface. The door had a bell sitting above it, and every time someone walked in, it tingled. When it tingled, I never expected that one person to enter. “Sorry hun, it’s closing time.” I heard Esther tell the customer. “No. Please. I have something really important to do.” My eyes widened. No. It couldn’t possibly be. I paused in the middle of cleaning the table. The light strum of the guitar started at first, and then, I heard the soft, sweet voice of an angel. As the song progressed, I realised what it was. Hero. Enrique Inglesias. One of the most romantic songs ever. I turned around to find him standing in the middle of the café, singing to me. “So what do you say?” He asked, finally. I shook my head, my voice lost. His face dropped. My emotions then took over me completely. I ran over to him, jumped in his arms and kissed him. The taste of mint and…Nandos. “I made a huge mistake letting you go.” I whispered. “I promise I’ll never do that again.” His lips grazed mine. “Chris helped me find you. I’m sorry it’s been a while.” I grabbed the back of his head, lowering his face closer to mine. “That summer was the best summer I’ve spent in my entire lifetime.” He grinned, showing of his pearly whites, and I mirrored his smile. “I love you Niall Horan. Never forget that.” And I believed him. Because you find truth behind every word.

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