yeah, im talking to you

i haven't got a clue.


1. yeah i'm talking to you

Its the elephant in the room,

Your brain turned to mush, Coz' you ate the shroom

and several other substances and several other plants

it effected the way you dance

you've got two left feet

yeah you may wear shades but that don't make it discrete.

Now i know you higher than kite

so high it would give angels a fright

just think what are you about to do

is this about something deep, or all for you

are you trying to meet joe black?

take a minute and take a step back

you're gonna die

so lets establish why.....

oh thats right, a social network held a word

one, we've all seen and heard

a word with no needed intro

and no promo


take it slow

forget the fact you heard the word and sunk so low

god damn you and piss off yolo



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