Finding Remo

Rosaline Emma Johnson is confused about her love life wants to leave home and return to her younger years to relive the thrill of love once again.
Only one problem. she is a married woman at the age of 30 (next month), with a five-year-old daughter, living under a high status family name. How could she be free without endangering everything she cares about?
The following week, at her seventh wedding anniversary party, she announces "Honey, I'm leaving."
Will she find what her heart truly seeks? What will become of her broken family after her sudden shift?


2. Goodbye

The room fell silent; almost a hundred pairs of eyes swivelled towards me, confusion clouding their features. I stood near the door gripping tightly onto my bulging suitcase, refusing to budge. I felt hot and cold all over at once. What am I doing? Is it right? But the last question solidified my option, 'Do you want to be free?'. Yes, I did.

Rory laughed nervously, walking towards me with his glass raised high. "Meet my charming wife, Rosaline", he introduced leaning closer to kiss my cheek. I pulled away quickly and another wave of silence rolled on and smothered the atmosphere.

"Rosaline..," he tried again uncertainly.
"Rory, I'm leaving. Goodbye," I managed to choke out, pivoting my foot to leave. An hand dripped my arm firmly and grabbed me towards him.
"What are you talking about Rose?," he hissed, the faint whiff of alcohol radiated from him and his eyes suddenly sparkled with fury.
"I told you. I am going away Rory, we're done," I surprised myself with how calm, authorised voice sounded. Inside I felt my heart burning, breathless too like jumping off a cliff with a thinking that you could fly.
"I don't understand.." he began. I sighed, not knowing what to say.
"What's wrong? Why are you leaving? Where are you going? And why the hell are you telling me this now?" The deflated look on Rory's face made my heart flip, he was right. This was indeed a bad time, with all our guests as audience but now, at least the gossips would only frame me as the culprit whilst he could live on comfortably in the society. I was the home-abandoner. And to be honest, it was a last minute decision.
"Rose, we're married. I love you, and I know you love me. I'm sorry if.."
"Love fades, Rory."

That was it. His whole face crumpled as though I'd physically punched him. Although, this scar that I've carved into his heart will take much longer to heal.

"What about Anna?" he threw the rope at me for the last time, urging me to grab it and heave myself out of this hole. I couldn't, I've gone too far. I can't go back.
"You keep her." I know, I sounded harsh. Like a careless and cruel mother, but I'll come back for her. Once everything is planned, I whisk her away with me. Besides, Rory needed her right now more than I did, she was a daddy's little girl.

"Rose, for gods sake, stop this silliness and think straight. This is a joke right?" That was my mother, emerging from the crowd.
"No. Mum, I'm serious", my voice felt strained now. I couldn't stand this interrogation.
"Rose, think about Anna. How can you be this selfish?"
I was tired of it by now, 'Rose, this is wrong', 'Rose, you are wrong', 'Rose, stop doing the wrong thing.' My frustration unleashed itself onto my words.

"I have been NOTHING but unselfish for the past five years. I acted out the role of a wife and mother just for the sake of my daughter. And you know what? I wanna break free of this prison!"

"Is that how you saw our marriage? A prison?" came Rory's voice, feeble and drained. He looked so vulnerable that I had to fight hard against the urge to fall at his knees and beg for forgiveness.
Instead I answered,"Yes," stubbornly without hesitation.

"Then go." he whispered, recalling all his strength onto his words, "GO"
I didn't need to told again, I left.

I heard glass shatter behind me, but I didn't look back once.
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