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Figaro (a urine donor) was pranked by his life-long pal, Gretchen, a family man that now has his life in the hands of Figaro. Will Figaro be forced to murder his best mate? Or will Figaro let his mate live, but with a price to pay……….


1. The Urine Donor

‘Are you going to cross, or do I have to shoot you?’ I asked, it was hard to hear what I was saying with the river roaring viciously loud.

‘Please, think about what you are doing, I beg of you, please’ he pleaded, he sounded pathetic and weak. But he was pathetic and weak; he was on both his knees and begging for my forgiveness.

‘Do you not think that I know what you are doing, because I am not as stupid as you think’ I spat at him

‘Please, I need more time, you can get me back, just give me a week to prepare?’

‘You did not give me a week to prepare!’ I shouted, my voice was booming and full of rage, for what this man had done to me and my family, he must pay.

‘It was all just a bit of fun, please, Figaro, do you not have a heart, I did it because I have a family to feed, bills to---’

I cut him off, I had to, he was making me cry now, and nobody makes Figaro cry, nobody.

As I started to raise my pistol to Gretchen’s temple, he let out a loud cry, and shouted ‘Stop!’

Startled, I jumped back, eyes gone wide, then everything around me turned to darkness.


The End

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