Never Forget Me

I'm new here , this is my first to honest opinions guys please , hope you like it .(;


3. The Kiss

He looked you in the eyes and planted his lips on yours , it was te most romantic kiss you'd ever had , which was a little strange considering you were standing in the middle of a hotel hallway with your pajama short stuffs with candy bars .
"I'm sorry , " he starts but you cut him off "Don't apologize , I just kisse Niall Horan .!"
"I just could control it , your smile is jur so amazing ," you blush . This coming from Niall Horan was amazing . Without vein asked you follow him back to his room . You boh sit on his bed watching tv when he suddenly looks over at you and says "Your stunning "
You blush and look at the ground . He starts singing softly , "The way you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know oh oh you don't know your beautiful "
You laugh at his Cheeckyness . You lay on his cheats as he sing WMYB softly to you .
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