Never Forget Me

I'm new here , this is my first to honest opinions guys please , hope you like it .(;


4. Something about you

You wake up to Niall sitting next to you shoving hand fully of bacon in his mouth .
"Oh hey " he says noticing yor awake "Want some bacon .?" you nodded , you never had gotten to those candy bars last might , he fees you a few pieces .
This was amazing . You jumped up running through the Galway and to your room . "Mikayla ok so sorry," you yell running through the door , that's when you realize ages still asleep . you wake her up and get dressed , 5 minutes later Niall showed up at your door .
"Are you okay .?" he asked concerned , "Yah I just kinda freeked out "
He seemed relieved , "Okay we'll I just brought you your shoes , you left them last night .
Mikayla walks up and slaps you "That's for not telling me you hung out with Nial Horan .!!" se stormed off into the shower . "So uh , sorry for falling asleep tere last night " you apologize , "Og it's okay , There's something about you that I really like " he says smiling . You blush .What was with this boy an making you blush .?
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