Never Forget Me

I'm new here , this is my first to honest opinions guys please , hope you like it .(;


5. Out with the boys

"So I was wondering if you and your friend wanted to go to the beach with us today "
You perked up , "Ya that sounds great , !!" you said maybe a little to excitedly
He smiled , "Okay I'll be by your room to gt you in 30 minutes ."
He smile and walked to his room . You ran to the shower and washed your hair , braiding the sides the. Pulling it back into a pony , you threw in yor swimming suit and were ready when Niall and the rest of the boys arrived .
You shrieked a little at the thought of 1D standing at your door , you and Miakyla followed the boys out to their bus , Zayn drove while Milatla played Xbox with Harry . You , Niall , and Liam all sat watching Tou Story (Liam picked it )
Liam started crying while Niall took you to his little area on the bus ..
"Having fun yet .?" he asked , "Of course I'm on One Dorecions bus !!" you scream , he just laughs . You arrive 20 minutes later , it was so hot you ran straight to the water .
Niall hot on your trail . You both started splashing and laughing . He picked you up and spun you , "I know we just met , but your special . Be with me .?" he asked staring into your eyes , this was crazy .! "Of course Niall .!!" you were dating Niall Hoean , dreams really do come true .(;
You spent the next 2 weeks with Niall and the boys , you had 5 amazing friends ( including Milayla ) and one absolutely amazing boyfriend. !! Life was perfect but not for long ...Niall didn't mention one thing ,....
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