Never Forget Me

I'm new here , this is my first to honest opinions guys please , hope you like it .(;


1. My first concert

I stood on the porch waiting for Mikayla , I was still shocked that we were even going to this concert . I dazed off thinking hard about the boys when a loud honk snapped me out of it . "Today .!!" Mikayla yelled out the window of her piece of crap car , but whatever got us there .
I threw my bags in back and jumped in the passenger seat . "One Direction here we come .!!" we both yelled while pulling out , this was by far the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me .! Me and my beat friend both t 17 years old where driving up to Dallas TX alone to see our favorite band of all time , could life get any better .?
Hours later you arrived where in 2 days the concert would be heald .
You grabbed all your bags out of the back and walked across te street to your hotel .
You reached the lobby but bumped into someone falling in a heap of clothes , shoes , magazines and etc . For 3 days you were starting to see that you may have packed a little to much .You finally dig yourself out only to find the most adorable blonde haired blue eyed boy picking your things up and trying to fit them back into your bags , when he noticed you he smiled looking at you for the first time .
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