Never Forget Me

I'm new here , this is my first to honest opinions guys please , hope you like it .(;


6. Leaving me .?

You woke up to Paul outside Niall's door "Let's go .!!" he yelled , Yiu both jumped up , "What are we doing today .?" you asked .
"Well , my tour starts today ..." he replied .
You wee shocked . How could e not tell Yiu about this sooner .?
"What ,. Why didn't you tell me before .?" you said . Your heart had dropped at this news . He looked upset , "Well we we're having so much fun , I was afraid to upset you .." he tried explaining , "Well you've sure done it now .!! Gosh Niall .!! "
You stormed to your room , laying on the couch and breaking into tears . I couldn't live without him , tours take months ... "Ecerything okay sweety ?" mikayla asked walking in . You told her all about it through tears .
Niall's POV
She ran out , I could tell she was about to cry . What had I done .? way to go Niall , as you slapped yourself . You lost your princess , he got up I run after er but ran Into Paul , "Let's go ." he said dragging you behind him not giving you any time to speak "I need tot see her .!" you screamed . As you passed her door you scram "I love you .!!" hoping she would hear . You were thrown The bus without a say , you couldn't leave her like this .
Will she still love me when I get back .? Yiu thought as a year rolle down your eye and the bus pulled away , would this be the end .?
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