Never Forget Me

I'm new here , this is my first to honest opinions guys please , hope you like it .(;


2. Is Niall Horan flirting with me .?

You stayed like this staring deep into each others eyes for quit awhile before the moment was broke by Mikayla clearing her throat . You both blushed and quickly threw the rest of your things in your bags and running to the elevator , Niall brought up your bags for you . He turned to you "Niall" he said stocking out his hand . "Yea .. Um I know your name , Infanct I know your blood type " you say then mentally slapping yourself when you see the creeped out look on his face , he laughs it off . Wow , his laugh was even cuter than people made it out to be . "So um , I guess I'll just be going " he says breaking the silence . "Oh ya , and um thanks for carrying my things up ."
"Oh it's not a problem doing this for cute girls " he says , you blush . Had he really just flirted with you .? He smiled and left , you stood there just watching him walk away utill he reaxhes the elevator , "Well ... Im gonna watch tv , wanna join .?" Mikayla speaks . You nod and follow behind her . You both crashed around 10 , waking back up at around midnight . "I'm starved " You complain , "I think theirs a vending machine down stairs " she replies .
"Then I guess I'll be back ." you open te door when Mikaula stops you ,,"Grab me a twix " you turn and glare at her . You pull out a 20 when you reach the vending machine , spending it all . Man where you hungry .! You pull your shirt up using it as a basket , carrying 20 candy bars you turn aroun to see Niall standing there with a 20 of his own .
"hungry .?" he asked . You blush a little , you were talkiń to NIall jAmes Horan like he was a friend . "Starved ." you reply , you smile again and make your way to te elevator when Niall stops you ..
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