Never Forget Me

I'm new here , this is my first to honest opinions guys please , hope you like it .(;


7. 2 months

Niall has been on tour for 2 months now ,
You spent the first one as a mess , but now you were starting to move on with your life . You and Mikayla were driving around to look at Collge this week , there was one out o town .
You were actually on a road tip to it now . It was 2 days away , Milayla was driving so you pulled out your phone to check Twitter , you ha unfollowed all of the boys so you didn't have to think about Miall , you never listen to their music anymore . You had completely blocked them all from your mind . Life was back to normal ,
You drifted off ....
You woke up the next morning .
"Well its about time you woke up ." Mikayla teased .
"can we stop for a drink .?" you asked .
"Sure ," 5 minutes later you walked inside a gas station .
And for the first time in months you saw him ..
Niall's POV
There she was , how could this have happened .? This was your chance to gy your princess back .
Your POV
He walked over to me , all the emotions flooded back tears startedto form in tim
Youre eyes . He had reached you now "I ,.. I can't believe it ," he stuttered .
You knew you were mad at him but as he stood in front of you , you realized you still loves him . An wanted him back . "Niall , over the last 2 months I've realized I love you ."
He smiled , "so you'll forgive me .?" he asked with hope on his voice "Yes .!! " you jumped in his arms and kissed him . Boy had you missed those lips , "I'm so glad I have my princes back " he cheered . "So the tours over .?" you asked .
"No , um , it's got 2 more years left . It's the longest tour yet ."
Your heart sank for a second time .
You heard Paul yell "Time to go Niall .!!"
You kissed him one more time and whispered into his ear "Never Forget me " .
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