This story is about a girl named Amanda
that suffers from depression. It's worsening, and she's starting to think about ending her life. Then, one day, she meets Niall in NYC, and things begin to change. He makes her see the world in another way, and teaches her to be herself. But, what Niall doesn't know, is that deep inside, her depression is growing... will Amanda turn out ok in the end?


2. The Past

When we walked into Starbucks, the blonde boy, who I still did not know his name, told me to go pick a table for us to sit at, while he ordered us some tea. I agreed, and went to find an open table. I immediately walked towards the back. I didn't really like to be seen or noticed. I wasn't shy, I was just very self conscious about myself.

"Here is our tea." the blonde haired beauty said as he sat down across from me.

" He really is cute. His eyes, his hair, it's just...him." I thought in my head.

All of a sudden, my zoning out was interrupted by his voice saying, " So what's your name love?"

"Amanda." I replied.

" Such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! My names Niall, nice to meet you."

I smiled and blushed. He was so sweet, and he was nice enough to care for me outside when it was raining. He seemed so perfect.

We talked for a while about how Niall was from Ireland, and he was staying here in NYC for a couple of months. The whole time we were talking though, I couldn't stop staring into his gorgeous blue eyes. I never wanted to stop.

Even though I really enjoyed talking to Niall, I was afraid he would ask me the dreadful question: "Why were you sitting out in the rain?"

"Ok, ok, I have to think of something. Alright, I can say that I missed the bus so I sat down and waited for it and-" my thoughts were cut off by Niall.

He asked, "Why were you sitting on the bench in the middle of the rain?"

I had a blank look on my face for a second. He asked the question.

I stuttered, "Well, you see...I was, umm, waiting for the...bus and I...I Uhh, umm." my voice trailed off.

I couldn't lie to him. I couldn't.

" It's a long story." I sighed.

I faced my focus towards the ground. All of a sudden, Niall grabbed my hand.

" Well, we've got all day. I've got time."

I looked up at him, and he winked at me.

I smiled and said, " Well, here I go."
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