This story is about a girl named Amanda
that suffers from depression. It's worsening, and she's starting to think about ending her life. Then, one day, she meets Niall in NYC, and things begin to change. He makes her see the world in another way, and teaches her to be herself. But, what Niall doesn't know, is that deep inside, her depression is growing... will Amanda turn out ok in the end?


7. Moment in Time

It was morning. I opened my eyes, and looked around. I wasn't in my room. Then it came to me. I was in Nialls room. He kissed me on the cheek, and I fell asleep on him. I still had butterflies thinking about it. Ahh, he was perfect. I layed there just thinking about it, but I didn't want to move. I wanted to lay there forever and just think about him. But I had to get up and make breakfast eventually. I started to get out of bed, when suddenly, Niall wrapped his arms and pulled me back over to him.

"Where do you think your going princess?" he said in a sarcastic voice.

"To make breakfast for you." I replied, grinning at the sound of his voice. His morning voice made me melt. When I refocused, I tried to get up again. But Niall pulled me back and started to fickle me,

"Niall stop it! That tickles! I laughed!

"That's the point love!" he said sarcastically.

"Oh, I see how it is." I said in a sassy tone. "No breakfast for you 'love'." I added.

"Fine, I'll let you go... but only if you give me a kiss first." he demanded with a smirk on his face.

I kissed him on the cheek, and he let me go. Niall also got up, and he followed me to the kitchen. I cooked him breakfast, and we ate together at the table. He made me laugh so much. He was always happy, no matter what. He was so...carefree. I wanted to be more like that. I needed to learn.

When we were done with breakfast, we cleaned up, and tried to decide what we wanted to do.

"Wanna go to the beach? My friends Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn are gonna be there and wanted to know if we wanted to go" Niall offered.

"Do they know I'm with you?" I asked.

"Yes, they know. They said they'd love to meet you!" he replied.

That sounded like a lot of fun, going to the beach, hanging out with all the guys...But I was afraid of what they would think of me. With my past, my scars. Not to mention, I didn't think I was beautiful. I wore mascara and eyeliner sometimes, but the slightest bit. I was bullied so badly, that's part of the reason I cut myself. I was afraid what they would think of me. Niall could tell I was thinking about something related to the topic in my head.

He said, " Don't worry. Your perfect." and he grabbed my hands. " Now go get ready, ok?" he added.

"Ok!" I shouted. I ran to go get ready.
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